A Nation of Utter and Complete Morons Actually Believes Black-Box “Election Results”



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As I peruse the mainstream media, the forty-five flavors of alternative media (forty-three of them foundation-funded or otherwise phony), and the tsunami of truncated thoughts and utterances of the so-called social media, my neck is getting sore from shaking my head in disbelief.

Do all of these people really believe that the official vote count, tallied on black-box voting machines, is accurate?! That’s only about seven million times more infantile than believing in Santa Claus.

It isn’t at all obvious why anyone would make up a story as outlandish as the legend of Santa Claus. Naive little children can be forgiven for not immediately seeing right through that one.

But believing that a black box voting machine will yield an accurate vote count …  the mind boggles at such egregious, unimaginable idiocy.

Think about it, people (assuming you are capable of anything that could be called “thought,” which is far from obvious). What can possibly be the purpose of non-transparent “voting machines” that are privately owned and operated (entirely by members of one political party, which always gets more “votes” than the exit polls show) — machines that operate on proprietary software?

If your answer to the above question is “to count votes accurately” you are a candidate for a Darwin award. If there are a lot of you out there, our alleged democracy deserves that Darwin award … and will surely get it, probably sooner rather than later.

Let me put it more bluntly:

If you really think Trump won the election … and that the other reported “winners” and “losers” got the number of votes attributed to them in the official tallies … you are too stupid to live.

And yet everywhere I look, practically everyone commenting on the election seems to just accept, without the slightest hint of any critical reflection, much less healthy skepticism, the ludicrous idea that there is a direct relationship between the votes that go into a black box machine and the number that comes out. Perhaps you all do not understand the concept “black box.”

Here is how Wikipedia puts it:

In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs (or transfer characteristics), without any knowledge of its internal workings.

Heaps and heaps of money and power ride on election outcomes. Any private party with proprietary access to the internal workings of a voting machine WILL rig elections. That is the only conceivable reason that such machines would ever exist. If you do not understand this,  please shoot yourself in the head. NOW. It is the one part of your anatomy that you could not possibly damage, because it has long since ceased to serve any discernible function.

So will all of you gibbering idiots blathering on and on about the “elections” we supposedly just had PLEASE just stuff a rag in your mouths and wrap duct tape around your heads? The hideous, meaningless noises you are making are really starting to get on my nerves.

If there is anyone out there with one or two synaptic spark plugs that are still firing, yet who is unfamiliar with the fact that our fake “elections” are routinely stolen through black box voting machines that cannot possibly have been manufactured for any purpose except to steal elections, please familiarize yourself with some elementary data.

TDMS (cited by Mark Crispin Miller)  reports:

Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.


Clinton’s wins in the exit polls of four key battleground states are highlighted in blue. Trump’s wins in the computer vote counts in these same states are highlighted in red.

[1] Exit polls (EP) conducted by Edison Research and published by CNN shortly after the closing of state polls and downloaded by TdMS.  Edison Research conducted one national EP and EPs in 28 states. As these first published exit polls are altered/adjusted to conform to the unverified computer vote counts, the discrepancies shown above are adjusted to near zero in the final EPs.

[2] New York Times reported vote count.  Most states with 99%-100% completed vote counts.  Washington at 72% and Utah at 78% are the exceptions. Last updated on November 10, 2016.  http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results

[3] The margin columns subtracts the Clinton totals from Trump’s.  A Trump win is shown by a positive sign and a Clinton win by a negative sign.

[4] Note that the Margin of Error (MOE) is for the differences between the two candidates (at 95% CI). This MOE is about double the usual MOE for each candidate. MOE calculated with multinomial formula discussed in sections 2 and 4 in:  Franklin, C. The ‘Margin of Error’ for Differences in Polls. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. October 2002, revised February 2007. Available at:  https://abcnews.go.com/images/PollingUnit/MOEFranklin.pdf

VT readers are probably also familiar with Gordon Duff’s report on the 10 million plus missing Democratic votes. Unfortunately Gordon’s math makes sense – especially when we take into consideration these facts:

mikeconnell_killedincrash_arnebeckjustice* Exit polls have always, everywhere, matched election results very closely, and discrepancies are considered prima facie evidence of election fraud worldwide.

* Since Republican-owned companies imposed black-box machines on America, “results” (vs. exit polls) have strongly and consistently diverged in favor of Republicans almost across-the-board.

* Two previous presidential elections have been proven to have been stolen through the rigging of black box voting machines among other techniques – the 2000 and 2004 “victories” of George W. Bush.

*Am I pointing this out because I hate Trump or love Hillary? Not at all. If Hillary had “won” I would also be suspicious – especially since the Democratic nomination was obviously stolen for Hillary, in part through the use of rigged voting machines.

Though Republicans own the voting machines and are thus far the primary election fraud criminals, this problem is not a partisan issue. It is systemic. It is a cancer on our nation.

There is only one intelligent thing to say about this election: IT WAS BOGUS. Like all “elections” that use black box machines.

One Trump supporter who gets this is former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele, who is asking Trump to put forward the Electoral Reform Act of 2016. While I think Gordon Duff’s view of Trump is more accurate than Steele’s, Trump could easily prove me wrong by demanding election reform along the lines proposed by Steele. (And by reopening 9/11, prosecuting Bush- and Obama-era war crimes, and repealing the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 police state legislation.)

If Trump continues to appoint neocon stooges and criminals, and allows our terminally corrupt system to fester unto death, we will know that Gordon and I were right, and Steele and other Trump supporters wrong.

I will take no pleasure in having been right.

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  1. Dr Barrett, since I think you are still in Wisconsin where they might do a recount, why not do your own legwork in Wisconsin? For example, you could go down to the Milwaukee Greyhound station and ask people nicely if they would tell you whether they voted, and for whom. (By the way, I’ve been there many times.) Do the same thing out in the countryside, and tell us, whose name is on the barns? Same thing in the diners, who didn’t vote and why not? We already know that more than half of the Portland protesters had not bothered to vote. This tells me that the missing Democrats from 2012 might be people who didn’t vote this time. I’m sure they had their reasons, and they might tell you, if you ask nicely. But they might not want to be photographed. This would be old-fashioned pen and paper tally time.

  2. The new conservative government here in Argentina is frantically pushing these voting machines, desperately trying to get them in place before the 2017 election, (which will be the Argentine equivalent of the US midterm), because they know that’s their only hope. If there is an honest election, they’re going to get their heads handed to them for what they’ve done to the economy.

    I realise nobody in the outside world really cares what happens in Argentina, I just thought I’d mention that we are getting “violated” right along with everyone else. There is no place left on planet Earth where one can hide from the Zionists and their NWO agenda.

  3. Yes, we are a nation of morons. Who else could pay for a FAKE COLD War from 1947 to 1989? Or pay for a FAKE War on Terror from 1991 to present? Why should we wait in search lines at Airports? Because, we are a nation of morons. The deceived majority of morons will be here until Judgment Day and the Second Coming of Jesus.

  4. If people started shooting themselves each time they fell for big lies the entire human race would disappear after watching TV for a few months… The Lynch court for lying politicians and/or those who they really serve to would be much better option, but it’s, alas, just another pipe-dream. So, not to be frustrated all the time, many people just block themselves from analyzing events. A society where almost nothing can be taken for a face value (that, btw, includes numbers from exit polls conducted by some company), and where no professional degree or job title can guarantee the absence of a “special interest” in their carriers, is in a very deep “guacamole”. And in the times of “big guacamole” those who promise to bring sweeping changes have very good chances to win. This is a law of logic supported by historical stats. Eight years ago a democrat was elected on the same wave

  5. (next comment)
    Americans are always RIGHT. They know they are on the right side, and it’s vital their side wins, or Doomsday will occur. So, anything you have to do — ANYTHING — to get your party over the line is OK.
    That’s the mental state of the American political activist and insiders. Democracy however, is something else. Democracy says, the vote of the majority must count. It doesn’t say the majority will necessarily be right. Just the numbers count. So, if the worse party gets the numbers, democracy says they should assume power, and muddle through. It’s far from perfect … but it’s democracy.
    Do Americans accept that? Or do they want a PERFECT system? Not learning from history is an American trait, and it may just be Americans are too impatient to be democrats. Either that, or American political activists are all fascists and Bolsheviks.

  6. So can we conclude that a vote for Clinton was a vote for Trump? It came very clear to me in 2004 elections between a “lunatic war and domestic criminal” and John F. Kerry that the process had to be rigged. Asside they were all bonesmen brotherhood. There is no other way obviously. American people are not satisfied with walking over carcasses for achieving exceptionalism. Such is the situation on the neighborhood watch and in the military. If electorate body of America did not get it after 9/11 they will never get it. Not if “burning Bush” Moses, Jesus or Abraham would appear in front of them, or sillhouettes of Ike Eisenhower and Abe Lincoln. So the satisfaction should remain for those who had the courage to vote for a 3rd party candidate. Some (I think it is many) do get it and it is past time they enter electorate process (every local and state available electorate process) against the “deep state”.

  7. What about the idea to declare the whole voting process in a kind of series and counting the results so every child can have that knowledge ? You know they keep us all as hostages on a level of nonage children who they can cheat easily.

    • BTW if you want to close ones mind instead of keep it open, you must only humiliate them and that is end of discussion

  8. Kevin, right proposition, wrong conclusion. BOTH teams cheated. Dems’ emails leaked by your fave ”Mossad outlet” WikiLeaks show the Dems joking about vote-rigging via software hacks, and this was borne out in Amarillo Texas and many other places.
    Republicans cheated via Crosscheck, a program to ”votER fraud deterrence” which is a breach of state law, enabled by the Supremes’ decision (and protected in an Ohio court by a Republican judge who denied vote integrity activist Mr Fitrakis’s motion to turn ON anti-rigging software already built in but switched OFF! Can you credit it?)
    Millions of names, mainly of minorities, were removed from voter lists by this scam, and nothing has been done about it. (See Greg Palast, who worked with Mr Fitrakis)
    So, millenials rioting about Trump stealing the election would get no-one anywhere. A proper look into the farcical US electoral system would likely mean a new election — and an enormous amount of surveillance on both sices, OF both sides. But none of this happens, and you know why? (next comment)

  9. The ignorance and naivete of the brainwashed do not indicate stupidity. It is highly unlikely that people will be receptive to the message we are trying to impress upon them while we are demeaning them as morons.
    I have fallen into this trap also, but once we demean the ordinary people and look upon them as inferiors, we are actually aping the mindset of the criminal ruling elite and also guaranteeing they remain in power. It is completely counterproductive and a sign of infantilism and mediocrity.

    • Ever had a discussion with someone who puts ideology based belief over facts and logic? Very tempting to tell them that they are “too stupid to live”, and for the more obnoxious ones, even “please stand on the plastic”.

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