Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network



[ Note: This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations. PJ]

Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch. In America and the UK, the Pedophile Network controls high ranking Pedophile politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA and top Law Enforcement.

Case in point, Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Saville.
Case in point, Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Savile

This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out to the populace about the presence and penetration of this worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network.

Those editors of the major mass media and elected or appointed officials that are not part of it or compromised by it realize that to try and expose it results in an immediate loss of their job, their retirement, and they will be blacklisted and perhaps even have their lives threatened.

Notwithstanding all these strong suppression forces in the past, not only was the CIA’s Franklin Credit Union pedophile scandal exposed by the Washington Times, but the finders scandal was exposed by US News and World Report.

And, despite those highly public exposures, the Major Mass Media failed to promote those important stories; and the stories died out, with no corrective actions by federal LE, which we now know is dirty to the core, because its own leaders are fully compromised by this Pedophile Network.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. This is pretty sad. I notice that it was posted in 2016 and wonder if things have gotten better for those in state run institutions since then.

  2. Today one can be reasonably assured if politician is reelected for multible terms he is compromised. Appointed directors, and high officials such as FBI, CIA, and their alphabet sisters get the job becaise they are in the club. No way else to protect the scum. Like a quality but old carpet the US system must be hung along a clothes line, beat with brooms until all the parasites are rid. F ’em all where they breath. My bad they would enjoy that. Put them to the flame test. Maybe 800 degrees farenhiet will melt them like the twin towers. Pick their pockets, and asset strip them first. We just may find our $6 trillion. Really folks when is enough.enough. As George Bush Sr. said; “If the public knew what we were doing they would chase us down and hang usnfrom the lamp posts”. Do we need more?

  3. So …

    The 2016 “Color Revolution”, the U.S.A. G-a-a Civil War between a-as, may be called an extension of NWWIII (Nuclear World War 3).

    So … who are the Judges?

    Start with a list including those responsible for the direction of the judicial process involving Pedophiliac proceedings/charges.

    … for example: A fingerprint could include the responsible parties between specified dates .

  4. And let us not forget Judge Scalia’s untimely “removal”, as he was about to be investigated into his entwinement and involvement with the huge American AND Interntional political pedophile ring. A teally big fish, took a bullet, and “got away”. And he was just one of the upper crust of creeps involved this exsisting ring of depravity running throughout ALL political avenues!!.

  5. Judge Not

    u may consider the following a play on words. It is not intended to be so …

    Who are the Judges?

    “ MIT author Janet Phelan
    MIT States That Half of All Children May be A…

    Janet Phelan for the first time for me has presented an introduction to Human GMOs.

    Let’s call a Genetically Modified human an alpha-android (a-a). An a-a’s existence demands an identification that is identifiable by clinical evaluation such as a medical MRI, and observable behavior that demonstrates lack of empathy. Surely these two clinical approaches are adequate.

    A “Ring of Pedophiles” includes those in position of legal authority who are used to secure the safe unobstructed passage of the members of “The Ring” through society. They most certainly are “a-a”s, but there does not seem to be a list of names or photos of these Judges. A “Ring of Pedophiles” member’s fingerprint could include a G (GMO) attached to their a-a name, G-a-a …

    That ye may also be Judged

    y eye

    • The subject “Satanic Pedophile Network” / Ring is what’s important to this thread. The relationship between the subject and the identity of G-a-as is what I am interested in discussing. What percentage of the voting population in the U.S.A. is identifiable G-a-a and, what percentage of those are aware of their GMO identity?
      Veterans have become GMO because of their exposure to Agent Orange?

      How many GMOs from their food contaminated with glyphosate and now the combination of glyphosate and the chemicals of Agent Orange?

      ur what u eat …

    • She did not drop the charges because of threats.

      Did you read her story? A blind man could tell she was lying. She either made it up or someone made it up for her (I figure the latter.)

      Even in 1996, a 13 year old could not go to a bus station and buy a ticket for themselves going from Oklahoma to NYC, for Christ’s sake. Then when she got there and started going from modeling agency to modeling agency, the only thing they said to her was “We need a portfolio.” ???? Then the bus trip back to OK, then phone calls from a woman who said she had a role playing gig for her so she sent her a plane ticket and money…. MAILED it to her and she hops a cab and heads to the airport to board a plane ALONE? This happened 3 times and no one at home was any the wiser…….. SURE!!!! And I have some swamp land in the middle of the Mojave desert guaranteed to snow at least once a year on the 4th of JULY! COME ON! USE YOUR HEAD for heaven’s sake!

    • Well you and Debbie Kay seems to know a lot about the 13 yr old. From your response you don’t read the newspapers or watch news. The case will be re-instated very soon. Espen sponsored many of these parties with trump in attendance. Bet he knows the truth.

  6. It was so difficult to watch the video about the subject. My stomach was in a turmoil and anger was rolling up inside me with no outlet for my emotion. How far up in our own US government does this go? From all the rumors and innuendos it reaches all the way to the top of the pile. This story needs to be brought out and all of those degenerate people prosecuted to the fullest. it will only come about if we are vocal in our demands.

  7. Savanna, Im not disputing the info, just will not accept 60min as the source. The lies from this reporter are undeniable., and has no credibility.
    Ill get my info from somewhere else, shame Preston had to turn to this mob of liars…

    • frog, actually 60 Minutes Australia was not the source. It was police investigatory reports, personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility. Forget about anyone at Australian 60 Minutes. Besides you miss the point the fact here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations.

  8. Preston, this same 60 min scumbag reporter a year ago interviewed Emma Parkinson, Australian teenager who was shot at the Bataclan Theater
    Obviously a hoax, in the interview she sat up perfectly though had been shot with two bullet wounds, the exit would have been the size of a saucer by an AK47 at close range.
    She giggled, laughed, whilst dressed like a Sunday school teacher,not a heavy rock follower, and were are the parents, oh Mum was going to fly out soon to see her. DUH!! The interview was about 9 days after attack.
    60 Min would have paid the parent(s) to fly see their daughter, to help get a exclusive interview.
    Just lies after lies, and we now need to believe this scumbag reporter on sexual child activities?
    60 Min is part of the problem, I do not believe a sentence that comes from these overpaid reporters(puppets).
    VT readers, google ‘Paris attack hoax, jolly crisis actor shot in the butt, you tube’..

    • frog, your comments violate comment policy because they are irrelevant to the subject at hand. Your comments are not only irrelevant but offer nothing of any value to this subject area. You come of like a troll or sock-puppet here. Find a pond and a lily pad. You may gain some credibility there, you won’t get it here.

  9. Was the hysteria in the 1980s about satanic rituals at day care centers an “inoculation”, shouting “Wolf!” when there was no wolf, so when the real wolf was spotted no one among the general population would believe it?

    • Many of the charges were later proved true. But you make a good point. The cover ups on those incidents provided “immunization” against many current incident reports of such matters. It is important to understand that the satanic pedophile network is actually deputized under “national security” as an agent of national security because it is used to manipulate elected politicians, appointed officials, and top corporate CEOs and board members. Every major police department in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zealand has an Intel asset or agent sheep-dipped in at a very high level to run interference against any investigation and prosecution of satanic cult activities and organized pedophile activity.

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