Russia to New World Order agent Jens Stoltenberg: Do you have any common sense at all?


putinUS Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work: Russia “scares the crap out of us.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is reluctantly acknowledging that Russia is a force to be reckoned with in the political landscape. Stoltenberg is now saying that NATO is open to have frank dialogue with Russia.[1]

In the same vein, Stoltenberg posits a contradiction that can hardly be reconciled. He declared that NATO forces around Russian borders seek to prevent a war. The logic is pretty clear: Stoltenberg says he wants to have dialogue, but he thinks that NATO forces around Russian borders aren’t a threat at all. Obviously we are dealing with an ideology that wasn’t formed on the basis of reason. And this is why Vladimir Putin has had a good laugh about this as well:

Svobodnaya Pressa columnist Anna Sedova rightly adds:

“It’s unclear how bringing NATO infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders, and engaging in a corresponding military buildup is meant to let Moscow know that Europeans ‘do not want a confrontation’, or to lead to a reduction in tensions.”[2]

From Sputnik News:

“Stoltenberg, Sedova recalled, has been known to change his position on Russia repeatedly. As recently as June, Stoltenberg accused Russia of breaching the NATO-Russia Founding Act, warned about Russia’s ‘lack of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity’ and announced NATO plans to deploy four new battalions to Poland and the Baltic states.

“A few weeks later, he admitted that Russia doesn’t pose ‘any imminent threat against any NATO ally.’ The official reiterated the latter sentiment in Friday’s La Stampa interview.”[3]

The fact is that Stoltenberg knows that NATO does not have enough military firepower to counteract Russia. Sergei Ermakov, a senior analyst at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, has argued that this has been NATO’s problem since the beginning.[4] And US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work admitted:

“Our adversaries [the Russians], quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations and it scares the crap out of us.”[5]

Perhaps Stoltenberg, NATO, and the entire New World Order kingdom should listen to Sir John Sawers, a former head of British intelligence agency MI6. Sawers has said that the West does not have a coherent and consistent system for relationships with Russia. Sawers moves on to say:

“We are not treating Russia and China as major powers that can cause us a great deal of damage. What we really need to avoid is moving down a road that leads to a direct confrontation.”[6]

Since New World Order agents do not treat Russia and China as major powers, they are now attempting to create cyberattacks against Russia. Joe Biden has admitted just that. And the CIA is working feverishly toward accomplishing that goal. They don’t even deny that anymore. Biden has said:

“We have the capacity to do it. He’ll know it [meaning Putin]. And it will be at the time of our choosing. And under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.”[7]

In response, Vladimir Putin has declared:

“The only novelty is that for the first time, on the highest level, the United States has admitted involvement in these activities, and to some extent threatened [us] – which of course does not meet the standards of international communication. Apparently, they are nervous.”[8]

Indeed they are. In fact, whenever an individual refuses to submit his will to the moral and political order, he is bound get lost in a torrent of confusion and fear. That this one reason why New World Order agents constantly panic. They think that Russia and Vladimir Putin are their enemies.

But Putin continue to seek dialogue with those people, despite the fact that they have no respect for him whatsoever. Putin has said:

“It’s not even funny anymore. But if someone wants a confrontation – this is not our choice, and it means that there will be some problems. We don’t want that. We would like, on the contrary, to seek common ground and work together to solve global problems faced by both Russia and the United States, along with the whole world.”[9]

Putin nailed it when he said: “You think our relations with the United States changed because of Syria? No, not because of Syria, but because of attempts of one side to impose its decisions on the whole world.”[10]

Yes, the New World Order wants to impose its wicked and destructive decision upon the whole world, and whenever leaders allow NWO agents to impose their decision upon the world, chaos reigns. Remember Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.

People of reason everywhere should resist the New World Order ideology because it has detrimental consequences in virtually the entire Middle East and much of the world. As Jim W. Dean put it over a year ago, children in places like Afghanistan could not resist being sexually abused by soldiers. Why?

Because we did not resist enough. These children, boys and girls, were screaming for help as they were being abused by grown-ups and perverts. But isn’t it time for all of us, people of reason, to say no more to the political whores who want to bring the world down with them? Perhaps Alexander Solzhenitsyn can help us here:

“And thus, overcoming our temerity, let each man choose: will he remain a witting servants of the lies, or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?”[11]

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