Only in America does such ignorance and hatred still exist



[Editor’s note: Some Americans love to talk about ‘exceptionalism’, they mean it in a positive way, inferring some superiority to other nations. However, the truth is very different, the only ways in which America is exceptional are deeply disturbing attitudes and values that have thankfully largely died out elsewhere in the world.

Prime among these deeply disturbing attitudes is the ingrained and still all too prevalent racism that has been brought front and centre of current affairs by Donald Trump. 

In America, it began in the 19th century with ‘manifest destiny’, which in a realistic context meant not only dominance of the entirety of North American by white Anglo-Saxons, but control of the Pacific Ocean as well, the Gulf of Tonkin showed us how far it went. Now it’s the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf, the operable definition for exceptionalism is above the laws of man and God. Exceptionalism knows no limits other than the blackness of the human soul. Ian]

White College Students Angry They Descended from Africa

A group of white students at Texas State University stormed out of anthropology class Friday after the professor explained all humans were descended from Africa.

The walkout caused heated debate with the remaining students chanting “Black lives matter” and criticizing the racist attitude of their classmates.

According to the students, Professor R. Jon McGee opened his class with a discussion on race, which then developed into an overview of the Black Lives Matter movement and the conclusion modern humans evolved in Africa.

Justine Lundy, a student present, told International Business Times that the discussion was met with derision by many, with a fellow student sarcastically replying “sure.”

This incident comes amid a wave of police killings against unarmed Black men. According to a Washington Post study, in 2015 alone around 965 people were fatally shot by U.S. police—with Black and Latino people disproportionately the victims.


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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.


  1. I’m not anti-white, you’re just a moronic troll, probably a white supremacist, i.e. a racist nutjob.

  2. Gee, Ian… For a guy going on and on about the evils of “hate”, etc.,, you seem to be quick to utilize it, yourself. Resorting to insult-hurling, ad hominem attacks? That doesn’t exactly reflect well upon you, would you not agree?

    Of course, slinging around all those other usual, tired, nonsensical buzzwords in your above article — so commonly blathered by the mainstream “ministry of propaganda” — doesn’t cast much of a favorable light on you, either. And it casts a decidedly dark pall over the whole of VT, I will add.

    And, to think… for a while there I actually thought you might have been an actual human being; apparently, I was mistaken. But, hey… I guess even *I* don’t want to believe *everyone* out there is in the deception business.

    Oh, well… who knows? Maybe someday even *you* will have a “Come-To-Jesus” moment. But, from what I am observing, I’d say that’s — sadly — very unlikely.

  3. Pardon me, but you haven’t been paying close attention to human behavior or history if you think this sort of behavior could only happen in America. It’s starting all over Europe, and is in the Middle East currently doing ethnic cleansing. This sort of behavior is deeply rooted in the human condition and has to do with callousness brought out by “Us and Them” thinking (very sloppy thinking). Hell I’d bet our favorite pinata group here (Zionists) even has its good apples amongst the bad. Blaming all Zionists or whichever group is the white-wash type thinking that leads to these things, like blaming all Muslims, or Americans (many of which have lost their lives in these fights getting suicided by the powers that shouldn’t be).

    • Indeed more Americans have probably died in this fight than anyone else, besides innocent Muslims, taking down the globalists. They have suicided hundreds if not thousands of us, and who knows who else that the alt-media hasn’t even been able to dig up yet, and thrown many many others wrongly in prison. I get psychically tormented and tortured every day by the goons.

    • Yes, you are correct, there are bad apples everywhere. My assertion about the USA is, of course, not applicable to everyone in the USA, it is a generalisation and generalisations are always fraught with difficulties.

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