Drug company loses value after Bernie Sanders tweet



[Editor’s note: Here we are in the midst of probably the most farcical and disgusting presidential race yet witnessed where the two candidates are among the worst to have ever stood for the office of POTUS. 

How timely a reminder that Bernie Sanders would be infinitely preferable to either Trump the pussy grabber or Hillary the bear baiter.

Sadly, Bernie is 75 so there really is no prospect of him ever becoming president. However, his great popularity has shown that the US is very much ready to accept progressive socialism for the first time since the days of FDR, and I think that a bit of progressive socialism is precisely what the US needs.

For starters, a proper healthcare system is sorely needed, but that would require taking on the powerful big pharma corporations and medical corporations, something many politicians would be unwilling to do. Ian]

Daily Sabah
Drug company loses value after Bernie Sanders tweet

A pharmaceutical company lost 15 percent of its value, worth $387m, after Senator Bernie Sanders sent a tweet on Friday about it heavily increasing the price of its leukemia drug in a year.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals, which makes the drug Iclusig for the illness leukemia, has raised the price of the drug four times this year.


In 2012, the drug cost $9.580 a month but it now costs $16,560 a month, which represents a 73 percent increase.

Sanders, who has a habit of criticizing the high price of drugs, had tweeted multiple times accusing the drug industry of being “crooks”.


But this time, the effect of his tweets about the pharmaceutical industry seemed to be felt immediately. Ariad experienced “the biggest one-day decline in more than a year”.

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