Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Are we about to elect a mob boss as president of the United States? A front man, or front woman, for a consortium of crime cabals?

Donald Trump’s background is well known to VT readers. Meyer Lansky associates, folks like Roy Cohn, got Trump started in the gambling business, and the rest is history. For details listen to my debate/discussion with Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on VT Radio. Now Sheldon Adelson’s flagship newspaper is endorsing Trump. What more needs to be said?

But is Hillary any better? Trump’s threats to jail her resonate with a lot of folks, including me. Now political artist Anthony Freda, contributor to my new edited book Orlando False Flag, has set up a “Hillary as mob boss” sculpture in the streets of New York and invited people to autograph it.



Sometimes pictures really are worth thousands of words.

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  1. When decision is hard to make, numbers, sometimes, could be of great help. A simple and recent example: 10.26.2016 (tag “1 8 / 8 1”, manifesting itself even on surface: 10=1+8+1, 26=8+18) “Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is vandalized by a man using a pick ax and sledgehammer” = 883/81=11-8/(1+10*8). Look at “11-8” and “1+10*8” this 18(!)-pieces long phrase results into. Rings a bell ? (Nov.8-th ?!). Same phrase in reverse alphabet =1277/81=-181/81+18; combined (++) with 883/81 =2160(=6*6*60)/162= 1080/81. Surprised ? I’m not. Because what we have here is just a glance into routine Black Magic ritual, performed this time, no more no less, on one of the two presidential candidates in order to […take a wild guess…]. Who’s behind it ? Take another wild guess.

    • That’s funny. Not sure if someone specializing on tracing hasbara trolls can understand it, but I have no sympathy neither for Globalists nor for Zionists. To no one, actually, who exercises Black Magic or Satanic rituals. Besides, your unpleasant experience most likely limited by hasbara, mine goes a bit higher with [… use your wild imagination …]. So…, just because you’re woman, I’ll refrain from saying what I really think about your comment.

  2. If all these super righteous opinion makers, like Michael Moore, or “acclaimed” actors like Hanks or De Niro would keep away from the false opposition and false protector of human rights such as Democrats and strive for a second path (another US political party, whichever) then something could be achieved. But of course many careers would become threatened.

  3. Libertarian Party (3rd US largest political party) – Seats in the Senate 0/100, Seats in the House 0/435, Governorship 0/50, and Green Party (4th US largest political party) – Seats in the Senate 0/100, Seats in the House 0/435, Governorship 0/50, really the numbers speak for itself, and for the Green party and the American people and their democracy.

  4. There should be a second path for voters in the USA, outside the Rep-Dem crime cabal. If green party could get a chance to at least join some of the public and tv debates that would win for the green party 5-10%, and that would be a huge base for the next elections and fundraising. But I guess such paths in USA are impossible, are probably regarded to as kumbaya parties.

  5. I have voted for Jill. Arguments for or against the other two are unconvincing and both have loathsome “backers”. I voted for write ins when faced with “none of the above” the last two presidential elections.

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