TRUTH DIED at the Hands of Katherine Frisk


by Katherine Frisk

As of the 26th Of October ( GMT) the editors of Gaven MacFadyen’s profile chose to add this addendum to his personal profile:

Personal life

He was born in Greeley, Colorado in 1940 as Gavin Hall Galter; he eventually took on the surname of his stepfather.[13] MacFadyen lived in the Pimlico district of London with his wife, Susan Benn. He died of lung cancer in London on October 22, 2016 at the age of 76.[5]….Truth died at the hands of Katherine Frisk..

Here is a screen shot:

Screen Shot 26th October GMT
Screen Shot 26th October GMT

On the 24th of October I read about Gavin MacFadyen’s death on RT which you can read HERE, and immediately went to Wikipedia to find out more details on his life. Under his personal life this is what I found:

Personal life

MacFadyen lived in the Pimlico district of London with his wife, Susan Benn. He died at the hands of Evan McMullin, a CIA operative, after MacFayden allegedly discovered information relating to numerous scrubbed black-ops missions linked to the assassination of multiple Third World heads of state.

Here is a screen shot, which by the way, was not only witnessed by myself but many other people. I did not edit this or add or subtract anything from it. It was as you see it:

Screen Shot 24th October (GMT)
Screen Shot 24th October (GMT)

I then went in search of a person called Evan McMullin. I found a detailed biography on Esquire Magazine which you can read HERE.

I then wrote up an article about it for Veterans Today which you can read HERE.


To the editor’s of Wikipedia, a site that is considered by many to report the “facts” and to which millions go for background information on a daily basis, please note, in the article I asked the following questions:

Was he involved in MacFadyen’s death and if so what proof does anybody have that he was?

All it says is “He died at the hands of Evan McMullin.” Is Evan McMullin aware of this “fact” on Wikipedia and has he made any statements in this regard?

Did Evan McMullin kill Gavin MacFadyen as claimed? Or is this a stunt?

I would like to know which part exactly does Wikipedia think caused “the Truth to die” at my hands?


On the morning of the 26th of October, I was alerted to the fact that Gavin MacFayden’s personal profile had changed again.

This time it read:

Personal life
He was born in Greeley, Colorado in 1940 as Gavin Hall Galter; he eventually took on the surname of his stepfather. MacFadyen lived in the Pimlico district of London with his wife, Susan Benn. He died of lung cancer in London on October 22, 2016 at the age of 76.

Here is a screen shot:

Screen Shot 24th October
Screen Shot 26th October


On further examination I found another screen shot of more editing that had been done on Wikipedia on 24th of October. As you can see, it is typical of politics in the USA today where nobody misses a chance at mudslinging, disinformation, “poisoning the well,“and muddying the waters of all journalism :



I would like to ask the editors of Wikipedia: By whose hand did the truth die? Mine or your own?

Please read your own prospectus where it says:

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful

And to “lidcombe, australia with telstra“, although, no doubt, this is not who you really are, and who posted that “….Truth died at the hands of Katherine Frisk” I suggest that you remove it.

Here is a tribute to Wikileaks Director Gavin MacFadyen. The readers can make up their own minds as to who and what Gavin was.


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  1. The video stated “originally broadcast June 20, 2016. I did not see any disclosure of when it was made. MacFayden did not appear to be medically or physically impaired by “lung cancer” in this video. If he indeed did die of “lung cancer” some four months later there would likely have been some obvious signs of impairment in the video. But of course the video could have been made much earlier or he did not have lung cancer.
    From the earlier days I noticed problems with Wikipedia and try to avoid using it. Anonymous comments, often changed in seconds as Ms. Frisk showed. You can’t change statements in a Britannica Encyclopedia in a library can you? There are also authoritative names associated with most articles and editing in Britannica. Top editors and scholars such as the late Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D. would never engage in the propaganda and deceptions of deceptive Wikipedia. Do not use it; avoid it like the plague. Wikipedia is free speech at its worst.

    • The “success”, if you can call it that, of Wikipedia, derives from the basic intransigence of people. Most people are lazy. They hate to go to a research library and spend days or weeks or years digging up the truth from top authorities without axes to grind. Really high quality research involves traveling around the country to many top research libraries. Even physicists have abused their normally good reputation and used Wikipedia to promote propaganda about current questionable claims about the existence of so called “elementary particles” called quarks and others when none have ever been observed at all. Even some physicists have adopted the house of ill repute because money runs the show and none of them want to spend a lifetime on so called “research” and come up empty handed; hence they promote their prejudiced claims any way and any where they can especially if it is “free”. We live in dangerous times today. The truth is elusive and one must be eternally vigilant lest one be fooled. And as professor Richard Feynman,Ph.D. stated, “You are the easiest person to fool.” And fooling people is the goal of all propaganda. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • Thank you for that contribution. As used he does not look ill. As regards Wikipedia and Google. In the early days when using Google you got much better information that you do now. All the “accepted fluff” comes up in the first few pages. Any real research which is often available is hidden in the back and you have to spend considerable time looking for it. A lot of other research is also available but you have to pay for these sites.

  2. Not one word on this in Main Stream media except that Assange has asked the Brits to get off his back so that he can go to ” a Funeral”. The US and EU, ME, Africa are so depressing to read about these days. The Leaders and their evil followers are really into taking out those that are good in the world.

  3. I do not know how it works in the rest of the world, but in South Africa students appealed to a cell phone company to give them free access to Wikipedia so that they could do research for school and university studies. In third world countries this can have tremendous benefit making education affordable and easily accessible. Exactly what Arron Shwatz, another persecuted person was trying to achieve internationally with university papers. This kind of irresponsible spitefulness, deception and propaganda has far reaching negative effects well beyond the individuals who indulge in it. Reference sites are not “opinion pieces” where “free speech” and biased opinion has its place. As real journalism should be, which it is clearly no longer, sites like Wikipedia which are an international reference point and not restricted to Americana should be truthful, accurate and most importantly unbiased. Wikipedia is failing to do that.

    • It is called “rewriting and faking history in their favour” which goes on since the last iceage, not only by them but all those religious fanatics who use religion as excuse for their crimes as “chosen ones” or “exceptionalists”.

  4. It’s great that you nipped in the budding stage Katherine . Dead men tell no tales ,not so for the living. We know them and shall blitz them on your behalf,light worker.

  5. I noticed that particular paragraph on Wikipedia changed at least five times after its original creation. (And, no, I had no part in it..)

    As many know, Wikipedia has become just another disinformation apparatus of the Neo-Pharisees. Another hasbara operation, essentially.
    As such, I would pay little attention to it… particularly when searching for facts.

  6. its just their sick and twisted game with words you picked up and headlined for them……drop it like a hot rock….response TRUTH NEVER DIES

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