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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

At precisely 10 a.m. this morning (Friday, October 21st) I was sitting at my desk at my rural Wisconsin home, about to begin broadcasting today’s False Flag Weekly News, when the noise of an approaching helicopter grew louder and louder. As it approached ear-splittling volume, the whole house began to shake. Windows started flexing rhythmically in their frames. My wife jumped away from the picture window, thinking it was about to implode. My sons were terrified.

After hovering very close to the house for a few moments, during which the overwhelming very-low-pitched noise and vibrating house and windows reminded me of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake only worse, the helicopter flew off. A bit shaken (as it were) I began broadcasting the show, which you can watch on the youtube embedded above.

Hey helicopter guys! If you’ve got a message, just email me

If we had started the show on time, the helicopter attack would have provided a very interesting, if distracting, background soundtrack – underlining just how dangerous somebody apparently thinks False Flag Weekly News really is.

I called the Dane County Airport Manager (50 miles away) to complain.

I was given a Noise Complaint Hotline number which I called to leave the same complaint.

Is there any possible innocent explanation for is incident? It seems unlikely. I live in the middle of nowhere. There is no legitimate reason why any legitimate helicopter operator would fly so low and hover above my house (or any house), creating such an extreme incident of noise pollution. And it just  happened to come at the exact moment  when False Flag Weekly News was scheduled to begin broadcasting? Only a crazy coincidence theorist would believe such a thing.

A more plausible interpretation is that somebody is trying to send me a message. If so, they are wasting a lot of money and helicopter flight time. If anybody wants to send me a message, I can be reached at kbarrett(at)merr{dot}. Just let me know that you were involved in the helicopter attack (subject header: “message from helicopter attackers”) and explain to me precisely what you intended to convey by staging such an expensive and seemingly pointless stunt. I will of course always be happy to discuss any issue that interests you.

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  1. Are CIA pilots still flying these harrassment flights, or has this function been reassigned to MOSSAD-operative pilots in the US?

  2. Dear Mr. Barrett, I have experienced this several times, and always just after I have posted something negative online about Israel. My speciality is saying that Israel should be shut down for the beneffit of The Palestinians and all of mankind, so that peace can descend on the area. If Israel didn’t exist very few would have any particular interest in the area.

    I live in Denmark, and I do not for a moment think that Danish officers comes up with this for themselves. I always suspected that some US/Israeli officers are directing the Danish pilots. I am rather thick-headed, but once the helicopter turned round and came in over our house a second time, that was when I had to think it over, I must admit. Like you, I wonder about the cost for all this, and whether they haven’t got anything better to do. And if they view such criticism of Israel as dangerous, they really must think that they are on a shaky foundation. You with your professional capacity — my brain is like a commodore 64 while yours is more equivalent to IBMs deep blue — you should start to make a compendium about all instancies that have occured around the world involving helicopters flying over the rood of people critical to Israel. When it becomes wider known, then someday somebody will make video-footage of the fly by.

  3. Definitely a message of intimidation. You must be doing something right warrant that kind of attention.
    Three years ago, late August. I was laying out on the beach of Lake Michigan , located north of Traverse City. It was around 6:00 PM when I heard this awful racket coming from the south. What appeared amazed me: there were four black, unmarked helicopters, maybe Cheyennes, couldn’t tell but they were flying diamond formation headed straight up the coast towards Charlevoix/Petoskey . They were also flying quite low, possibly just above minimum. I wished I had brought my camera.

  4. I was buzzed by a green military helicopter in a parking lot in March 2015. It made three passes close enough for me to see the pilot’s face. Thirty feet off the ground.

  5. My rural home in Missouri was buzzed in the 90’s by a black no numbers small helicopter which originated well off the path of any area airfield. Friends observed it making flights from a lower elevation farm grass field. I guess I wrote or “said something “wrong”.

  6. When about 3 years ago I put into the draft (!) of my email box (knowing exactly who’s reading from it in real time, but still thinking about them as of somewhat decent people) a message about my new neighbors (implanted by, as I now know, truly sick people, who can do such thing due to given to them by the clueless population unlimited rights and money), and then, 30-40 min. later, drove to a nearby Book Store, I was approached by a nasty goon who told me to keep my mouth shut (he waited for about 5 min. until nobody was around). That’s when I finally realized that “something is really really wrong in Danish Kingdom”. Before I just had growing suspicions.

  7. Same thing has happened to me, several times, several locations… usually two of them. (unmarked black ops helicopters)
    I know that rumbling sound well now!

    One time they dropped some metal objects on the house.

    You too have obviously hit a nerve!

    • btw, they will never communicate with you, but they will start with your electronics next… back up your hard drive.

    • jensingr,
      Really…cool…would like to hear details/locales if so inclined? That’s not happened to me though I have been heavily censored by youtube/google to the point I no longer even bother. I also had a new 2 month old computer take a dump, even with security software and using a VPN.

      No doubt I’ve a “red dot” on my mailbox and wear it proudly as a badge of honor!

    • mile.. I have lived in 4 different states in the last 5 years. I don’t know if you know, but every human has a “signature” that they can follow.. anywhere via satellite.

      It’s a matter of knowing how to block them, and use deterrents that enable you to at least communicate, but even then, they have the upper hand.

      I have had a couple of my laptops completely shut down… black.

    • all the places I moved to there would be a small earthquake very nearby as well… I think it was haarp because I was on a mission to expose them.

  8. Intimidation is but one of the means of defending “their” many lies and misdeeds. We know the other methods they resort to when that fails.

    I respect your bravery, Dr. Barrett. Never live in fear, as that is what these entities thrive (feed?) upon and why humanity has failed miserably thus far against these fk-sticks. But, those tides have finally ebbed and your contributions of Truth to our mass awakening certainly have factored in this Age of Enlightenment.

  9. Maybe some morbid hell-o-ween joker reported that you are about to harvest a magnificent victory garden, and when the flying porcine squadron couldn’t spot it, they rattled your house for laughs.

    • They were so close they could have leaned out the window and picked it, if such a garden existed, which it doesn’t.

      Seriously, the perfect timing with False Flag Weekly News suggests it was more than a botched ganja surveillance flight.

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