Top 5 Most Racist Countries in the World


by Johnny Punish

As human beings, we have come a long way and we have overcome a lot of great difficulties. Be it war, disease, natural calamities, man-made disasters, you name it and we have crossed it.  And our newly connected 21st century is really making a difference to close the gaps where the ignorance of racism exists.   But we are clearly not there yet.

Although there are many in international community doing their best to spread the message of love and unity and more people from different cultures are connecting like never before at speeds that are changing our world, sometimes if feels like its falls on deaf ears – rape, bigotry, murders, sexual abuse, racism, homophobia, slavery, human trafficking, and war crimes are still with us everyday.  And out of these horrible destructive endeavors, racism is something no one deserves to endure but here we are still dealing with its ignorance and ugliness.

So to shine a light and encourage discourse, I have compiled my list of the top 5 racist countries in the world.   Read it and then comment below to let me know if you agree or have other nominees.  Here goes:


(1) India

A land of so much diversity is also the most racist country in the world. Indians are the most racist people in the world and even today, a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship anyone with white skin and look down upon anyone with dark skin. And thus was born the Indian racism against Africans and other dark skinned people. A fair skinned foreigner gets treated like a god and a dark skinned one is treated very badly.Among Indians themselves too there are conflicts between castes and people from different regions like the problem between Marathi Manoos and Biharis. And yet, Indians won’t accept this fact and boast about the culture and diversity and acceptance. It is high time we open our eyes to what the situation truly is and take the saying “Athithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God) in a positive manner.


(2) Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic majority country and even then, there are many conflicts that take place there between the two sects of Shia and Sunni. There have been crimes between the two sects for ages and nothing is being done about it. Apart from that, the long war with the neighbor India is something that is known to all the world. There have been incidences of racism between Indians and Pakistanis. Apart from that, other races like Africans and Latin Americans are also discriminated against.


(3)  Russia

In Russia, a lot of Xenophobia and ‘nationalist’ feelings still prevail. Even today, Russians are racist towards the people whom they feel are not ethnically and truly Russians. Apart from that, they are racist towards Africans, Far Asians, Caucasians, Chinese etc. It culminates with hate and later develops into gross crimes against humanity. The Russian government, along with UN have tried to do their best to stop such incidences of racism but they still continue to take place in not only the remote places but also big cities.


(4) Israel

Israel has been in the midst of controversy since its’ inception in 1948.  And it has been so because of the crimes committed against the people of Palestine and the Israeli Arabs.  After the World War 2, a new state was carved out for Jewish European immigrants,  The original inhabitants of the land were forced to become refugees in their own land. Thus began the ongoing conflict between the imported peoples of Israel and the local indigenous Palestinian peoples.  Today, we clearly see the clash of what many believe is their Euro-superior tribe over the so-called ignorant uncultured local peoples.   Israel continues to struggle with treating its’ non-Jewish citizens and occupied peoples as pariahs.


(5)  United States of America

The land of the free and the land of the brave also happens to be the land of some of the most racist people in the world. Although the picture some see of USA is through a rose-tinted glass and it all seems flowers and butterflies, the actual case is quite different.

In the Deep South and Mid-West regions like Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi etc, racism is an everyday thing. Be it against Asians, Africans, South Americans or even the actual people of USA – the Native Americans. Cases of hate and hate due to color of skin are ever-increasing.

And with the rise of race baiting self-described superior genes smarter than everyone else Josef Mengele-esque superior race national politician Donald Trump and his millions of followers who openly belong to racist organizations ie… Klu Klux Klan, the covers have been lifted of he USA where racism is proudly displayed out in the open and broadcast across the international airwaves for all to see.

Honorable Mentions:   Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Rwanda, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Germany

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Check Out Johnny Punish’s latest POLITICAL record

As it relates to the USA, I have many questions.  I mean who are we really?  And what is the USA?

I mean, If one votes Trump and does NOT condemn his mocking of disabled, insulting people of color, and his confession of engaging in sexual abuse of women, can we assume one is openly a racist bigot who believes sexual abuse is acceptable?

And if America votes Trump, can we officially call USA the word’s # 1 most openly racist bigoted country who does not respect women?

Such a list shines a bright light on all of us.  It forces us to look in the mirror.   Clearly, the USA has made bold important steps forward.  We certainly do NOT support the racist institution of slavery.  So that’s a big improvement. And the civil rights laws of the 1960s really gave us an injection of equality in our system that we so desperately needed.  But now, with the rise of Trump?  Are we regressing and on our way to being labeled the # 1 racist country in the world?  What do you think?


Johnny Punish, the artist, is the founder and General Manager of VT. He is also a writer, global citizen activist, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. In business, he’s known by the name John Allen

Punish was educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1980-81) and California State University Fullerton (1981-1984) with studies in accounting and business. Before the “internets” were invented, he owned and ran (5) U.S. national newspapers.

He has over 100 original songs penned, recorded, produced and registered with ASCAP with several songs placed in feature films. His music is promoted worldwide and played on all digital networks and net radio.

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  1. When Trump attacked political correctness, it is viewed by his base that it is ok to come out and say what they really think. Thus , rampant racism is exposed in the Northeast, and since Trump took over, several politicians have lost their jobs trying to find the fringe of allowable behavior. The white Christian base has a very strong sense of entitlement to the US despite the country being acquired under the Doctrine of Discovery, which has been delegitimized by the UN. The Genocide against Native Americans continues and has been ongoing for 500 years.

  2. When Trump attacked political correctness, it is viewed by his base that it is ok to come out and say what they really think. Thus , rampant racism is exposed in the Northeast, and since Trump took over, several politicians have lost their jobs trying to find the fringe of allowable behavior. The white Christian base has a very strong sense of entitlement to the US despite the country being acquired under the Doctrine of Discovery, which has been delegitimized by the UN. The Genocide against Native Americans continues and has been ongoing for 500 years. The latest was to force Standing Rock off of treaty land by using the ACE and borrowed missile launchers from the ND guard. Oh, and dogs were used also. And freezing water cannons. And everything else they felt like training with. All against prayer ceremony.

  3. What most people don’t get is that racism fulfils a vital social function. Every ethnic, cultural and religious group strives for self-preservation. By looking down upon, i.e. being racists towards outsiders, those groups aim to prevent new generations to mix with outsiders. Apparently, that kind of behaviour is acceptable, if not desirable, when it comes to Tibetans, Aborigines and Jews, in fact to all sorts of natives, except for Whites and Palestinians.

  4. I just love it when white people, especially those who have never lived in a country as a minority, become experts on racism.

    I doubt this author has ever lived in any of the countries named, except the USA.

  5. Wow not sure how he figured this out ! Israel is number one for me we all know they control basically everything through their usury banking system. They have murdered and tortured Palestinians and have no problems with killing innocent people to get what they want..Syria, USS Liberty,911…. second place would be the USA lap dog country that barks for Israhell..we have no problems murdering innocents and imploding countries for Israel and $$$

  6. I agree with you on some of the list countries you have mentioned as racist countries. India and Pakistanis are just culturally immature and inferior countries, they just don’t understand the meaning of racism and its implication. the concept of racism just does not apply to them. they do not even like themselves as a human being . they throw their own daughters to the garbage for they do not want to pay for her wedding which is supposed to be the happiest day of the parents.

  7. Russia, more racist than Israel. Pure nonsense. Israel, the Jewish state, is home to the only group of people who generally refer to themselves as a whole, to be “gods chosen people”. All non Jews need not apply for citizenship in this state, because you are not welcome. At the UN, Zionism was once rightfully declared as a form of racism. Israel might be the only remaining “state” where much of its self proclaimed territory is officially considered to be under illegal occupation. Israel perfectly fits the description of an apartheid state. A state where an Israeli gets sentenced 18 months for ruthlessly murdering an unarmed and already wounded Palestinian civilian. A state where T shirts are sold, which depict a pregnant Arab with crosshairs on her belly, with a caption saying “One shot, two kills.” Millions of native Palestinians have been violently forced from their properties, without any mandatory reparations and with nowhere to go, and the so called “right to return” is based on how Jewish you are and if you can prove it.

    • While millions of Palestinians are violently forced from their homes and housed in the worlds largest open air prison camp, large groups of freshly converted Jews are moved in, to illegally occupy these stolen lands. Nearly every Israeli officials over the years, including politicians and famous rabbis, have clearly stated the extent of their racism. If that’s not enough, just read their Talmud. I could seriously go on for days. In my books, Israel is by far the most racist country in the world.

  8. It is as natural for a nation to protect their own as it is for people to migrate. Today’s migration is forced in an unnatural way. It is designed depopulation for several evil reasons. Africa, and the Middle East are resource rich, and much easier to conquer if less populated. Germany has been targeted for destruction for 100 years, so send the unfortunate there. Ukraine is also a target. Go figure.

  9. When you say that any one of the top four could be number one, you seem to be forgetting one little thing, not one of the others openly call themselves Gods chosen people and .having already wiped out, in Russia, China and elsewhere a couple of hundred million souls, are now attempting to add to that score.

  10. Johnny Punish should be punished for peddling lies. Pakistan is one of the LEAST racist countries in the world. Sunnis and shias are sects. Tensions between them do not count as racism. Nor do India-Pakistan tensions count as racism. Pakistan is a country made up of many ethnicities and languages and still manages to remain united. The following link proves my point

  11. As a former racist against all things that didn’t support my personal opinion, racism is an emotional feeling brought out by ignorance and intolerance. Since most of humanity have ample supplies of both its easy to postulate that no government rules laws or propaganda can change the way people feel unless empathy is introduced. I empathize with anyone who suffers from ignorance or who has suffered because of someone else s. Growing a resilience to words helps, just ask a troll. They say anything to create animosity. Trolls are nothing but seriously ignorant people starving for attention and when they say something intentionally painful to hear they don’t deserve the favor of a reply. People who just need something to hate are good racists. They need to chill.

  12. United Kingdom beats any of these on any given day. And all together combined. United Kingdom created Israel and United States and India as we know them today.

  13. 196 countries in the world and you’re arguing ISRAEL # 4 should be # 1? Hum? Clearly, we are not so far off on this opinion. Yes, I think Israel can be # 1. Maybe the TOP 5 herein should be all tied for #1?

  14. Interesting article and I think racism is a mix of many things combined like maybe jealousy, lack of intelligence-all around , common sense survival, regional norms, and it differs from country to country. I’ve lived in 2 of the countries Johnny has named and I see many differences. America’s problem is partially because the of the Governments divide and conquer of their citizens and keep everyone at each others throat so they the Gov can hide their evil ways. America should have been mostly past the ” Big Racism Program ” by now and I thought the 50s, 60s, and 70s, should have healed over by now. In the Soviet Union there was racism or more like prejudices against some of the other less educated, different cultured people/countries.. Today I see that the Russians have looked at what cultures make the worst problems in other countries { say American news} and they base their ” racism” on that – meaning – we don’t want none of those types here. Every country has different levels of “Nationalism” which I think sometimes is considered “racism” to other countries also. And human nature is a bit racist – in order to survive and keep your ” Clan” together – you have to keep other different types – out ! For the future of your own culture that you appreciate. – Like National Security LOL

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