JFK: Astounding new revelations reveal the true shooter of Oswald

24 Nov 1963, Dallas, Texas, USA --- A television broadcast captures guards and secret service agents escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the Dallas police headquarters two days after his arrest in conjunction with the assassination of President Kennedy. Oswald was shot by local night club owner Jack Ruby shortly after this photograph was taken. --- Image by © CORBIS
24 Nov 1963, Dallas, Texas, USA --- A television broadcast captures guards and secret service agents escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the Dallas police headquarters two days after his arrest in conjunction with the assassination of President Kennedy. Oswald was shot by local night club owner Jack Ruby shortly after this photograph was taken. --- Image by © CORBIS
22 Nov 1963, Dallas, Texas, USA — A television broadcast captures guards and secret service agents escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the Dallas police headquarters after his arrest in conjunction with the assassination of President Kennedy.
[Editor’s note: This is a follow-up piece to last week’s article on the ‘shooting’ of Lee Harvey Oswald and goes a step further in uncovering the truth.
It is quite astounding that, after more than half a century, there are still hidden aspects of the JFK case to be uncovered, a testament to the scope, scale and complexity of the murder that changed America and perhaps the world. 
Hats off to Ralph and the Oswald Innocence Campaign for this great investigative work. Ian]

Image of FBI Agent James Bookhout posing as Jack Ruby exposes the con

by Ralph Cinque

The JFK case has been blown wide open with irrefutable proof that FBI Agent James Bookhout was the real shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The man in white above is supposed to be Jack Ruby, but he is definitely NOT Jack Ruby. This guy’s face is much rounder; his nose is much narrower; his ears are different from Ruby’s; and he is simply not Jack Ruby. We have known for weeks that he isn’t Jack Ruby but that he was impersonating Jack Ruby, playing the part of Jack Ruby on 11/24/63. But, who was he? Now we know: He was FBI Special Agent James W. Bookhout, the man who attended more Oswald interrogations than anyone except for Captain Will Fritz.

There are zero images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, even though he was omnipresent around Oswald. So, how do we know that the man above is James Bookhout? It’s from comparing that image to images of James Bookhout when he was a young man, as you’ll see.

But first, let’s compare him to Jack Ruby. Note how much rounder his face and head were compared to Jack Ruby. James Bookhout had a head like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic. Note also that James Bookhout had a narrower nose and very pinched nostrils compared to Jack Ruby. I don’t know how he could run a race without breathing through his mouth.

The man on the right above is FBI Agent James Bookhout! He is the one who got filmed in the so-called live footage of Ruby shooting Oswald.

A gang of cops started swarming him immediately after the shooting, while another set were holding the real Jack Ruby somewhere, waiting to make the switch.

This is Ruby being processed after his arrest.

Note that the cop escorting Ruby seems to be also present in the image with Bookhout.

That is definitely James Bookhout, and now, we shall compare him to his youthful images. Note that on the left below, they gave him phony Drag Queen eye brows. His eye brows weren’t like that.

Using the mirror image puts the angle into proper perspective, and then you really see the match.

That is not only the same face, it is the same postural arrangement. The holding position of the head, the angle of it, and the whole postural configuration are the same. It’s the same man. There can’t be any doubt about it. There can’t be any greater likeness than that over the span of time involved, which was 26 years. The comparison below uses an image of Bookhout from several years earlier.

Why do we have to use youthful images of him? Because it’s all we have, and it’s no accident. They made sure of it. Officially, there are NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination. Zero! Even though he followed Oswald around non-stop for two days. The only person who attended more Oswald interrogations than James Bookhout was the chief interrogator, Captain Will Fritz. That’s how omnipresent Bookhout was. Yet, there are no images of him; none at all.

Larry Rivera, the Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign Chairman, has made a gif of Young Bookhout with the Older Bookhout. Notice how the face of Young Bookhout morphs into that of the older Bookhout without any displacement whatsoever. This is a time-warp in the life of one man.

All along I asked myself: Why did they need a Ruby impostor at the Dallas PD when they had the real Ruby? The answer is that the real Ruby didn’t do it; he was just a patsy, like Oswald. It was a bait and switch. They replaced the real shooter with Ruby and than tried to vanish the other guy, but unfortunately for them, one picture of him got taken.

So, why did Jack Ruby go along with it? Jack Ruby wasn’t well in the head. His mind wasn’t right. You only have to read his testimony to know that. And, he kept saying over and over that he had no memory of shooting Oswald, that he remembered going to the jail and then being swarmed by cops, but he remembered nothing in-between. He kept saying that it was all a “blur.”

I’m sure they wished they could have made Bookhout disappear as soon as they wrestled him inside.  But, they were stuck with him until they could get him out of the building, and one picture of him got taken. Tough luck- for them.

James Bookhout is definitely the one who pulled off the Oswald shooting.  He did it in front of world cameras and television audiences. Then, the cops had to wrestle him into the building without exposing his face- and they understood full-well the necessity of that. They were all in on it. They were working together.

Those men above were trying very hard to do one thing: keep James Bookhout under cover. That’s what they were really doing: covering him up. During the scuffle, Bookhout’s hat came off, and you can see a cop go to cover his head.

And, instead of stopping to cuff him, as police would normally do, in fact, as they would always do, they, instead, danced him into the building. Police don’t do that! They never do that. So, why did they do it here? Because they couldn’t let the world see that he was really James Bookhout, not Jack Ruby. They had to keep him concealed.

And, once they got through the door of the jail office, it’s not as though someone could yell, “Cut!” They had to continue the ruse for a while, until they could get him out of there and vanish him. But, before they could vanish him, this photo got taken:

How it got taken, who took it, and how it wound up in a film compilation, I do not yet know. The film compilation is the 1993 retrospective, The Killing of Lee Harvey Oswald, which is available on Youtube. That’s where we found it, and we are awfully lucky that we did.

One last point: we are not certain that Bookhout inflicted any damage to Oswald. We think there is a high probability that it was entirely a ruse in which he fired a blank and Oswald was killed later. But, we won’t go into that now. This is enough to present now, that Jack Ruby was innocent, and James Bookhout was the real garage shooter.

This is so big, it’s staggering. It’s breathtaking. This blows open the whole case, the whole JFK assassination. If a U.S. government agent shot or pretended to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, then it follows that U.S. government agents must have shot JFK. That follows like night follows day. What comes next I don’t know, but something big has got to happen now.

I have made a video version of this presentation which is now up on Youtube. Please watch it and share it with everyone you know.


And, please visit and talk-up the website of the Oswald Innocence Campaign:


Lee Harvey Oswald was framed and innocent. He was standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository during the shooting. And likewise, Jack Ruby was framed and innocent. He, like Oswald, was just a patsy. NEITHER OF THEM SHOT ANYBODY. Please help us spread the word. JFK Truth is rising!

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  1. This has been the part of the puzzle that never fit. I never believed that Jack Ruby was an idiot so why would he participate in a no win situation. Sure, he gained notariety but at what price and that was only as a villan not a hero. It makes sense that, at the police station there was an ideal opportunity to take out Oswald who the Establishment did not want interviewed. Oswald knew he was set up and betrayed and out of nothing more than vengeance he would be willing to go public with his version of the truth. It was then expedient to take him out before he could talk.
    For Ruby here was no upside to his crime. This was an era when sentenced to life meant exactly that;. If the real perpetrators of this atrocity set him up with a Swiss bank acct. he would never be able to enjoy the money. Furthermore it had to be clear to Ruby that if they set up Oswald they could very well do the same to him if he willingly agreed to participate.
    This has been the part of the puzzle that did not compute in my mind. Of course millions of us loved JFK but nobody would be willing to do what Ruby was alleged to have done to exact revenge.
    This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. Thank you! Great insights.

  2. Eddie, I see your point, and you’re right; the case was made long before this that the official JFK story is a lie. But, you need to realize something: all the things you cited are old-hat. They are things that no longer cause a visceral reaction in people. It’s like the Single Bullet Theory. Jerry Seinfeld even did a funny sketch about it on his show, complete with their own version of the Zapruder film. Once it gets to the point where people are laughing at the evidence, it’s lost all its emotional impact. But this discovery that the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald was James Bookhout not Jack Ruby, IT’S NEW. Understand? It’s new. It’s brand-spanking new. And that gives it juice. It gives it go-power. So, don’t underestimate the importance of this discovery and the potential that it has to stir things up. Please support it all you can.

  3. The 1st set up patsy was “killed” by the 2nd set up patsy…

    clever aren’t they?

    They can murder the POTUS… murder thousands on 9/11,
    murder hundreds of journalists, microbiologists, scientists, astronauts,
    actors, CIA agents, police, lawyers, senators, world leaders and religious leaders. That’s only a small sample….

  4. That whole assassination was plotted well in advance. It was the first modern staged event by the Khazarian revolt against a president who wanted to run the country his way. There are many books and opinions about the event and each one has its merits for credibility. I find the best one is by Lifton titled Best Evidence. Yes, since then we can see that the US has too many “security” agencies such as CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS etc. Once these agencies have been infiltrated by the evil cabal, the stage was set for the transformation of America into communism. The biggest obstacle for these evil people are the patriot Americans and their staunch belief in the second amendment. THAT was written specifically to protect American citizens from the enemy within. That enemy within is what is destroying America to its demise.

  5. Had Oswald regained consciousness, he would surely have identified the man who shot him. This provided the urgency for LBJ’s telephone request to Oswald’s physicians that they obtain “a deathbed confession” from Oswald.

    • Along with that, Bruce, please consider that they were only going to get one chance to kill Oswald. Yes, if he had survived the shooting, they would have been cooked. And how were they going to let another attack happen without it looking ridiculous? So, that’s why they had to make this one stick.

  6. I am not familiar with Ralph Clinque, but I consider this an immense discredit to the credibility of this otherwise fine site. I could not find a source for this information—which seems designed to create confusion and bewilderment—just like desired by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. No Bookhout is in the index of Opium Lords, Final Judgment, The Yankee and Cowboy War, Prouty’s JFK, Lane’s A Citizen’s Dissent. Pp. 176-7 of Final Judgment relay Grace Pratt’s story of Ruby, six days after Ruby’s funeral, boarding a plane for Israel (with later reports he settled in Brazil). The combination of Kill Zone, Opium Lords, Final Judgment, and Prouty’s The Secret Team nail the culprits, and complimented by The Yankee and Cowboy War and Brice Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories (the IBs, Israel, CFR, FBI, CIA with advance knowledge by many big businessmen, much of Wall Street). McCloy and Dulles are in on it and sit on the Warren Commission, with CIA as evidence liaison.

    • How dare you, Howard? You trash my article but without providing one concrete argument by which to dispute it. Now, you listen to me: that was James Bookhout in that garage masquerading as Jack Ruby, and there is no doubt about it. I have provided strong anatomical evidence for it, and it can’t be dismissed just because you happen to be intolerant of a new idea. You can take your inflexibility and stubbornness and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Bookhout. Bookhout, Bookhout, Bookhout. It was him whether you like it or not.

  7. Getting to the truth in JFK’s murder case and related events is very important, no doubts about that. But why, considering the time frame, not a single word about the murder of the U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya on 09.11.2012 ? The importance of this case to the ongoing election process is hard to deny. Could it be because digging in it may reveal, say, why numerous emails requesting urgent help, sent by Stevens to the former Secretary of State, had never been answered ? This was a rhetorical question, btw.

  8. The best analysis of the “JFK assassination” fairy tale was written by Miles Mathis.
    “The Hidden King(s)”.

    “In this paper I will tell you what really happened that day [November 22, 1963], and what has really happened since 1944. The JFK mystery is just one part of a much larger mystery, a mystery I will unravel for you in the second half of this paper. The JFK assassination is the key that unlocks more than a half-century of closed doors, allowing us to see behind the greatest curtain of all. Up to now, we have had two possible theories. Either Kennedy was killed by Oswald or he was killed by someone else. I will show that the facts, taken alone, point to neither of these two conclusions.”

    Read the PDF from Miles Mathis website
    or in html at Gaian Corps

  9. Thank you, Leif. And by the way, I wrote a graphic novel and a screenplay about Leif Ericcson , the Viking who discovered America 500 years before Columbus. I realize that this is a new concept for most everybody that James Bookhout was the garage shooter of Oswald. But, it is solid. I’d bet my life on it. And the only thing that lends support to Ruby is the legacy of 53 years in which everybody assumed he did it because they were told he did it. Well, everybody was bamboozled. It happens.

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