‘Blacks for Trump?’ What’s Wrong With This Picture?



[Editor’s note: Just when we thought that Trump and his campaign couldn’t sink any lower….

Words almost fail me to describe how I feel about this incredibly cynical attempt to deceive – disgusting, disgraceful, they just don’t seem to convey the true depth of anger that the orange-faced fraud has stirred by trying to cover up how racist he and his supporters are.

Just how stupid does he think people are? Surely he didn’t think he could get away with this? Of course he did, that’s just a symptom of how egotistical and narcissistic he is.

Gordon was right, Trump supporters are a bunch of racist assholes you wouldn’t want anywhere near your kids, they are probably even worse human beings than the Trumpster himself, which is really saying something as he himself is a thoroughly disgusting creature. Ian]

‘Blacks for Trump?’ What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A photo of a white woman holding a sign saying “Blacks for Trump” went viral on Twitter Tuesday and Tweeps brought the slogan to the top world trends as they ridiculed the slogan and bashed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters.

Trump, who has almost no support among the African-American community in the U.S., held a rally in Florida Tuesday and boasted about the number of “Blacks for Trump” signs. But he forgot one thing: Most of the signs were carried by white people.


In fact, the woman holding one of the signs was standing right behind him as he was saying “I love the signs behind me.” He also mentioned how much he “liked” the pink signs saying “Women for Trump.”

An ABC poll last month showed that more than 93 percent of Black voters in the U.S. would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, while only 3 percent said they supported Trump. Meanwhile in August Public Policy Polling released a poll showing the real estate billionaire’s favorability rating among African-American voters at 0 percent.


Trump has made some of the most racist comments about the Black community in the U.S. and has come out in support of the police and their racial profiling policies such as stop-and-frisk.

In his pitch to attract Black voters last month, Trump said African Americans were “living in hell” and that they did not have anything to lose by supporting him. To make their lives better he said Black neighborhoods would need more “law and order” because some of those “places” are less safe than Afghanistan.


  1. Paedo… You criticize Ian from commenting on a picture in a rapid fire, hopping mad manner. Then you mention freedom of speech.
    Paedo… if I were to criticize Jesus unfairly, you probably would not give a flip. Yet anyone says something about Chump and the Chumpanistas get red hot. Really, is Trum your messiah after Sarah Palan?
    This is really a funny situation with signs. What would complete this better then comedy real life situation, is if men were carrying the “Women for Chump” signs.
    This is funny.

  2. No honorable American wants to deal with the cesspool that Washington has become. However, it’s going to take honorable Americans to clean it out. If we don’t, we’re on the path to the inevitable decline a la Imperial Rome.

    • If you lookup the word “honorable” you will not find Killiary or Chump. There is no honor in politics.
      It all goes back to usury.
      Ther is only slaves.

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