ISIS Takes Out M1A Abrams Tank with American TOW Missile (video)


Russian media is claiming it was one of their Kornet missiles that was used but the video shows otherwise.  This claim, stupid as it is, is telling as well.  The video, as have so many others, proves that America is resupplying ISIS with arms against Iraq.  These arms are being brought through Kurdish controlled territory, past a Turkish base and into Mosul.

Nobody pays any attention to the truth here which makes us wonder more than a bit why no one but VT writes about such things.

The US claims the Abrams M1 main battle tank was hit from behind with a 9M133 Kornet anti-tank missile at the Qurayyah crossroads south of Mosul, said the IS-affiliated Amaq news agency.  However, a Kornet is not wireguided as was the missile that hit the tank.

The footage of the incident was published on Monday. Authenticity of the video could not be immediately verified.


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  1. Looks like a US wire guided antitank missile to me. The smaller Dragon is fun because the rockets being fired to conform to the limited possible course corrections always give that Chinese New Year experience. However this looks like it is moving faster than a Dragon but slower than the current TOW. Could be just the camera angle but it looks like Kornet speed and the line orbit distance is like a Kornet. So maybe an older TOW? Definitely not a Javelin or other fire and forget with the characteristic descending from apogee. It has a line of site wire trajectory.

  2. A starting point for understanding the long-running battle between the Clintons and the far-right Neocons and Zionists would be the work of Steve Kangas, a small part of which can be found here:

    Richard Mellon Scaife was the key figure behind the attacks on the Clintons, although he is dead now, the right wing groups he founded are very much still alive and still attacking.

  3. We are repeatedly told our business in Iraq is an advisory position..15 years of training ,advising,,5475 days sheezus. Same for Afghanistan,enough is way to much. Will Americans and allied citizens ever rally against this racket that’s draining the living daylights out of us all,it’s sickening madness.

  4. Ian: She may not have anything to do with the Benghazi incident, but most for Lybia’s going down to rubble, total misery and Kadaffi’s death. Hillary is an eloquent representative of the PNAC, nations an peoples elimination, Islamic spreading refugees and an unconditional support of Israeli Palestinian genocide, worst, she would likely provoke an incident with Russia in Syria and is not mentally capable to stop the consequent Russian answer, likely WWIII. Matriarchal US might be OK but hormonal based unpredictable behaviour might risk the lives of the whole Nation.

  5. The missile is not real, look how moves up and down and even stops then goes again to strike the tank, the missile seems more like an fireball entity.

    Now compare to the other VT article of a Russian tank being strucked by a missile, that video is real.

    • The missile is believed to be a Konkurs wire guided missile of which thousands were supplied to the Middle East. There is an alternate view based on the missile track, which is typical of a newer beam riding Kornet regularly over correcting its flight path. Apart from the claim above I can’t find any comment that it was a TOW.

      As to the blast of flame from the rear, this is an intentional feature of the Abrams allowing, in the event of a hit in the rear, the munitions and fuel to explode away from the crew who are further forward with blast proof armour protecting them. That is the theory, in practice, in a situation like this, the crew would have to get out very quickly to avoid the heat killing them. US Abrams have better protection than Iraqi’s.

  6. I’m sick of telling you, Hilary had NOTHING to do with Benghazi. Are you just too stupid to grasp this or are you deliberately spreading nonsense?

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