Bad Moon Rising or Sun Shining: Immigration Reform Will Be First 100 Days Priority for Trump


By Johnny Punish

Now that we have a US President-Elect and new Congress coming that will be controlled by same party, there is simply NO EXCUSE left to NOT get Immigration Reform done.   And they know it!

Trump promises in first 100 days to take action.  He will be meeting with Mexican President Peña-Nieto ASAP to start the process.

Lots of unanswered questions here that have been lingering for a while ie…

  • Will Trump become pragmatic and bring in real solutions that are effective?
  • Or will he continue to bloviate senseless silly unworkable actions just to placate unrealistic red meat eaters putting millions upon millions of human beings into a trail of tears humanitarian disaster that will cause a global crisis?

At this point, nobody knows yet.

Regardless of Trump the man’s personal racism and his penchant for extremist rhetoric, this practical activist is hoping he finds political religion and chooses to govern and not be a reality TV show host but a President of the USA.

They say once a person gets into the White House and sits at the desk, there is a fundamental change that occurs as the weight of the awesome responsibility pushes down on any irresponsible reactionary impulses one may have had.

With Trump, during the campaign, he was supposed to pivot to become a serious candidate after the primary but that did not happen until, at the very end when his campaign people wrestled his Twitter account away from him.  So that leads me to believe its’ going to be hard to get that old dog to do a new trick.  But it’s possible!  Anything is possible.  So we wait to see which version of Trump shows up to really govern and do the job.

Now if he chooses to govern the United States of America and be pragmatic, he could be a super hero to both the USA and Mexico.
That’s the best case scenario!

If I was his consigliere, I would be appealing to his narcisstic ego and presenting a what if scenario that would make him the hero he sees himself as and boom, we’d get a serious win/win solution.   But we don’t even know yet who is real consigliere will be.  So we wait.

Now if Trump goes full Adolf Hitler and deploys a GESTAPO deportation force to seek and find 15 million people who are directly family connected to 50 million American citizens, he will find a 50 million strong American citizen insurgency within the USA itself that he won’t be able to control.  And no Racist Sheriff Joe Arpio to lean on to get those “dirty human beings” to put on pink underwear.

Buy Johnny Punish's POLITICAL music on

Buy Johnny Punish’s POLITICAL music on

So yes this is quite serious.  It’s not a time for campaigning and throwing red meat into the arena but a time for serious governing!  Can Trump make the real pivot and be a real President?

Now assuming he chooses to be pragmatic and deal from a serious deck but yet his base supporters yell for red meat, he needs to tell them to shut up because we need to deal in reality and not pretend this is the Jerrry Springer Show!

In closing, I will be on the Mexican side of the border speaking to locals and government officials on this issue to provide a both sides of the issue look.  So stay tuned and look for the Johnny Punish Show on Veterans Today Live.

Comments are open so get in on the discourse.  Feel free to disagree with any position I have taken.  All is welcome…just don’t lob personal insults or call me a dirty Mexican.  After all, Johnny Punish has a NO RACISM ZONE here!  Let’s talk!

Is Trump A Racist?   Take The Test and See!

About Johnny Punish: Former punk rock lead singer from 90s underground punk band Twisted Nixon (1996-2002), Punish is now pushing his artistic boundaries into the 21st century creating diverse music with a social justice activism that matters.

Friends label Punish a global social justice warrior, eco-activist, socially responsible businessman, and syndicated writer and broadcaster.  He produces the irreverent political music podcast The Johnny Punish Show for  In addition, Punish has penned over 300 articles on freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for and other truth telling web sites.

Since 2000, Punish has delivered his global message from his self built eco-earthbag home studio dome on a dirt road with chickens.  He lives relatively free in an unfree world pledging allegiance to the earth and all the human beings.  To share the positive energy, Punish offers his 50 plus song very personal record trilogy The Strange Story of Johnny Punish, Volumes 1,2, and 3. (2000-2016).  It is available now on on Itunes,, and all digital platforms. 

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10 Responses to "Bad Moon Rising or Sun Shining: Immigration Reform Will Be First 100 Days Priority for Trump"

  1. Pat Kittle  November 12, 2016 at 1:58 am

    A perfectly good-enough reason to stop massively unsustainable immigration is that it’s MASSIVELY UNSUSTAINABLE.

    It’s a damn shame Trump is the only politician in a long long time who seems like he might try to stop the invasion.

    And that’s why I voted for him. If you don’t like that, blame yourselves, hypocrites.

  2. Johnny Punish  November 11, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    You ask tough questions! Bravo!
    We need good long term stable policy that works
    In the end, we need everyone above board
    So if USA needs workers, fine…issue permits
    Dont’ keep them in the shadows so greedy companies can pay lower wages and make more profits! That is morally wrong and economically bad for USA
    So sure…clean up the house and enforce the law.
    Absolutely! Just do it properly without all the racism and hatred. That’s not the way to go

    1. Issue permits to those currently working. When time is up, they go back! Simple!
    2. Deport all those with felonies ASAP!
    3. Make process for guest worker program easy to apply so that no one goes under the fence again! Simple!

    In 5 years, the house will be cleaned with no humanitarian disaster!

    See what happens when we remove all the hate and racism. Boom, problem solved

  3. JohnZ  November 11, 2016 at 7:09 am

    So if you want to talk about immigration then we need to discuss the aspect that many want to avoid and that is the criminal element that has immigrated into America, creating dangerous street gangs, murdering innocent Americans but I suppose Johnny Punish has no problem with that, and the fact that there are 85,000 illegals roaming the country with criminal records. enough to fill a collegiate football stadium.
    That these same criminals can run to sanctuary cities such as San Frisco and avoid prosecution is a disaster waiting to happen.
    The truth is the bureaucracy created to take care of this problem has failed miserably, either by design or by accident, they have failed.
    I have to agree with Trump on this one. We need immigration reform. Not to let more people in but to return those who are illegal and wish to remain so.
    BTW, all one has to do is look to such European cities as Paris, Berlin and London to get a good idea of what uncontrolled immigration looks like. Paris is now nothing but a hell hole and cities throughout Europe are now victimized by raping immigrants. No woman or young boy is safe in these countries anymore.

    • Johnny Punish  November 11, 2016 at 12:01 pm

      Why do you assume I am NOT for rule of law! That’s weird!
      Remove all the hyperbole and USA simply needs to enforce the law.
      If an immigrant on a green card commits a felony, it has to be see ya!
      Why would I have a problem with that? Do you think I want criminals running around. Who does? That is just weird!

  4. nawlins  November 11, 2016 at 6:18 am

    A phrase I keep hearing is they are taking the jobs no one else wants. I know from personal experience that a great majority of high paying shipyard jobs are now being done by mexicans. Even though many can barely speak english. The black community should really be the ones up in arms over this. These kind of jobs were their ticket out of poverty for themselves and their families. With these kinds of jobs they could send their kids to college. Not anymore. I wish the Trump people would pick up on this.

  5. Trakkath  November 11, 2016 at 1:06 am

    Never forget, he is also only the CEO of the USA Inc. and has to maximise profit for City of London and the Vatican, equal how.

  6. Garry Compton  November 11, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Trump used the lack of ” enforced” immigration laws for his first theme in attracting his voters who have seen first hand the problems associated with – open borders, increased infrastructure usage, welfare payouts that exceeds the average social security pensioner, government sponsored recruiting for more immigrants, and some special programs that cater to immigrants. The US does not have 15 or even 20 million extra immigrant citizens – it has 80+ million more people than it should have. This is a huge problem. The older immigration laws used were a workable formula in order to keep the ” American Dream” – alive and well. 1 million a year was the maximum and it was a solid number to keep things – just right. Population in 1950s was 150-160 million and ii you take that immigration policy and adhere to it – todays’ population should be around 230 to 250 million -Max. Once this older formula got out of hand because of corrupt or mismanaged government mopery – a stricter Law was needed. The USG has mismanaged immigration and both the immigrants and nationals have to pay for it .

    • JohnZ  November 11, 2016 at 6:59 am

      Edward, we may possess the space but we do not possess the jobs. With an unemployment rate at around 24% and more than 96 millions jobless Americans we are going to add another 12-15 million impoverished people to the welfare roles and in the end the final destruction of America.
      No nation can survive this kind of assault, especially America. A nation deeply in debt to the tune of 20 trillion, the jobs that supported the middle class in America have melted away sent over seas to China, Malaysia, India and anywhere else low wages and long hours create massive profits for multi national corporations. The idea that America can somehow support another 12-15 million people on the welfare roles is suicide thinking.

    • Johnny Punish  November 11, 2016 at 12:07 pm

      Being of a Mexican related family who has been directly involved on this issue for 30 year, please allow me to help and tell you that undocumented workers are working and paying into social security using fake SS#s. They NEVER get those monies back. So let’s be real here! It helps! USA has real economy challenges. By all accounts American citizens simple don’t want to pick the tomatoes. But yeah sure, let’s end this thing. But do it smartly and methodically. A shock to the system will only cause a civil war. USA needs a good policy that works.

      We need work permits for those in the shadows. Let them pay taxes and when their permits run out, they can go back.
      Keep it above board with dignity.

      Over time, you’ll have them all out and American citizens can pick the tomatoes. You’ll pay 3 times the price for them but you’ll have what you want. So be it!
      Mexico is set to be a # 5 world economy in 20 years. They won’t need your jobs by then. So lets do it smartly. Please don’t create a humanitarian disaster. That’s a lose for everyone

    • JohnZ  November 12, 2016 at 4:55 am

      Edward, our 20 trillion dollar debt is the problem. One you and many Americans obviously do not understand. America is now underwater with a debt to GDP ratio of 110%. No nation can survive with such indebtedness. This creates a multitude of problems including the passing on of this debt to each new generation. Additionally as the Federal Reserve continues to print and distribute more fiat currency which in truth is not real money, things such a inflation take place raising the prices on the most basic of items which in turn creates another form of inflation called “shrinkflation” whereby in such cases as packaged food items become smaller in product amount yet sell at the same price. For instance a jar of peanut butter which once held 16 ounces and sold for $2.99 now holds 14 ounces or even less , yet it sells for the same price.
      A nation that continues to fall further into debt creates a bleak future for itself as sooner or later, no matter how much money the Federal Reserve pumps out, the consequences of these bad monetary policies is total fiscal collapse. Just remember what happened to Germany in the 1920s. The same thing is coming to America.

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