Iraqi Army: US Hindering Advance on Mosul

 Army: US Hindering Iraqi Forces' Advance in Mosul
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi army blasted the US for troubling its Mosul liberation operation through electronic jamming to disrupt the communication among various army units.

“The US army troops have disrupted communication among Iraqi forces participating in the Mosul liberation operation,” the Iraqi army reported.

Iraq’s joint military forces, including the Hash Al-Shaabi (popular forces), started their military operation in Western Mosul on Saturday to recapture Tal Afar and also prevent terrorists from fleeing to Syria.

The Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, meantime, confirmed that the advances of the Iraqi volunteer forces to the West of the city of Mosul has foiled the US plot to help the ISIL terrorists to flee to Syria.

“Hashd al-Shaabi’s efforts in the biggest military operation in Mosul city blocked the US aid to senior ISIL commanders’ escape to Syria from the Western part of Mosul city.

The parliamentary committee underlined that Washington intended to repeat the Fallujah scenario and help the ISIL commanders to escape to Syria.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, the first units of the Iraqi army entered the strategic al-Karama region Southeastern Mosul.

Al-Karama is the first region of Mosul city that the Iraqi army has entered after the city fell to the ISIL terrorists in July 2014.

Earlier on Monday, Iraq’s joint military forces kicked off a new round of military operations from three directions towards the Eastern parts of Mosul after seizing control over a vast swathe of land in the surrounding areas of the city in Nineveh province.

“The Iraqi forces started moving towards the Eastern bank of the Tigris river near Mosul city,” the Arabic-language media reported.

The military operation towards the Eastern part of Mosul started on the 15th day of the Mosul liberation operation.

Meantime, the Iraqi sources disclosed that the ISIL has laid mines and stationed snipers on the Eastern bank of the Tigris river.

On Sunday, Spokesman of the Iraqi Volunteer Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) Ahmad al-Assadi announced that the country’s joint military forces had seized back tens of villages since the start of the Mosul liberation operation about two weeks ago.

“Iraq’s joint military forces have seized back 100 villages from the ISIL on the West of the city of Mosul,” al-Assadi said.

He noted that a sum of 20 bomb-laden vehicles of the ISIL have also been destroyed to the West of Mosul over the past 12 days.

Also on Sunday, local sources said ISIL has broadly planted bombs in toys and other attractive objects for children and civilians in areas they leave as Iraqi joint forces continue their advances in the military operations to liberate Mosul from the terror group grip.

“ISIL used toys because they know the Peshmerga will not touch it, but children will,” said Colonel Nawzad Kamil Hassan, an engineer who says his unit has cleared more than 50 tons of explosives from areas once controlled by the militants.

In the areas where ISIL rules for, the group has attempted to plant bomb before its retreat. A toy, a playing card and an abandoned watch are all detonators designed to spark the acquisitive curiosity of a returning civilian, who would be maimed or murdered by the explosion.


  1. I am ashamed of America. It’s government is a rogue lawless gang that destroys everything in its path including the rights of others. The people most of whom are either asleep or totally brainwashed no nothing of the truth. They accept everything Washington tells them through its propaganda outlets, the main stream media.
    Washington will set the world aflame and blame others for it. Washington is no more respecter of human rights than any other dictatorship. It is cruel to humanity and even the people of America. It is without moral compass, fiscal responsibility nor humanity. It has become a monstrous machine hellbent on destroying everything in its path. It is run by people of great evil and wicked narcissism. It exists only for itself and none other. It has become a cancer on all of humanity.
    There is nothing positive about what is passed off as a democratic government in Washington. The negative energy emanating from that ten square mile cesspool is a blackness that threatens to engulf the world in war.

  2. In other news I read – 300 Ameri-Isis that have died in/around Mosul were – Child Soldiers. America has stooped to a new low if its verified.

  3. The US: only nation in History that bombs her allies , supports her enemies.and hides the truth to her own citizens.

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