I beat the ban in Berkeley – still censored in Sacramento

An earlier Berkeley event - before I was "banned"
An earlier Berkeley event - before I was "banned"
An earlier Berkeley event – before I was “banned”

Please spread the word about my talks in Sacramento this evening (Wednesday), and in Grass Valley tomorrow (Thursday)

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Thanks to members of the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, a large and enthusiastic crowd turned out for my talk on “Recent False Flags” yesterday. It was a triumph of free speech in the city that gave the world the Free Speech Movement.

But unlike last year’s talk (watch it here) this one wasn’t held at BFUU.

Why not? One member of the BFUU Social Justice Community, a certain Holly Harwood, demanded that my scheduled event be canceled because (she libelously claimed) I am a “Jew hater” and “homophobe.”

Not one member of the Social Justice Committee supported her.

So Holly Harwood started inundating the BFUU Board with lies and distortions about me and my books. The Board, which apparently includes some “stealth Zionists” who got themselves elected by concealing their pro-Israel loyalties, went along with her.

Harwood’s vicious vilification campaign only succeeded in increasing the turnout for my talk, which was held at Redwood Gardens instead of BFUU. But Harwood didn’t get the message. Now she has managed to censor another Berkeley free speech institution: Bonnie Faulkner’s legendary Guns and Butter radio show.

Today’s broadcast, which goes out on KPFA Berkeley and other Pacifica stations, features most of an interview Bonnie recorded with me last week. Unfortunately, after more mendacious complaints from Holly Harwood, Bonnie was apparently forced to cut the final six minutes of the interview, which features me explaining how and why I was banned at BFUU. Here is the censored “Guns and Butter” segment (please spread it far and wide so the censorship backfires):

The last place on earth I would ever expect ANY censorship of ANYTHING is Berkeley, California. And the last two places in Berkeley I would EVER expect to be censored are the Unitarian Church and the Guns and Butter radio show!

Did I fall into a black hole and emerge into a Bizarro World counter-universe where Berkeley Unitarians are authoritarians and censors, and it’s the Bible-thumping Baptists of Alabama who are at the cutting edge of free speech, free thought, and unfettered intellectual inquiry? Memo to the Association of Alabama Baptists: Please invite this “radical Muslim conspiracy theorist” to speak at your freedom-loving church!

And it gets worse. I will be speaking in Sacramento tonight, and guess who’s blocking the news? The main local leader of the 9/11 truth movement!

David Kimball, who runs Sacramento 9/11 Truth, has sponsored and/or helped publicize all of my previous talks in the area. Yet this time he wouldn’t return my repeated phone calls. Finally, weeks after I had started calling him, I got this email:

From: David Kimball <…>
To: Kevin Barrett <…>
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2016 11:42 PM
Subject: Re: Sacramento event October 26th

Hi Kevin.

I’ve received your phone messages and email, and my apologies for this late response.

In recent years I’ve continued to research 9/11 more thoroughly, and although you and I are still in agreement that the “official narrative” of 9/11 cannot be true and that the media perpetuates the Big Lie, my views about 9/11 are no longer in agreement with yours.

Please see https://sac911truth.wordpress.com/sacramento-911-truth/

Therefore, I cannot in good conscience promote your upcoming speaking event.


David R. Kimball

Sacramento 9/11 Truth


I read his article and responded:



I agree with all of what you wrote, with one exception: OF COURSE we know to a great extent who did it.

Would you refuse to promote and attend a talk by Kevin Ryan because of his book Another 19 ? Or David Ray Griffin, because he blames Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers, and PNAC?

Please let’s talk.  I have to leave in a few hours for the airport, and should be reachable while on the road via… (phone #).



No response.

What’s eating David?!

My sense is that David – who, like Holly Harwood, comes from a Jewish background – is upset that more and more people in the 9/11 truth movement have been learning and speaking out about the Israeli/Zionist role in the 9/11 coup d’etat. He sees me as one of those people. Rather than having a dialogue and discussing his concerns, he has reverted to the atavistic tribal “shun and boycott” posture.

Maybe I’m wrong. I implore David to have a dialogue with me and correct any misconceptions I may be harboring. David, please come on my radio show and let’s talk this out!

So now I have been censored and suppressed by:

*The leading free-speech-church in Berkeley;

*The best free speech radio show in America (also based in Berkeley – please note that it is not Bonnie Faulkner doing the censoring);


*The self-styled leader of the Sacramento 9/11 truth movement.

ALL of this censorship is coming from people from Jewish backgrounds who have placed themselves in positions to act as gatekeepers, and who seem to fear the exposure of a Zionist role in 9/11 and its follow-up false flags.

Please contact the people listed below and politely tell them that censorship is unacceptable. Key points:

*The only legitimate remedy for bad speech is MORE speech. Dialogue, not censorship!

*Suppressing the Muslim-majority viewpoint on Zionism and the “war on terror” is Islamophobic.



gunsandbutter at startmail dot com (note that the censorship is not Bonnie Faulkner’s fault)

David Kimball at afreedmind(at)yahoo(dot)com


and please cc all correspondence to me, Kevin Barrett, via truthjihad(at)gmail{dot}com





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  1. Keep up your good work Dr. Kevin Barrett, what I have witnessed in my life these Zios always run when faced with hard hitting facts and truth. I yet have to see ANY protocol of Zios which has not proved true. When one reads those protocols of Zio. One gets shocked how true they are in this world after 100 years in WIP (work-in-progress). They planned and are executing, but GOD has his own plans. If one looks through out centuries Zio type empires and creatures have always failed, history itself testifies it.

    Dr. Kevin, you are hitting them where it hurts them most. They will try their utmost to censor you.

  2. In these days Dr. Kevin when everything is not as it seems, rational people are inclined to look twice and generally see through the haze of deception. With the winds of change in US politics beginning to blow in earnest, the stark contrast of what is and what should be is all the more apparent.

    Soon Jewish hegemony will be on the wane and the vile, vindictive, irascible thugs who demean Jewish ‘decency’ will be exposed for what and who they are. Their pernicious influence – so called Washington ‘think-tanks’ etc., have now so conspired to rise with the US tide of Zionist/NeoCon destruction in the Middle East that even Israel is now encumbered and threatened by their Talmud-driven belligerence.

    Who else would fan the flames of a likely nuclear inferno right on Israel’s own door-step in Syria and all but ensure a violent backlash from forces beyond its control should war expand to Clinton’s dictates.

    I digress in part, but wish you well in your campaign for free speech and hope the cowl-covered cowards in future give you the recognition of their indifference at least or more poignantly, their detachment, being as they are at a far remove from reason.

  3. Harwood proved that when one goes to great lengths to disparage someone, book, movie etc, it has the opposite effect.
    When Monty Python released The Life Of Brian, there was a great hue and cry by the fundegelicals, professional moralists and every televangelist known. The result was that the movie became a hit and as John Cleese stated,” Made me a millionaire.” LOL!
    Sounds like you had a great turnout thanks to Harwood.
    Wonder how she feels now?LOL! Bet she feels burned.

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