We “conspiracy theorists” won – so why aren’t I celebrating?

Google “Trump – inverted pyramid – illuminati” for details

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

At first glance, Trump’s triumph was a big win for “conspiracy theorists.”

Trump challenged mainstream narratives like no other presidential candidate in history. He said Bush was responsible for 9/11, Cruz’s dad killed JFK, international banksters run the world, Obama and Hillary created ISIS, American elections are routinely rigged, Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie, Scalia was murdered, NATO is a swindle, Russia is right in Syria and Ukraine, Bush’s scare story of Iraqi WMD was a big lie,  trade treaties are a scam, vaccines cause autism, national sovereignty is threatened by a New World Order conspiracy, Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary an enabler … and a whole lot of other unspeakable things that are basically true.

Alongside the true ones, Trump has also endorsed many “conspiracy theories” that are false or dubious. He says the claim that asbestos are dangerous is a “great con,” the California draught doesn’t exist,  Muslims (rather than Israelis) danced and celebrated on 9/11, climate change is a hoax, Obama is a secret Muslim, voter fraud not election fraud is the problem, and on and on.

On the surface, Trump’s win is a victory for the alternative media, which has succeeded in undermining public confidence in mainstream narratives to the point that most people have no idea what to believe any more. The only thing we know for sure is that the authorities are probably lying.

But let’s look beneath the surface. That’s what we “conspiracy theorists” do for a living, right?

Is Trump going to solve the horrendous problems that the alternative media has unveiled? Is he going to officially reveal the horrific truth about 9/11, including the Bush family’s (and Israel’s) involvement? Will he expose the full truth about the JFK coup and other political assassinations? Will he send our top leaders to prison for creating and supporting ISIS? Will he institute honest elections using hand-counted paper ballots? Will he end the Fed, round up the Rothschilds, and announce the demise of the New World Order?

Above all, will he restore America’s middle and working classes to financial solvency and “make America great again,” thereby ending the conspiracy of the .001% against the rest of us?

If you have even a shred of hope that Trump will do any of these things, you are living in la-la land.

Trump is a narcissistic demagogue with ADD. The people surrounding him, with few exceptions, are the worst of the worst. This does not look good, folks.

Just as he offered both true and false “conspiracy theories,” Trump played on both legitimate and illegitimate outrage. He blasted legitimate targets: the Republican and Democratic establishments, the globalists, the banksters. But even as he attacked the powerful, he skillfully distracted his audience by simultaneously attacking the innocent and powerless: Muslims, hispanics, immigrants, black lives matter activists.

Now Trump needs to unite the nation, or as much of it as possible, by attacking a designated scapegoat. Who do you think he will pick – the powerful or the powerless?

Get ready for the biggest bait-and-switch operation in political history.

Do you really think Trump is going to end the Fed or pull out of NATO? That would involve taking on ultra-powerful enemies, enemies who can fight back. Bullies like Trump don’t do that.

Instead, he will whip up popular hatred of hispanics or Muslims. My bet is that it will be Muslims. Why? Because there are too many hispanics, and big corporations need their cheap labor. If Trump tried to actually fulfill his campaign promises of building a wall and ethnically cleansing ten million (or, some say, twenty or thirty or forty millions) of hispanic illegal immigrants, the pushback would be overwhelming…not just from the deportees, but from their big corporate employers.

Trump needs to make us forget those campaign promises. How?

I am expecting a huge false flag blamed on “radical Muslims,” followed by a roundup of Muslims, then either deportations or extermination camps. In the ensuing hysteria, the whole issue of the Mexican Wall would be consigned to the memory hole.

I urge all of my fellow American Muslims to immediately arm themselves with the most powerful legal military-grade weaponry available (such as the items sold right here at Veterans Today) and get the best available firearms training as soon as possible. A well-armed and fully prepared Muslim community (backed by non-Muslim pro-Constitution folks including sympathizers in law enforcement and the military) could serve as a deterrent against the genocidal chicanery that some of the people around Trump – such as his 9/11-anthrax complicit VP-elect Mike Pence – may be preparing.



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  1. Demonizing Donald Trump, Western World media supported H. Clinton for U.S.President. Tapnewswire published that 96% of the world´s media is controlled by six Jewish companies, indicating Hilary Clinton as Judaism´s choice. Since her private meeting with B. H. Obama, 07-08 June 2015, G7 Summit at Castle Elmau in the Bavarian Alps, German chancellor Merkel has mimicked Obama. She ENABLED ISIS-ISIL to drive Arab Moslems and Arab Christians from their homelands into E.U.- NATO member states. Merkel´s hand-signal may be explained by the following link:
    https://unbequemewahrheit2014.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/das-merkel-regime-01-zionistin-mit-il-pass-zerstort-deutschland-2008-2014/ The dictatorial control exercised by Clinton, and the 114 strange deaths that follow the Clinton entourage reflect Clinton, not Donald Trump. “The Secret Team” that assassinated John F. Kennedy will not support D. Trump´s promised changes, (1) should he enter the POTUS slot, and (2) attempt to enact them. Jewish media has already set Trump up to be the scapegoat, should the Bush/CIA/MOSSAD use Obama to initiate WWIII prior to the end of B.H.Obama´s puppetry.

  2. VT has explained it’s position in the past.

    VT is not interested in people with short attention spans.
    Comments are closed because of the hate speech that was posted there.
    (I guess that when the election has calmed down they will be opened again)

  3. As long as people don´t understand that they are slaves for Rome by birth certificate and a corporation (dead body) by name nothing will change. They own you…

  4. Kevin may be right about this.
    But, then, what information does he have that isn’t available to the rest of us?
    And what information is he ignoring because he is only human and can’t know everything?
    I don’t think Trump is here to make sure all the secrets get unraveled.
    On top of that, Julian Assange said recently that Trump would not be allowed to assume office.
    What the hell is that supposed to mean?
    I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this.
    I don’t even know if we’ve seen the beginning of the end.

    • Baba Vanga : the black president will be the last president of USA. She was reknowed as the Nostradamus of the 20th century, and many presidents and monarchs went to get her visions.

  5. I rest assured that when the mr “grab them by the p.” and his administration are shown all the incoming “benefits” of for example Raytheon’s Polish claw or Toyota trucks and hummingbirds storming deserts for oil he will quickly re-lift the NATO Spartan ideology on a piedestal.

  6. He is surrounded by Worst. Rudy Giuliani has said on television “all is legal in war” with a smile on his face.
    Ben Carson has said on television “rules of war(Geneva Convention) dosen’t apply to US”. General Michael Flynn has said on television “killing civilians might be okay”. Then Trump said on television on Fox “we need to kill their families”. It isn’t Kevin’s fault that people cherry pick information on Trump and don’t see the full picture.

  7. While your description of extermination camps is a nightmare scenario and seemingly very unlikely , the basic scenario you describe is unfortunately not entirely implausible. I could imagine someone organizing a false flag blamed on Muslims to capitalize on an expected response from Trump. If he ends up being wildly injudicious in his response then I and many others will have been played (probably unknowingly by Trump), and it will be a disaster. I cannot deny that this is within the realm of imagination. Disgust with the ruling class in this country made a glimmer of an opportunity to unsettle it too much to pass up. Trump said many appealing things as you note, as well as many unappealing things. How he will behave as President remains to be seen. Let us pray that your analysis is wrong.

  8. I would agree with mr. Barrett there except for the last paragraph. Weaponizing I believe doesn’t help to water down the fire. What Muslims should do, and I mean all Muslims out there concerned (not just in the US), is that they should work on already started projects worldwide, get informed about and connected with legislative stuff, stuff like International Criminal Tribunal set up in Malaysia, get to know their political opponents better. Also work sunni with their shia brothers to help raise awareness. Work and talk with Saudis, work and talk with Iranians, even if you are sunni or shia. Work legislation, human rights and international relations with Syrians and Oman, Indonesia, with all branches of Islam. Israel’s territorial fragility must stop being humanitarian, NATO-UN and every other excuse for unleashing international witch hunts and massacres of innocent Muslims. This is an enormous problem that should be addressed with wisdom, and with do-your-best Muslim faith, hardly with weapons or violence. This is a problem in prospect and it is bound to increase although already it seems as if the whole world has gone mad. And only Muslims as a whole can solve it out.

  9. @VT You’re not celebrating because you’re controlled opposition. This was the first step towards freedom and the death of msm. Only the first step!!!

  10. Considering the direction in which the U.S. would continue to move (with acceleration!) if Hillary won, a certain satisfaction can be found already in what Mr. Trump won’t be doing. As for what he will do – who said that the growing army of “conspiracy theorists” is about to retire ? Besides, a tangible probability of one or more big false-flags taking place before Jan.20-th (or even soon after) in U.S. and/or elsewhere may very well obliterate or diminish the need to concentrate on possible problems the 45-th U.S. president might be able to create himself.

  11. Its amusing to notice that VT even sped up their Trump bashing now AFTER the election – to justify maybe?
    HA,HA – its ironical and I am deeply satisfied. Not because I´m a Trump follower – I´m German, so it doesen´t matter to me who wins or what VT calls me (one of the words was “idiot” if I remember correctly) – I couldn´t vote for any candidate anyway. So I give a rats sh*t about it. I just like to stay here a little bit longer in this body – seemed to get impossible after a victory of Clinton with the plans to start WW3 with Russia and China…
    My qustion why the American system this time only can bring forward the most criminal and dangerous people available, was NEVER answered by these super clever VT guys with their wonderful intelligence connections. You had Sanders for example – not so a very exciting choice but 100 times better than the two opponents.
    Tell you what – they did Trump get his victory because Clinton proved to be even worse (yes, unbelievable but true) than Trump. The ability to stay in control was in danger for the elites. If Trump gets out of their hands must be seen. If he is in the power even to WANT to do his own thing as president is questionable at least. And if that would be good for America or the world anyway – we can´t know by now.

  12. I don’t know, what do you expect? You could have had a president elected that is a full blown mobster eager to start more wars, even of the nuclear kind.

    The real victory and impact of this election has little to do with Trump as the president. It’s the cataclysmic blow to the globalist neo-liberal/neo-conservative establishment’s agenda.

    All the programming of people in general is starting to get undone, people are loosing trust in the establishment, media and entertainment industry. And in a lot of the alt-media as well, including VT.

    Pride comes before the fall, they all underestimated their audience.

  13. Great article – well-balanced with sound and logical reasoning. It seems like either alternative well and truly sucked. I wouldn’t want a Clinton presidency either, with a no-fly zone over Syria,and her war-mongering actions. I was, and still am in the Anybody-but -Hillary camp and am relieved that she wasn’t able to rig the election. Had Hillary not rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders, we would not be in this sad situation.

  14. what else is new is the likes of this monster declaring the “destiny” of America at the hands of total imposters….these words must be challenged for the sake of America, truth is waiting in the wings, it always has been, the Whitehouse hasnt opened the door to it and thereby seals a vision of a destiny Netanyahu salivates over

  15. the bigger picture….”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Donald Trump on his election as US president on Wednesday and called him “a true friend” of the Zionist entity.
    “President-elect Trump is a true friend of the state of Israel, and I look forward to working with him to advance security, stability and peace in our region,” the right-wing premier said in a statement.
    “The ironclad bond between the United States and Israel is rooted in shared values, buttressed by shared interests and driven by a shared destiny.”
    “I am confident that president-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights.”

  16. Black people (and others) have a right to be angry about the epidemic of unjust killings by militarized and Israel-trained cops. If you really think police violence and protests against it are just a Soros plot, you’re an idiot. Soros also promotes legalizing marijuana – is that movement also just a big Soros plot?

    • Calling your audience idiots again?!
      Careful – maybe you dfevelop a habit or even an addiction!
      Habits and addictions are not the best advisors…

    • The problem is not rooted in the migrants themselves – they are as abused as any American or European. A part of them are really fleeing for their lives. All of them (the criminals too) got lured into Europe with false promises and lies. A lot of Syrians and others want to get back home and can´t wait to go.
      Interestingly – the German offices who should “register” the migrants (to get the same money for each one of them like for the birth certificates of the “natives”) allegedly lost their passports and papers – the migrants who want to CAN NOT GO HOME – although they want!!!

    • As I see it Merkel’s unilateral “invitation” for the refugees was really an act of war against Syrian government. Its intention was to lure away as many fighting age males as possible from the surrounding countries, so that they could NOT return, and join government forces. The mass placement in Europe was designed to make them become as hated as possible by the locals, so no one would listen to their stories or “real” experiences in Syria, and start asking probing questions. It is a combination of a manoeuvre and a psy-op. It should come as no surprise that their passports “disappeared”.

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