Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump



Dear Mr. Trump,

First, let me congratulate you on your election and I have to admit, for a non-politician, you did a hell of job understanding and speaking the language of Main Street America, which sad to say, has been neglected by America’s political elite, Democrats and Republicans alike.

I am one of the millions who did not vote for you. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, not because he was a “socialist” or as some called him “Communist”, but because he has almost the same message to Main Street you had. Perhaps he was more eloquent, but nevertheless, he spoke in defense of the hundreds of millions of disfranchised voters. You, Mr. Trump, spoke of the collusion between Washington and Wall Street, a rigged system in favor of the rich and powerful, definitely against Main Street.

I did not vote for you because I felt that you attempted to disfranchise me as a Muslim-American. You offended me without knowing that I am a loyal citizen, who served in our army with four other brothers who served in the US Army and Marine Corps.

You lumped us in as disloyal citizens, when in fact, millions of us made America our choice; and we are loyal Americans who care about the safety and security of our country, of our cities and our neighborhoods, as you do. Some of us, as veterans, signed up to be in the first line of defense against terrorism.


Muslim-Americans are just like all segments of American society. We are loyal Americans, and law-abiding citizens, with higher than average education; we are hard working and, for the most part, do not depend on government handouts, but on our hard work.

We also share the same American values like our neighbors, our colleagues at work and our fellows at the health club. I think you were unfair to “us” as a group of citizens.

I did not vote for you because I was not convinced of your message and promise to bring back jobs to America, when in fact in all your years as a businessman, you did not invest in any manufacturing jobs to keep Main Street America working.

Rather you invested in casinos, which as you should know, never will assist a neglected city toward economic recovery; rather casinos only fleece the poor people who think they can beat the house and win the jackpot — they never do. Just look at Gary, Detroit or Atlantic City.

I did not vote for you because you did not offer a better health care plan for America that keeps the price charged by private insurers down and making it a universal coverage where everyone irrespective of income or state of health can have health care, pay for it, and need not chose between paying the mortgage or paying the medical bills, or deciding to split after 50 years of marriage to pay for catastrophic illness.

I want to tell you as a retired person, I had to buy supplemental health insurance. I purchased a policy through AARP from UnitedHealth and I was paying $258/month, only to find out that UnitedHealth CEO makes $60.5 a year. This means it will take me 19,500 years just to pay his annual salary. I don’t mind if CEOs make millions in salaries, but we all know when there is something wrong.

wall street bull

Sorry to say that you did not mention or speak of the millions of people who lost their homes, their jobs, their pensions, and their life saving during the 2008 financial crisis.

While our government bailed out the banks, the banks never bailed out the very people who lost everything. Our neo-liberal economy and financial system and in your own words are “rigged” and we hope you can fix it.

It is unconscionable for the poor, besides being poor to pay extra for everything from car loans to mortgage loan to health insurance or attend poor schools, just because they live in certain zip codes. As someone who employs thousands of these hard working people, you should do something about it.

America needs a sense of justice and fairness, so that whether we are rich or poor or whether you live in an upper scale or poorer zip code are not discriminated against by a ‘rigged’ system because you are poor.

Communities helping communities
Communities helping communities

You also spoke of taking care of Veterans, and we hope you will do that because Veterans, after all, served their country, faced death, are not cowards or lazy to work. All those who maintained aircraft carriers, submarines, tanks, fighter jets, maintained and operated motor pools or were part of logistics or communication or engineering units knew their stuff; and they are well-qualified to not only maintain but also to manufacture the necessary tools they worked on while in military service.

That is why the Veterans Housing & Education Foundation, a not for profit 501-C-3 organization looks forward to your support and the support of your administration to help us empower Veterans through education and through housing, and more important, through manufacturing jobs and operating technical and vocational schools.

We have big plans to reinvent cities and towns in the Rust Belt, setting up comprehensive “Veterans Villages” where veterans will live and work, and their children will go to school. The veterans will have clinics and rehabilitation centers. The veterans will run and operate the kind of manufacturing jobs you talked about. I do not mean minimum wage jobs, but highly skilled manufacturing jobs, producing goods and services that US military contractors can buy and use, and US consumers will give preference to. We know they will prefer them, if they know “Veterans” make the products.

At the Veterans Housing & Education Foundation, we plan to cooperate and invite countries like Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries, whose economies have proved that highly paid manufacturing jobs do not need to be exported to China or Mexico. We will partner with them in setting up vocational and apprentice schools for Veterans, to have a choice between a minimum wage job or a highly paid, skilled job — providing training for developing manufacturing skills and retooling the skills of hundreds of thousands of people who lost their jobs and whom our government neglected to do something about for over 30 years.

We think that we can make a difference in revitalizing towns and cities in the Midwest and in states like North and South Carolina that saw the loss of many manufacturing jobs. Our Veterans have the skills and the talents and the discipline.

The kind of jobs and skills they did to perfection in the military, certainly they can do that in civilian life. We only need you and your administration to be on our side. We will revitalize towns like Detroit, Toledo, Youngstown, Allentown, St. Lewis, Milwaukee and many of the towns and cities that fell into a hard time. You talk about rebuilding the infrastructure; you have a ready, skilled labor force to do just that.


There are millions of us, and we are ready to go to work, just like we did when we were in the military, bringing dedication, hard work and skills; all that is needed is the opportunity to get fully engaged to provide the honorable life for us and our families.

Our objective is to empower all Veterans through educational partnership, securing at least one scholarship from each junior college or university campus; raising enough money through trust funds to help with interest-free down payments for 5 years; and setting up maintenance and operation companies that can serve large communities working with developers to create opportunities for Veterans that will also have good return on investment, also to run and operate Veterans owned VA clinics and rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

In conclusion, I hope you are right — that you will be the president of all of the people, irrespective of race, color, faith or national origin; and that you will keep your commitments to Main Street through the appointment of executives outside Wall Street. I am sure America has many competent people outside the power corridor of Washington-to-Boston. America needs fresh faces, with new innovative ideas, not recycling of old faces and talents from inner circles.

I wish you good luck. It may not be an easy task to heal the many wounds left as a result of this election, and you need to allay the fears of many people like me, and the millions of immigrants who need to know what is the next step. You must treat these people with respect and dignity, as they are not thieves and rapists and terrorists, but people who fell on a hard time and have lost hope, although they came to America seeking a better life.

I hope that the “immigration issue” will be handled with the moral standard America holds — with fairness, dignity for all and rising above hateful politics.

Good luck Mr. Trump.

Very respectfully yours,

Sami Jamil Jadallah, Founder & Executive Director, Veterans Housing & Education Foundation
and US-Army 66-68

Fairfax, VA
9 November 2016


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Sami Jamil Jadallah

Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh (presently under Israeli Military and Settlers Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62.

After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army (66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers were in US military service about the same time (Nabil-Army), (Lutfi-Marines), (Sam-Army) and (Taiseer-Marines) with two nephews presently with US Army.

Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Jurist Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU, was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several businesses in technology and services.

His articles are also featured on, and Ramallah Online.

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  1. Sami: I write letters too. About 17 years ago my wife was nearly killed not from breast cancer but treatment. I proved it. All approved cancer treatments are life threatening. Chemo is like a machine gun going off inside the body. Good and bad cells alike are killed. It especially effects cells in the digestive tract. After one round of chemo in Athens, under a protocol designed by doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, my wife had a temperature of 105 and horrible abdominal pain. It took about 20 hours for an ER doctor to discover her colon was dying. She did not have colon cancer. She had to have an emergency illeostomy; part of her colon was removed. She was on a ventilator 11 days in a vegetative state. Her local doctor lied about it and sought to blame it on the wrong causes. I found a book, “The Cancer Industry” by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. published 17 years earlier which described exactly what happened to her. The Chemo made a literal hole in her colon which allowed dangerous bacteria Clostridium Septicum, normally in the bowel but actually found in her, to enter her blood stream. Most people die in 24 hours. She was a lucky one. Even her doctors in Houston admitted this is what happened. I did not want to sue anyone; all I wanted from her doctors was the truth. If she had died they would have said, “sorry we did our best”. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph. D., Physics

    • The above experience was the impetus for my study of the failed war on cancer. Between about $100 billion and $1 trillion has been squandered on this failed so called “war on cancer” since 1971. But your doctor can’t even tell you what cancer is let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body. All approved “treatments” are life threatening. So, if a cancer patient dies while under treatment they could have died either from the cancer or treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer to protect the doctors and pharmaceutical companies from criminal charges. The only way to prove the cause of death is from an objective autopsy by a top pathology laboratory which is almost never done also as a gift to the doctors and drug companies engaged in this massive fraud on Americans. About one person dies every minute either from cancer treatment or both. Isn’t it time to fire all those involved in this dismal medical failure and dismal medical scam of our time? I have written hundreds of letters about all this but almost never even receive a reply. Government agencies do not like to admit they have dismally failed. The continue to do the same wrong things over and over and over again. The Cancer Generals are guilty of scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity and should all be sitting in a jail cell for life beginning with Nobel Prize winner and former MKSCC President Harold Varmus.

    • I sent Dr. Varmus not just one, but two copies of the same letter on this subject. I can prove he received them because his secretary acknowledged that fact. Not a peep out of this Nobel Prize winning “expert” though. What kind of medical doctor or “researcher” is this? The failed war on cancer is the biggest medical failure of our time and the biggest medical scam of our time. This is all a totally unnecessary shameful disgrace to Science, America and the world.

  2. On the refugees. All wars and we should know since our country has been at war for most of our adult life, war does create war refugees. On Muslim workers in Germany and France, Belgium, Holland, and other countries. As someone who lived in Germany, Switzerland, and Morocco for many years and who did business from Helsinki to Dublin to Paris and Madrid, I should know. In Germany, Turkish laborers were invited to rebuild Germany, most came from the countryside, poor, and almost illiterate, same with North Africans invited by French-speaking countries to work in factories and rebuild, they too came from the poor countryside with hardly any education. Well, having lived all these years, and with children and grandchildren who never lived in their home countries and who, I know, were housed in the suburbs way from the “Native” in Ghettos with poor schools, and police services and with open discrimination, of course, many of the young become petty criminals, drug pushers and these were the targets of ISIS. Don’t expect to throw out people we invited simply because we are done with them. This is not us, this is not America. Many Italians and Germans and Portugees and Irish came to America because of needs and to escape poverty, don’t ask them to leave now that Europe is doing better. This is not us.

    • I was just going to say. In my understanding the migrant workers came, or could come, because they were willing to work for low wages. But I do not know much about the detailed history of this, neither do I have an exact time table in my head, nor whether they were invited or not. But clearly the laws were such that this was possible. I am only speaking from memory and recalled impressions. Also, this is something that must have occurred all over Western Europe, beginning sometime in the sixties I’d say. But before that I think the first waves came from former colonies, to the countries that had colonies before the war. Please add details or correct me if you have better data.

  3. First of all want to thank all of you who shared your comments and addressed the issues that are of importance to our country. And I want to briefly address two issues. The Quran/Islamophobia and the Muslim refugees. First the hostility for the Quran and Muslims is also supported, incited and generously funded by Israeli-First American Jewish Zionists and some Evangelical Christians with more than $100 million to promote the likes of Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, and Pamela Geller and if one visit the sites, you can read the venous hate and insults and defamation with armies of paid “Hasbara”.

  4. This is an outstanding and well written letter by Sami, one of the top VT writers if not the top. Another election gone by. It is hard to blame the ordinary American because no one person sets the rules of the game. A lot of hot air and usual likely meaningless promises by Trump. But after all, he is not a dictator thank goodness. However he provided a vision and that is what most Americans likely voted for. Look you can’t continue to allow all these immigrants here without, at minimum, checking every one for horrible diseases brought into the country. Antibiotics are strained as it is with all the illicit sex, aids and other diseases the politically correct Hollywood Pervert culture does not want to talk about. I doubt any wall with Mexico will ever be built. He likely knows all the sordid details of 9/11 but do not expect any miracles there. Where is the money coming from to fix the infrastructure? Some of it is going to Israel. As we gave Obama a chance we must give trump a chance too. But don’t get your hopes up yet. Thanks Sami for a great letter. I hope it gets to Trump. However we must give him credit for just getting elected against all odds. At least we do not have more of Hillary and Slick the modern day Bonnie and Clyde bank robbery team.

  5. This is well-written, and I hear the sincerity. I don’t entirely agree, but I can respect the author’s intentions.

    • Salam and greetings to everyone and thank you for your feedback. President-Elect Trump when he will see first hand our broken down towns, our broken down infrastructure, our run-down schools, and hospitals and if he is true to his commitments which carried him to the White House will concentrate on those issues that elected him, certainly Islamophobia which is generously funded by Israeli/American Zionists will not go away, but Mr. Trump will have very serious issues more important than banning Muslims or deporting over 11 million illegal immigrants. He needs to put his time where the people issues are jobs, jobs, jobs, and for Veterans the needs to empower millions who are highly skilled, discilplined, committed who will and should play a major role in rebuilding the infrastructure and rebuild inner cities neglected by American’s elite, and this will be our rallying flag. Join us and work with us to make a difference in this country. It is not enough to sit back and complain do something, get involved, and forget the obsession with the Quran or the Sharia. If Christians and Jews with their powers in the US could not make a dent in “secular laws” such as Roe v Wade, how can a hapless Muslim community implement Sharia? It is all scare tactics.

  6. Anybody who seriously believes Trump is going to accomplish all those things needs to go to the back of the class. He will do nothing until he is told unless he wants to end up like JFK. Get it?
    The Owners will very soon now,be paying him a visit. They will sit him down and slide a DVD into the player and he will watch the scene where JFK gets his head blown off. “Any questions?” They will ask. “Do as you are told and when we tell you and you will make it through your four years and that’s all you will have.”
    Americans can be so easily taken in by just about any carney barker. Just take a look at the millions taken in by the religious charlatans and frauds especially those spewing Armageddon and Rapture.
    You got a gangster in the White House now you’re going to have to live with it.
    As for me, my conscience will be clear.
    BTW, I didn’t support Hillary either.

  7. Leno, if these are the priorities of President Elect Trump then he will not have time to do the things he promised to do. Rebuild our broken infrastructure, rebuilding factories, creating jobs at him, fix our government that are his priorities building not destroying this is what the people who voted for him want.

    • You sound Pavlovian. The change that is occurring is global, Trump is nothing more than a figurehead for it. Nationalism is going to be the concrete that keeps the nations of the world sane, by their own standards, and separate. The old guard is mummified, defunct, obsolete. To build often times requires destruction.

  8. Trump Revolution, Build that Wall, Drain that Swamp, Repeal Omama Care, InfoWars destroys VT, Kill Radical Islamic Terrorists, Peace with Russia & China, Jobs x 3, Hang Government Treasonists, Media Libal & Slander = Jail & Fine. Replace Voting System.

    • Yeah, right. He’s going to do all those things. Donald Trump, schooled by organized crime figures Mayer Lansky and Roy Cohn. Hope you don’t end up regretting voting for this con man.

    • Leno.. no, I did not perceive your note as offensive, in fact, I never deleted any response from anyone. I am sorry my apologies I did not edit or delete your response and I did not find offensive at all.

  9. DCJ thank you. I can assure I have a “pair” and as former military and worked in the steel mill I am used to foul language and I don’t get offended easily but I was offended by candidate Trump. Not sure if Mr.Khan have great deal for the Constitution and did not use The Quran, and what if he did. Others use the Bible and the Torah and no one find it offensive. Trump is president elect and he will be our nation president and yes we expect him as he stated this morning he will represent all Americans and I hope that all of us get over our division and unité to fix what ails this nation. Don’t understand what is your problem with the letter do you find it offensive to you. All the best

  10. Sami, you might also want to look at how Hillary rolled out the deceased Muslim-American soldier for her benefit. Having his father rant on while truly standing not for the Constitution and Bill of Rights but the Koran. Yet another Clinton campaign prop.

    Trump doesn’t stick to teleprompters for his speeches and will say things off the cuff. For a person who was in the military, you sure do have thin skin. If you can’t handle some foul language or a little hazing, you need to reach down and make sure you still have a pair.

    Enough with the butt hurt. Trump’s not out to get Muslims, gays, colored people (being facetious and sarcastic) and women. If that’s your opinion, I suggest to detune from the mainstream media.

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