Trump is Israel’s puppet – Netanyahu is the puppet master



[Editor’s note: As we have been saying for months now, Trump is a puppet of Israel, or rather of the Judeo-Zionist crime cabal that runs Israel via Netanyahu and the Likud party. Here is solid proof that what we have been saying is correct, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Ian]


Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Netanyahu interfering in US election, Israel’s opposition leader says

Israel’s opposition leader Isaac Herzog accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or his associates of interfering in the U.S. election.

“In the past, we saw serious information stating that Israeli leaders tried to intervene and influence the results of the elections [in the United States], and the citizens of Israel paid the high price,” Herzog said. “Recently, we saw again information on Israeli leaders’ intervention in elections through people close to them across the sea.”

Herzog made the comments on Monday at a meeting of the opposition Zionist Union faction.

“I call on Netanyahu to instruct those close to him to make sure no damage is done,” Herzog said without naming anyone he suspects. “His silence about the actions of those allies is dangerous and destructive.”

Prior to Herzog’s comments, also Monday, Netanyahu said during a Likud party faction meeting that the Israel-U.S. relationship will remain strong no matter who wins Tuesday’s election, echoing statements he made Sunday to his Cabinet.

“Whatever the result, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. will remain strong and steadfast,” Netanyahu said.

“These relations are based first of all on shared values of liberty, democracy and progress. When looking at the region around us, we understand how unique these values are.

“I’ll repeat what I said in Congress last year: Israel has no better friend than the U.S. and the U.S. has no better friend than Israel,” Netanyahu concluded.

Israel’s Channel 10 reported Sunday evening that Netanyahu has ordered his Cabinet members not to comment publicly on Tuesday’s election.

Netanyahu met with both candidates when he was in New York in September for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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  1. The news media of the “Western World,” over 90% owned and controlled by the elite constituency of Judaism, supported Hitlary Clinton for USPresident. The same news media defamed – even demonized – Donald Trump. Netanyahu and other elite Jews living in the 1948 land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”, and in various locations of the “Western World” had no need to voice an opinion. Judaism´s media exemplified their opinion.

    The election of Donald Trump did not void the influence on the USA and world governments by the evil, insidious conglomerate of evil-doers, who have major offices in London, Wash. D.C., Tel Aviv, Berlin, Houston, Orlando and Miami. If Trump lives to exercise the office of President of the United States of America, any favorable changes to the current subversion of the USA remain to be seen.

    • You obviously haven’t read any of the 5 articles Gordon and I wrote in the last 10 days on this subject. The Zionists are fully behind Trump and have been his entire adult life, he is their creation, Roy Cohn modelled him into a Golem then Rudy Giuliani took over as Trump’s handler. Well done US, you just went and elected the people who brought your economy down, destroyed your industry, were behind 9-11 and the War on Terror, created the DHS, militarised your police and made you the international pariahs your are today.

  2. I think the entire VT audience agrees that US politics should be free of Israeli influence and are against Zionist plans. We are all agreed on that, yes?

    But which candidate is most likely to be influenced by Jewish interests? That is still not clear to me. And I think reasonable people can disagree.

    Ian and Gordon say it’s Trump. This piece being an example. But the statements in this article are hardly proof. For all we know it could be Hillary. The worst I see about Trump is that his PAC got some money from Adelson. Wikileaks and the FBI going after Clinton to support Trump and Israel? Conjecture.

    What I do know is Trump is the anti-establishment candidate. And Hillary is the establishment candidate with a proven track record of war. That’s enough for me.

  3. Okay — I can understand there are politics involved with the recent uptick in clearly-partisan candidate support, by some of the principals at VT, as the election cycle draws nearer. I’m sure you have some funding source(es) with a dog in the race… You likely need to pay them some “homage”. Fine.. I’m okay with that.

    But when it devolves into multiple VT writers hurling vitriolic insults (some consisting of ENTIRELY NONSENSICAL and divisive “newspeak” terms conjured and incessantly utilized by those same so-called “Zionists” you decry) either at select commenters, or at a broad section of them and your general readership, then YOU LOSE, by default.

    And we all lose.

    Because then you are acting precisely like those you claim must be brought to justice. And, as such, how are we to believe that you (or yours) would be ANY BETTER for this Republic, should you/we [collectively] be effective in regaining the sovereignty of it, by removing those usurpers?

    I see at least one commenter who has also adopted these regrettable, divisive tactics. Any wonder the West is all but done?

    For a site where writers regularly toss around the term “limited hangout” and “controlled opposition”, I’m sure many readers see some irony… and are probably a tad suspicious, too, I would guess.

    • One other note…

      So, it’s the “Zionists” — not “Jews” in general — that are responsible for the subversion and infiltration of Western governments? This seems to be what you Mr. Duff fervently posit of late.

      Okay… Zionism is an ideology and a movement with the stated intent being to promote the advancement and establishment of a Jewish state; a Jewish homeland. Correct?

      Well, the “Jews” got that “Jewish state” in 1948, as I recall…

      So, logically, what would be the point of them infiltrating and subverting Western governments — and in particular, the U.S. government — at any point after 1948, if the STATED GOAL of the Zionist movement had ALREADY been achieved??? That was 68 years ago! And, for that matter, how would it have EVER been beneficial to act in such a malignant manner in the pursuit of this supposedly “noble” goal. Not a very good way to make friends, is it? And it makes no sense. So why?

      Because it’s a lie. Zionism is just another mask they hide behind. The REAL goal: Pax Judaica — in their own words. (And there ARE a *few* honest Jews who will admit this.) Judaic hegemony over all of humankind… a World government, run from the [false, stolen] state of “Israel”.

      Seen how they treat Palestinians? Ever wonder how those 70 million or so good Russians felt being slaughtered by Schiff & Bronstein’s Kosher Krew? **Those were just previews for the rest of us.**

    • You’re sadly misinformed I’m afraid. Zionism isn’t about creating a Jewish homeland, that is the publicly stated aim, but the truth is it’s a millenias old agenda for world hegemony. Israel is not a Jewish state, never has been, it is a Zionist one, the Balfour Declaration was made to Lord Rothschild who represented the Zionist International. Go read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it lays out their agenda for global hegemony. Most Jews are completely ignorant of this true agenda as the Zionists have lied to their fellow Jews for millenia. Lumping all Jews together as being part of this is silly, akin to saying all Italians are mafioso criminals or all Americans are moronic snake handling Christian extremists with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other. Just because some are, it’s still wrong to tar the whole with the same brush.

    • Well, I got a very good chuckle out of your reply, Mr. Greenhalgh. Thanks. And, yes, I’m quite familiar with the Balfour Declaration, The Protocols, etc… And those change nothing of what I said.

      Benjamin Freedman would no doubt have been amused by your statements as well. I can also think of several prominent Jews & “ex-Jews”, that are still with us today, that would certainlytake issue with it.

      “Israel is not a Jewish state, never has been, it is a Zionist one…”
      Now, THAT was the best laugh I’ve had all week. Thanks.


  4. Israel’s “territorial fragility” is the holy cow of US politics and elections. Nothing really quite like it, except maybe the US establishment’s über nervous reaction to the Scottish referendum (another useful territory in the north atlantic “alliance”). Maybe that’s why the Institute for war Kagan’s and other warhawks are scared shitless of Crimean referendum. Can you imagine that Palestinians have a referendum?

  5. The above article acknowledges what Gordon, Ian & others have been saying for months.

    Although Duff may have been a bit harsh in saying it, those who cannot see this are “too stupid to live.”

    • In the U.S. (except at VT), we do not see anything about Bibi & Co. trying to rig the election for Trump.

      Infiltrating the U.S. & U.S. intel agencies has been a longtime goal of Bibi, Rotten-Child & Co. Success!

      NSA is now sharing RAW data with Israel, and the FBI is “Trumplandia.” Need I say more?

      Trump even acts as if he will be independent. Not! A weak guy, incompetent & controllable.

      Hillary is bad (but competent). Trump is incompetent & controllable — Bibi’s perfect choice.

      Alex Jones & other Alt. Media are long-time Ops. Saved for 2016. Do you yet see it?

    • To add Breitbart News was created in Israel by A.Breitbart, Solov and Netanyahu.
      Breitbart News are biggest anti-Hillary critics at the same time 100% pro Trump. Even Fox News uses Breitbart as a source of information.

      And Wikileaks is a joint CIA and Mossad operation and Netanyahu is the head of Mossad.

      Trump is campaigning in Israel and has opened three campaign offices there more campaign offices then Trump has in many US states and to campaign in foreign country s also illegal.

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