Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the Anti-Bush (But It’s All a Con Game)

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (except that superficially they LOOK like total opposites)
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (except that superficially they LOOK like total opposites)
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (except that superficially they LOOK like total opposites)

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Remember that illusory “hope and change thing” from 2008?

Tens of millions fell for it. Obama looked SO different from Bush. So we assumed his policies would be different.

Bad assumption. And now, eight years later, many of us are making the same mistake.

Trump looks SO different from Obama, who comes across as a sensitive, educated, literate, liberal, wishy-washy, black, globalist anti-racist. Trump embodies the precise opposite of all these qualities: He is an ultra-assertive insensitive racist nativist nationalist boor who has never finished a serious book in his life.

I wrote most of the first edition of this book BEFORE the 2008 election – and called the entire Obama presidency right. Now, in this article, I'm calling the Trump presidency...before it has even started.
I wrote most of the first edition of this book BEFORE the 2008 election – and called the entire Obama presidency right. Now, in this article, I’m calling the Trump presidency…before it has even started. (Hope I’m wrong.)

Such differences are purely superficial, designed to hypnotize us into imagining that we are living in a democracy. In reality, presidents are just front men for the global elite and the powerful interests they represent. Their job is to provide a change of scenery so that business-as-usual can continue unmolested by plebs seeking a bigger slice of the pie. To create a really enthralling change of scenery, something to utterly hypnotize the masses and distract them from the actual dire situation, the DIPS (Dominant Inbred Psychopaths) have learned to bring on a front man who seemingly offers the greatest possible contrast with the previous front man.

Hillary didn’t offer enough contrast with Obama; her real function was to play the foil for the rise of Trump. Like Obama, she’s liberal, educated, literate, a little too smooth, and basically a compromiser who identifies with the left wing of the power elite and shares its globalist ideals. And just as Obama was the first black president, Hillary would have been the first woman president. Symbolically as well as in actuality, a Hillary presidency would have been another Obama presidency. That would have driven the Obama-haters nuts. They had to be thrown a bone, just as the Bush-haters were thrown a bone with the coronation of Obama in 2008.

Some criticize Trump for his lack of political experience. But the truth is that Trump’s background provides perfect preparation for the presidency: He is a lifelong front-man for organized crime. Trump got his job in the  Meyer Lansky mob through his mentor, Roy Cohn. Fronting for organized crime, and fronting for the government of the United States, is pretty much the same thing these days. Trump has got plenty of the only kind of experience that really counts.

But experienced or not, Trump (like Obama, and Bush before him) is being set up to fail. The truth is that America is becoming increasingly ungovernable, and nobody will be able to change that – at least not for a very long time. The USA’s national identity, and its citizens’ governability, is predicated on endless rapid economic growth with benefits enjoyed by all, or at least most. But the era of rapid American economic growth is over, and such new wealth as is being created is hogged by the top .01%. Ordinary people are facing life sentences of permanent stagnation or worse, and their children’s lot will be even worse than theirs.

These are structural problems that cannot be solved by anything short of revolution – not the illusory revolution offered as a marketing slogan, along with cosmetic reforms, by the likes of Bernie Sanders, but real revolution. (And/or the breakout of “free energy” technologies.)

As the BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares explains, the era of the politics of hope (predicated on endless economic growth and equitably shared benefits) has been eclipsed in the post-9/11 era by the politics of fear.

Bush-Cheney inaugurated the fear era with a satanic public ceremony: The human sacrifice of 3,000 people on 9/11/01. When people started catching on, PRESTO-CHANGE-O they wheeled out Obama, the anti-Bush, to distract, hypnotize and stupefy the anti-Bush crowd. Now people have caught on that the 2008 recession never ended and will never end (at least not for ordinary folks) so the illusion of another massive change is necessary. Bring on Trump, the ultimate distraction, to mollify the Obama-haters!

Trump’s superficial anti-globalist anti-New-World-Order facade is going to be set up to take the blame for the bad stuff that’s coming. The globalists will say: See, we told you that Trump and his nationalist nativism would be a disaster! Then they’ll wheel out the anti-Trump, whether in 2020 or 2024, who will be totally pro-globalist, maybe outright pro-world-government, and who will offer the greatest possible superficial and meaningless contrast with Trump himself, who will be even more loathed then than he is now.

The whole time, business-as-usual will continue, perhaps interrupted by one or more spectacular false flags to keep the fear level raised to orange.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure this stuff out. It’s all right there in front of anyone with eyes to see.



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  1. Trump has been associated with Jewish mafia and other criminal Jews all of his life, as evidenced by this link:

    Numerous wealthy persons, listed above, were convicted of criminal acts and imprisoned. However, Trump does not have a criminal history. Nor does Trump have more than one hundred questionable deaths of close associates trailing behind him, as has Hilary Clinton.

    The fact that the 96% Jewish-controlled media of the U.S. and Europe supported Hilary Clinton while demonizing Donald Trump – and continues to demean Donald Trump on 12 Nov 2016 – clearly indicates Hilary Clinton – NOT Trump – to be the choice of the criminal elite of Judaism for the U.S. Presidency.

  2. Trump is a business mogul. He can twist commerce laws on their backside and walk away with an impeccable portfolio after losing millions on a bad real estate deal. What lemming Republican wouldn’t glom unto a piece of that when trying to make money buying things with the US taxpayer money? I thought they could get over his over the top rants, and I was right. Politically correct isn’t kosher any more. Sleeping with prostitutes is OK now. Lying is a social norm and always has been. Ryan proved that by accepting his bid as President one day after Trumps racist rant condemning Mexicans as criminals. He never mentions the Arabs, or jews. I think its because they don’t live in America, they exist on another planet.

  3. “In reality, presidents are just front men for the global elite and the powerful interests they represent.” – KB

    Indeed, which is why I hardly got excited over this election – my only disappointment was to see only about 5%* of the vote go to third party candidates. So 19 out of 20 who bothered to vote are still under the control of mass media brainwashing.

    *Assuming that is accurate reflection of how people actually voted, when of course it may not be.

  4. The real soft coup was when the US NEO’s, Israel and Saudi’s put the Oded Yinon plan into the US Pentagon, which Gen Clark referred to as “a plan to attack 7 countries in 5 years”,(referring to just after 9/11).

    We (and our President) were distracted by the Bill infidelity show being outed when what is a war crime plan was installed. It needed a “unifying event” a “Pearl Harbor event”, to make war crimes into defense or retaliation….so 9/11 was manufactured, complete with demolition, remote control planes and a MASSIVE propaganda campaign to begin that “war on terror” and to put new life in the Arab spring…aka Oded Yinon.

    Watch this video at the 7;45 mark and then tell me that Hillary was not involved directly with the people who did 9/11..and that she helped them to extort her hubby, the President. She should be held responsible for treason and murder.

  5. Yea I stumped for Chump but I let them know that I knew and never stopped letting them know that I wouldn’t be if he was running against anything that bore even the faintest semblance of being human. Consequently I think everyone was pretty honest with me. Nobody ever told me he was going to change a dam thing Dr. Barrett, only that they could control him and keep him from starting WW III, unlike Lilliths stand in there in the purple Grandpa Munster suit replete with purple ties for her male entourage…and congratulations for making the Nexus mail out Dr. Barrett…

    • I noticed the purple right away too. What was that supposed to signify? Time will tell what this will bring, keeping fingers crossed and eyes open.

    • Jack Heart’s characterization of Clinton is true in spirit, if not in pedantic fact.

      So why are some who should be in the know singing the praises of Clinton? Does Duff know something he cannot tell us?

  6. 9/11 and the fraudulent wars that followed were a wake up call for America. People are catching on. And yes, normally our 2-party system is rigged. I have pondered though this whole election if Trump was part of a rigged system or if he actually represented an outside, anti-establishment challenge.
    The fact that he drew attention to many of the failed Neocon policies during the debates impressed me. The fact the is willing to work with Russia instead of start a war. The fact that almost the whole entire political establishment (except for FOX) lined up against him…. For now, I consider him a legitimate outside candidate with a chance to actually change things.
    But yes, he could have been a fraud all along. Or he could get bad advice or be manipulated or be threatened. We’ll have to see. I hope VT gives him a chance. And please, by all means criticize his actual actions if they support a corrupt foreign policy once he gets into office.

  7. Absolutely spot on Kevin. Trump ain’t gonna change anything. If the owners want another war, they’ll get another war. IF they want to destroy our rights, it will be done.If they want to send more Americans into poverty and debt slavery, it will be done. If they want to bring in more immigrants to America, it will be so. If they want to finish off America and turn it completely into a police state such as they are doing now, it will be done. And Trump won’t be able to do a damn thing about it unless he wants to end up like JFK.
    BTW, Infowars is a Mosaad operation the same as Wikileaks. Jones is a disinfo agent for isrealhell.
    Short of an armed revolution, nothing is going to change for the better for the 99% of Americans.
    Both the Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than a false flag operation, designed to create the illusion of democracy and pacify the plebs at the same time.
    America was sold out a long time ago and every four years the owners shuffle out the same old crap.

    • So is Breitbart News created in Israel by A.Breitbart, Netanyahu and Solov. Steven Bannon now has ties to Goldman Sachs and Netanyahu. Have you seen the video of Netanyahu congratulating Trump. He’s as happy as he can be.

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