Updated: Who Killed Gavin MacFadyen?



[Editor’s note: It is our belief that McFadyen was MI6 and had been for a very long time. Ian]

by Katherine Frisk

Investigative journalist, filmaker, founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) and co-founder of The Whistler, Gavin MacFadyen died on Saturday 22nd of October 2016. He was also a close associate of Julian Assange.

His wife Susan Benn wrote:

“He was the model of what a journalist should be… He spearheaded the creation of a journalistic landscape which has irrevocably lifted the bar for ethical and hard-hitting reporting. Gavin worked tirelessly to hold power to account.

His life and how he lived it were completely in sync with the principles that he held dear and practiced as a journalist and educator – to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

According to Russia Today:

“The cause of MacFadyen’s death has not yet been made public. In the original post from his wife Susan, she wrote that he had died from “a short illness,” but that line has now been removed.”

However, according to Wikipedia as of Monday 24th October:

Personal life

MacFadyen lived in the Pimlico district of London with his wife, Susan Benn. He died at the hands of Evan McMullin, a CIA operative, after MacFayden allegedly discovered information relating to numerous scrubbed black-ops missions linked to the assassination of multiple Third World heads of state.

Screen Shot Wikipedia 24th October 2016
Screen Shot Wikipedia 24th October 2016


Salt Lake City, UT - August 10: Former CIA agent Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an Independent candidate on August 10, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Supporters gathered in downtown Salt Lake City for the launch of his Utah petition drive to collect the 1000 signatures McMullin needs to qualify for the presidential ballot. (Photo by George Frey)
Salt Lake City, UT – August 10: Former CIA agent Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an Independent candidate on August 10, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Supporters gathered in downtown Salt Lake City for the launch of his Utah petition drive to collect the 1000 signatures McMullin needs to qualify for the presidential ballot. (Photo by George Frey)

No other information has been given. So who is Evan McMullin?

Was he involved in MacFadyen’s death, and if so, what proof does anybody have that he was?

All it says is “He died at the hands of Evan McMullin.” Is Evan McMullin aware of this “fact” on Wikipedia and has he made any statements in this regard?

According to Esquire magazine, in August he put himself forward as an independent to run for President in order to take votes away from Trump. He is a Republican and this much is known about him:

He’s young and unmarried, having worked for many years at the CIA.

McMullin is just 40-years-old and unmarried. On September 11, 2001, he was training in Langley, Virginia, at CIA headquarters, according to ABC News, which said he completed the training and volunteered for service in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, where he led counterterrorism and intelligence operations.

He worked at Goldman Sachs briefly.

After leaving the CIA in 2011, McMullin earned an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and went to work for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco, according to his LinkedIn page.

He’s been working for Republicans in the House of Representatives.

In 2013, McMullin became senior advisor to the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and other members of the House of Representatives on issues related to counterterrorism, national security, and South Asia and the Middle East, according to this LinkedIn page. In 2015, he joined the Republican Conference, which serves as a communications platform for Republican representatives, as its chief policy director. He resigned from this position on Monday morning, according to ABC News.

He served as a Mormon Missionary—and worked on a fishing boat.

McMullin was born in Provo, Utah, according to ABC News, which said he graduated from Brigham Young University and served as a Mormon missionary in Brazil and later volunteered as a refugee resettlement officer in Amman, Jordan, on behalf of the United Nations. McMullin also worked as a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, according to Politico.

Assassins creed
Assassins Creed

He’s a vocal critic of Donald Trump.

McMullin has posted sharp critiques of the Republican presidential nominee on his social accounts, including this Facebook post on August 1:

“As someone who served our nation in war, I find Donald Trump’s religious attacks on Ghazala Khan, the mother of a fallen U.S. soldier, profoundly despicable. Her son gave everything for our country and she, like thousands of other American mothers, has also made a painful lifelong sacrifice. No one who fails to understand this is fit to be our commander-in-chief.”

He has no public profile.

McMullin, as BuzzFeed pointed out, doesn’t appear on television and, until today, had a very small social media presence. (His Twitter followers jumped from 135 to 12,000 in a matter of hours.) He did give a Tedx talk on genocide at the London Business School in April, according toBuzzFeed, as well as a speech in May about the future of the Republican party. Without name recognition, McMullin is fighting an extremely uphill battle with only three months until the general election.

He won’t make it on every ballot.

Because he’s so late to the game, it’s likely McMullin won’t be on every state’s ballot come November. In Texas, for instance, he’ll have to sue to make the ballot. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said McMullin will “at least try to get on 20 to 30 state ballots.”

He does have the support of serious Republican donors and strategist.

Rick Wilson, a veteran Republican strategist and Trump critic, is reportedly working on McMullin’s campaign. … Better for America, according to ABC News, is partly funded by John Kingston, a conservative donor who raised money for Mitt Romney. It appears McMullin will be well-funded in his effort to derail Trump, which is, observers say, the primary focus of his run. “This has more to do with stopping Donald Trump than actually electing the president,” Joe Scarborough said.”

He has all the credentials doesn’t he? Mormon, CIA, Goldman Sachs, another “boy from Brazil” maybe, GOP, etc, etc, etc… but the big mystery remains. Is the information on Wikipedia accurate and …

Did Evan McMullin kill Gavin MacFayden as claimed? Or is this a stunt?


UPDATE: As of the 25th October the Wikipedia page has been edited by Yobot, and the name of Evan McMullin no longer appears. I cannot say that I am surprised. There is a fine line between dying from cancer and being assassinated. Chavez, Rousseau and Means come to mind amongst many others and the general public is fully aware of this black-ops habit when they want to eliminate somebody who has become “problematic.” Cancer these days is often not a “natural cause”of death. But this “poisoning of the well” and the red herrings that have been inserted before the now I supposed “final version” continued after Evan McMullin was named. Take this for example:


Wikipedia now says:

Personal life
He was born in Greeley, Colorado in 1940 as Gavin Hall Galter; he eventually took on the surname of his stepfather. MacFadyen lived in the Pimlico district of London with his wife, Susan Benn. He died of lung cancer in London on October 22, 2016 at the age of 76.





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  1. Good work Katherine!
    It is strange that a CIA hitman would do a short stint running for President…
    in Utah…and then the Mormon connection? Me thinks Romney and his bud GHWB are involved. Last ditch effort to silence or warn Assange.

  2. The cream of the crop went to the USA and started NASA, the others went to South America to join the boys from Brazil, many of them started their own colonies in Argentina and Patagonia. They repeated the “Hitler”formula in Argentina under Videla and Chile under Pinochet. All with CIA involvement. Today they are attempting a coup in Brazil with a ‘color revolution”car wash. They also have their sights on Venezuela and its oil reserves and Ecuador. It is no co-incidence that the Dutch Royal family – Nazi supporters, have strong ties and large financial investments in Argentina, and the Spanish Royal family which since the Spanish Empire which preceded the Dutch and then the British, has also got very large holdings and investments in South America. They in turn were preceded by the Portuguese who have large investments in Brazil and in Africa. All royal houses of Europe.

  3. That is EXACTLY why I took a screen shot! Because the whole thing looked suspect and I expected it to be edited. Whoever posted the original was on a mission. And was sending a message.

  4. An excellent article by one of my favorite authors. So many of these CIA assets and NOCs are actually mind-kontrolled sleepers and have no idea. Some are implanted, some completely restructured cognitively. Most go through the dairy farm at Camp Peary and learn how to drive pencils up under the chin, to fight with furniture and lamps and to blow up buses (nothing seems to ever change at Langely, it is run by drug dealing thugs and scum). Apparently the CIA thinks this sicko training is still necessary. What the recruits aren’t told is that during their training their food and beverages are controlled and often constitute highly specialized cognitive restructuring Koolaide. There have been instances when low level of BZ and hypnotics like placidyl and scopolomine/boradunga derivatives were administered to “trainees” facilitate this cognitive restructuring by making them suggestible and easily mind-kontrolled. The psychotronic aspects of such restructuring are also non-disclosed.

    This kind of mind-kontrol is now rampant in military special ops and mercenary training too and is responsible for the creation of the ISIS mercenaries. Of course in their secrecy agreements that these “recruits” sign there is no medical or any informed consent as required by law given of these biochemical/psychotronic alterations that in many cases result in their souls being snatched or futures as sleepers under serious mind-kontrol of a wide variety of types.

  5. The American-Turkish Council (ATC) is a business association dedicated to enhancing the promotion of US-Turkish commercial, defense, technology, and cultural relations. Its diverse membership includes Fortune 500s, multinationals, U.S. and Turkish companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals with an interest in U.S.-Turkish relations.
    Current ATC board members include:

    Richard Armitage[4]
    George Perlman of Lockheed Martin
    Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani[5][6]
    Elizabeth Avery of PepsiCo
    Özer Baysal of Pfizer
    Andy Button of Boeing
    Richard K. Douglas of General Electric
    Sherry Grandjean of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
    John R. Miller of Raytheon
    Selig A. Taubenblatt of Bechtel

    ATC’s advisory board also includes representatives of a number of defense, pharmaceutical, consulting, and technology firms, including BAE Systems and Motorola.

    • SO basically, they “own”Turkey. And no matter what the Turkish people vote, as in the USA, it really is of no relevance. Government policy will always serve these corporations, even if it means their own people harbering “terrorists”, their journalists locked up in jail, and their own people getting killed in “terrorist”activities. And if their government does not toe the line, these corporations can always engineer an earthquake or two, until Turkish leaders are persuaded to see things their way.

  6. They seem the same to me. No difference. Whats the difference between Zionists, Muslim brotherhood and Nazis? NADA. Caiaphas, Herod and Pilate strike again! And they are all intermarried anyway.

  7. How about from the Republican party? They leaked the pu^^y tape. It would not surprise me if it is the GOP/ CIA who has sent all these leaks to Wikileaks, rather than Mossad as is being proposed here on VT.

    • The GOP and CIA are so deeply infiltrated and co-opted by Israel that it may as well be the Mossad.

    • To Katherine

      “Drain the swamp” would make for a very popular campaign slogan.

      As a starter, however used, it is an excellent way to get folk to think about the crime and corruption in Washington and abroad, to actually begin the process of draining the swamp.

  8. …McMullin has said that if elected president, he would appoint originalist judges to the Supreme Court, “in the mold of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas”. McMullin supports free trade,He supports NAFTA and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. On the Syrian civil war, McMullin described himself as a “vocal advocate for international action “We should have done more to support the moderate Syrian opposition, and we still need to do that. They haven’t received sufficient support or training, and we know how to do that very well…”McMullin supports imposing a no-fly zone over Syria “to stop the aerial bombardment of Syrian population centers.”
    McMullin supports keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention camp open.
    McMullin has harshly criticized the international nuclear agreement with Iran.McMullin told ABC News Donald Trump’s public comments were frustrating U.S. counterterrorism efforts. “What he doesn’t realize is that we actually depend on Muslims to do counterterrorism, to wage war against terrorists.”…..McMullin said he “admired foreign leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” ….. He’s their boy alright..and what better way to “prove himself”, walk in walk out …. now see how fast he moves forward, the tell tale sign

    • Thanks for all of that information. Certainly fits all the profiles doesn’t he? I am still waiting to see if anyone else has picked up on this and if there is any collaborating evidence that he was either directly or indirectly involved in Gavin’s death.

    • And we are all still waiting for a full investigation into the massacre of Orthodox Christians in Croatia by the Nazis and the Jesuits during WW2. A genocide that has been forgotten by history. As well as the murders of Russian journalists during 2014 in Eastern Ukraine by the Kiev Nazi faction, and a full investigation into the murder of Serena Shim who exposed that Takfiri terrorists were being transported across the border from Turkey into Syria in NGO trucks.

    • That wasn’t Hess, that was an impostor. The impostor lacked the large scars on chest and back which Hess carried from being shot in the lung during WWI. It is unknown what happened to Hess, it is probable that Churchill had him killed not long after he landed in Scotland.

    • I just mentioned about the Hess doppleganger because it shows the lengths governments will go to to deceive people. They kept Spandau open for all those years at great expense just to hide the secret dealings of Churchill in 1941 in order to keep the war going. Hess was a good man, a very decent human being, I very much admire what he tried to achieve by flying to Scotland.

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