Aberfan – disaster or attack?




Friday, October 21st was the 50th anniversary of the most brutal post-war attack by Germany on my country, the destruction of Pantglas Junior School at Aberfan, Wales, and the mass-murder of 116 innocent schoolchildren, along with 28 adults. The school was known to lie directly in the path of slurry from the Merthyr Vale Colliery No 7 waste tip, carefully sited by the government-controlled National Coal Board over a known spring.

As I pointed out in Spyhunter, the dangers of waste slurry were well-known to the West German government and the Cabinet Office, indeed there had been legislative intervention in West Germany. Whitehall, which was under effective German control in the 1950s and 60s, carefully avoided protecting mining communities from slurry in the Mines and Quarries Act 1954.

Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson

Since officials were careful to conceal the risk from ministers, there is no reason to blame successive governments, with the exception of Prime Minister Wilson, a German agent, who will have known that the disaster was deliberate and linked to German pressure on Britain to join the EEC.

The movement of a massive 1.4 million cubic feet of slurry towards the school was triggered by shaped plastic explosive charges, a technology betrayed to Germany in the war by the notorious Abwehr and DVD agent, Dr Richard ‘von’ Beeching. The detonations were carefully timed to catch the children in their classrooms after morning assembly, where they had sung their last hymn together, All Things Bright and Beautiful. Had the Germans delayed their attack for much longer the children would have left school, as the half-term holiday was about to begin.

GO2, the German operation in London, detected an area of low-pressure moving over South Wales on 18th October, creating ideal conditions for the attack on Pantglas Junior School. The one telephone line which could have carried a warning to the village was carefully removed before the attack in order to maximise the death toll.

Long experience since the dawn of pre-history seems to have given human beings the ability to sense the presence of both danger and evil. No group of humans in history has been as evil as the DVD, its sub-agencies in target countries like GO2 in London and its predecessors, including the Abwehr, the boys who brought you the Nazis. Whether because they sensed the presence of danger or not, a large number of children did not want to go to Pantglas Junior School that morning. Many of the parents who very properly made them go to their lessons later suffered, sadly and unnecessarily, from feelings of guilt.

Curiously, Pantglas County Secondary School did not suffer from the same level of absenteeism, nor of pupils not wanting to go to school. It is entirely possible that as the children sang their last hymn together before joining their Creator some of them had a premonition of danger. There are however no reports of panic. No-one fled the morning assembly and the children went quietly to their desks when told to do so.

Sadly, the courage and sense of duty of the children was not matched in Whitehall or by the Wilson Government, indeed Harold Wilson was the most cowardly British Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain. Unlike most of his immediate predecessors Wilson never saw combat, let alone be decorated for gallantry, unlike Harold Macmillan, Anthony Eden and Sir Winston Churchill.

Although Wilson ‘volunteered’ at the outbreak of World War II there is no reason to believe that he was serious. He was already on the Abwehr’s payroll, and a safe, cushy berth in the Civil Service had been arranged for him. Given his moral and physical cowardice (he was always in favour of the UK joining the EEC, e.g.) it is perhaps just as well he never served in the Armed Forces, as he would have been more of a danger to those around him than the enemy.

 Sir Burke Trend
Sir Burke Trend

The Cabinet Secretary, Sir Burke Trend, had also been careful to stay out of uniform in World War II. He was no more courageous than Wilson. Aberfan is not the only sordid cover-up with which Trend is associated – in the 1970s he covered up German penetration of British Intelligence, lying through his teeth in the process, since he was a German agent himself. I have no doubt he would have been as much a liability in combat as Wilson.

With rubbish such as this in charge of the government and the Civil Service, no offense intended, it is not surprising that the children of Aberfan went unavenged. Both Wilson and Trend were fluent and practised liars.

We should have declared war on West Germany. The Royal Air Force’s powerful V-Force should have been on its way to bomb Bonn, the Ruhr and Dachau with heavy conventional weapons within 24 hours. The DVD controlled the West German government and the Federal Republic of West Germany bore state responsibility for the attack, an Act of War against Her Majesty. Our English Electric Lightnings – the world’s finest interceptor in the mid-60s – would have blown the pathetic West German Luftwaffe out of the sky, as our Spitfires and Hurricanes had done in the Battle of Britain.

The attack on Aberfan was an atrocity and an act of such utter bestiality and immorality as to forfeit forever Germany’s claim to be a member of the civilised community of nations. As I called for in Spyhunter, the bastard German state, which has done nothing but inflict pain upon the world since it was created in a series of wars of aggression in the 1860s, should be broken up into its constituent kingdoms and duchies. There were and are civilised people in Germany, but they were no more in control of the affairs of West Germany in the 1960s than they were in control of the Third Reich in the 1930s, or the Federal Republic of Germany today.

Instead of a just and righteous war of retaliation, all we got was a shabby cover-up, which continues to the present day. Just look at the squalid entry about Aberfan on Wikipedia, no offense to Wiki intended.

To rub salt into already deep wounds, the parents were treated with great brutality, being forced to look at the bodies of the other murdered children when they identified their own, shameful and abominable treatment which Wikipedia actually defends.

Of course a temporary mortuary could have been set up, and of course the parents could have been spared the anguish of seeing the battered bodies of the other murdered children. The deliberate infliction of this pain upon the poor parents, to one of whom I am listening on the BBC as I write this, was entirely unlawful and utterly indefensible. No doubt Wikipedia will be treating us to a defence of the sinking of the SS Athenia, another German war crime, next.

Wilhelm Canaris, 1943
Wilhelm Canaris, 1943

German Intelligence has a long and disreputable history of targeting children for shock value. The Nazis were not the worst Germans, not by a long chalk. Even Adolf Hitler was shocked by the deliberate torpedoing of the Athenia in the full knowledge that she was evacuating children to safety in Canada, with Germany about to plunge Europe into war for the third time in less than 70 years.

The sinking of the Athenia was ordered by the German war criminal Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr, whose assets in Britain had the children placed on the Donaldson Line ship in the first place.

The brutal treatment of the parents continued. The amoral Charity Commission did its best to hold up payments to the bereaved, arguing that the parents might not have suffered when their children were murdered because they might not have been close to them! That’s right – those scummy bureaucrats in Liverpool summoned the sheer gall to question the love of the parents for their dead children.

The Commission should have been shut down immediately, its senior staff dismissed and its responsibilities transferred to the Home Office, indeed it’s not too late to shut it down now. Having interpreted charity law in bad faith in order to upset the bereaved parents even further, the Commission then did nothing to stop the unlawful pressure from the government to force the trustees of the relief fund to hand over £150,000 to help pay for the clearance of the tips GO2 hadn’t blown up. In case you didn’t get that first time around, the Wilson Labour government raided the fund set up to help the bereaved families and the people of Aberfan.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair

The money has since been given back, a derisory £150,000 by the Blair government in 1997 (which took no account of inflation and interest) and a more sensible amount by the Welsh Assembly in 2007. I would be more impressed if the Welsh Assembly were willing to stand up to the Cabinet Office and Berlin and tell the people of Wales the truth.

In reality their £2,000,000 was blood-money, given in the hope that the controversy over Aberfan would go away. It won’t. Word that it was a deliberate attack and that Germany was responsible is spreading.

Disgracefully, not one official of the National Coal Board was hanged. Lord Robens, the NCB’s cold-blooded chairman and long-term German agent, who knew that the school had been targeted for destruction in order put pressure on the Wilson government to join the German-controlled EEC, carried on his investiture of the University of Surrey when told of the disaster.

It was a tragedy for my country that he was not hanged in World World II, as he should have been, for High Treason. After Aberfan, he wasn’t even dismissed from the NCB.

Lord Robens offers his resignation
Lord Robens offers his resignation

He offered his resignation, but in a typically shabby piece of deception, he made sure that the offer would be rejected before putting it in. He knew about the DVD, GO2 and Wilson and Trend being German agents, so he was in a position to dictate to the elected government.

Robens, however, was not the only NCB official who was an accessory to mass-murder. The NCB knew full well that Tip No 7 was unsafe – it had after all been placed on a spring in order to threaten the school. The murders had been carefully planned for a decade, after Britain rejected joining the EEC. So far as the DVD and GO2 were concerned, Aberfan was the ‘big one’, an atrocity designed to bring Britain to her knees.

Had Parliament been told the truth I have no doubt that it would have restored capital punishment and made it retrospective, although as a matter of law, since planning a murder carried the death penalty prior to abolition, and Robens and other murderous NCB officials had planned the deaths of the children since the late 1950s, they could have been given a fair trial and hanged without a change in the law.

The Attorney-General in 1966, the late, great Lord Elwyn-Jones, was a friend of mine, and Welsh. Had Elwyn been told the truth – that the deaths of the children and the destruction of the school had been carefully planned for years in order to put political pressure on the government to join the EEC – I am that sure he would have prosecuted Robens and the others to the grave with steely determination. Since he was a member of the prosecution team at Nuremberg, Robens would not have been the first German asset he had prosecuted for a capital war crime.

Whilst the NCB chairman and other senior officials were shown up as weaklings and murderers (my experience of murderers is that they are weak – had justice been done, and Robens sentenced to death, they would probably have had to drag the bastard to the scaffold) the other side of humanity was shown by the miners. That was the decent and good side.

It takes guts to go down a coal mine. My Welsh grandfather, Jack Barnett MM, who was a safety officer in a mine in the Llynfi Valley in the 1920s, had plenty of them. He got his Military Medal for rescuing wounded under fire during the Battle of the Somme, by the way. God knows what he would have done to Lord Robens at the time had he known the truth – marched up to the NCB’s head office with a rifle, I expect, and shot him in the stomach.

As word of the terrible tragedy at Aberfan spread, the miners came up out of the depths of the earth in their hundreds, with their tools, and went to the rescue of the trapped schoolchildren. They worked through the night, until they dropped. No one could stop them, although some heartless police officers apparently tried.

The miners knew that tip was dangerous. People had been warning of the dangers for years and had been ignored, since the Cabinet Secretary and the NCB chairman wanted the school buried, and the children buried alive with it.

Aberfan Cemetery - the children's graves wih the continuous arches
Aberfan Cemetery – the children’s graves wih the continuous arches

So far from being forgotten, the children of Aberfan have been remembered in a series of moving ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of their killing, some attended by HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. The beautiful Aberfan Hymn was played this afternoon on BBC1.

Now that we are on our way out of the European Union, an evil institution stained by the innocent blood of inter alia the children of Pantglas Junior School, we need something like South Africa’s Truth and Justice Commission. When a society has been governed by criminals for a period of decades and grave crimes have been committed for political reasons the ordinary courts are powerless.

The weakness of our judiciary, with respect, was shown by Lord Edmund-Davies. He was a nice man (I knew him) but with respect he was weak, his treatment of that great advocate Desmond Ackner QC, as he then was, was a disgrace, with respect, and the report about Aberfan which bears his name is a pitiful whitewash, which will forever stain his reputation. Only Wikipedia, the BBC and organs close to the Propaganda Section of the DVD are still recycling its pathetic conclusions.

The children of Aberfan have still not been avenged.

Just as the children of the Athenia were avenged by our courageous bomber crews, who put several hundred thousand Germans gloriously to the slaughter in the great strategic air offensive against Germany, so too, in God’s good time, will the children of Aberfan be avenged.


The Oswald Innocence Campaign


I am pleased to say that I have been accepted as a member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. I knew that Lee Harvey Oswald was no more guilty of shooting Jack Kennedy than my sainted Aunt Agnes of course, but I had not appreciated that there is a photo of Oswald at the time of the shooting, on the street outside the Texas School Book Depository, watching the parade.

Those, like Wikipedia, pushing the perverse conclusions of the heavily penetrated Warren Commission, typically resort to intellectual dishonesty. You can argue that the photograph of Oswald is actually of someone else, or that it was taken at a different time, but you cannot ignore this evidence, or smear the Oswald Innocence Campaign or anyone else trying to clear his name, of being ‘conspiracy theorists’, a term of abuse invented by the CIA. The photo is real evidence, and should be treated as such.

If you want my opinion and I assume you do, since otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, the Oswald Innocence Campaign are right and the photo is of Oswald, watching the president’s motorcade. In other words, it’s solid alibi evidence and clears Oswald completely. Since his gun had not been fired recently, wasn’t fitted with an ammunition clip or adequate sights, and such sights as it was fitted with had not been zeroed-in, his name didn’t need clearing in any event.

People like evidence however – it saves them having to use their brains. If you want proof positive that Oswald was innocent, there it is. It’s never too late to clear an innocent man of a crime he didn’t commit.


Jimmy Perry 1923-2016

I was going to review the latest Jack Reacher movie, which released in Britain over the weekend. It is by the way, IMHO, as good as the original, which means very good, but then the sad news came in of the death of Jimmy Perry, the co-creator of Dad’s Army.

Dad’s Army is Britain’s best-loved sitcom. If you haven’t watched it, you should! Jimmy also created other greats, such as It ‘Aint Half Hot Mum, which made the war in Burma funny, no mean achievement. Jimmy Perry was an outstanding talent, a warm human being and a comic genius. He will be sorely missed.


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