British Government closes bank accounts of Russia Today



[Editor’s note: The bank in question, Natwest, is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group that was bailed out by the British government several years ago, making the government the majority shareholder and de facto controllers of the bank. Therefore, as Russian FM Lavrov rightly points out, the bank didn’t make the decision to close RT’s accounts on it’s own – this was an action ordered by the British government.

British FM Boris ‘the passionate Zionist’ Johnson has recently been making noises about stepping up sanctions against Russia, citing his usual BS about ‘war crimes’ in Syria. This closure of RT’s accounts can be seen as an extension of sanctions by the backdoor; yet more sickening ramping up of the provocation of Russia.

Apart from the obvious financial aspect, there is a second, more sinister and disturbing aspect to this and that is the manipulation of the media and suppression of free speech.

The BBC, over the last 20 years, has become little more than a mouthpiece for British government black propaganda, long gone are the days when brave men like Martin Bell risked their lives to bring us honest reporting from the world’s warzones. The British people are not stupid however and ever increasing numbers have turned their backs on the BBC, they recognise it for what it has become and are turning to alternative news sources such as RT.

This decline in viewership of the BBC’s news offerings and commensurate rise in the popularity of competing networks such as RT has obviously caused some concern in Whitehall and is no doubt a major motivating factor behind this shameful move by the British govt. Ian]

Bank didn’t decide to close RT accounts in Britain on its own – Lavrov

The decision by a majority-British government-owned bank to stop servicing RT UK’s accounts could not have been taken by the institution independently, Russia’s foreign minister says. The British government denies any involvement in the situation.

NatWest bank, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, informed that it intends to stop servicing RT UK and that the decision was not subject to discussion. Commenting on the accounts closure on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov insisted that the decision had not been taken by the bank independently.

“It’s as clear as day that this decision was not made by the bank. And not any other bank – banks don’t make such decisions on their own,” he said. “I believe an old saying is appropriate here: don’t treat others the way you don’t wish to be treated yourself.”

The minister didn’t elaborate on possible retaliation for RT accounts closure. The Russian Foreign Ministry earlier described as “squeezing alternative voices out of UK media space” by the UK government and said it was a violation of British commitments to preserve press freedoms under the Helsinki Accord of 1975.

The British government has denied any involvement in the situation, insisting that NatWest made the decision independently from its state owner.

“I noted the decision of the NatWest bank to withdraw support for RT, that was a wholly independently taken decision,” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The bank has since backtracked on its ‘non-negotiable’ position, saying in a statement that it was “reviewing the situation” and “contacting the customer to discuss this further.” According to RT’s Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, no arrangement has been set for such talks yet.

The Times claimed that Russia had threatened to close the accounts of the BBC in Russia and to report the case to the OSCE, an organization that grew from the Helsinki Accord. The British newspaper didn’t cite any sources, but claimed that RBS “withdrew its punitive action” after the threats. RBS is another bank owned by the RBS Group, which apparently the Times meant to name as the decision-maker.

RT has received numerous messages of support after disclosing its banking troubles on Monday coming both from public figures and devoted viewers.

“This is an attempt to squeeze out alternative voices. All the big domestic UK channels carry government policy uncritically,” Steve Hedley, Senior Assistant General Secretary of RMT, the UK’s biggest specialized transport union, told RT on-air. “They are attempting to put a warning shot across the bow of not just RT, but any news organizations with a different point of view.”

A NatWest customer told RT he had closed his account with the bank after a decade of being its customer in protest at the way it had treated the news channel, and dozens more said they planned to do so in article comments.

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  1. This so called ” New World Order ” has nothing to do with order – it only has to do with slavery and No human rites. Their leading followers can fire anyone from their job for No reason, can put you on a watch list and steal your individual freedoms/incarcerate you , can slander, make up unlawful policies, make one lie ,cheat and steal in order to keep their employment and last but certainly not the last thing – Kill you and get away with it. Who the F..k would to or why would the people of any country want to live in this New Shit Order under these psychopathic ideologies ? I’m with Duterte – with his regard to dumping the US and their puppets. Spacibo

  2. Efforts in the west to make it criminal to tell the truth are growing. Attempts to shutdown RT and Sputnik news are underway in Brussels and the Internet is under attack all over. If the powers that be can’t criminalize the IT well, they will tax it. The truth is subjective however, when censorship rears up its head and roars against reporting escalate I want to know why and, who is doing the “whining “.
    There have been times when VT posts a RT news story or, an editorial that I try to access only to get a blank page with a message; it is “unavailable at this time “. Has anyone else experienced this?

  3. RT has hit them where it hurts. The single most notorious government on the face of the planet commanded by Windsor patriarchs and criminals has been given an honest pass once again. But maybe this is their last.

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