Today in Trumpland, Life on the other side of the mirror

Trumplets say that "never again" can't come soon enough.


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Schools across Ohio are reporting incidents of ethnic students being abused and bullied by alleged Trump supporters.  Most abused are girls and Jewish students, though this is not being reported.  Hispanic and African American males are seldom bothered, you can guess why, and where there are Muslim students, they are seldom a minority.  The Israeli press is reporting the abuse but there is no reporting in the US.  This is going to lead to a Columbine type incident or a Sandy Hook.  Anyone who thinks Jewish kids can’t get guns because their parents are overeducated liberals will find out different.  Ask 300,000 dead Palestinians.

On a lighter note, Ty Parsons is reporting that Trump will be issuing a secret announcement for the roundup of Jews.  He says he will be personally coming to my house to get me.  I always welcome this kind of enthusiasm on the part of our Nazi types and remind them, as I do with all such visitors, to “stand on the plastic.”

While Trump organizers have been telling “flyover state” types that Jews will be rounded up, the Jewish Telegraph Agency is reporting that Trump will be traveling to Israel to meet with Netanyahu who will be outlining American foreign policy.

It will be Netanyahu who will be directing American efforts, according to Trump, to support the Assad government in its fight against ISIS.  As Netanyahu is also directing ISIS efforts to overthrow the Assad government as well, we are concerned that there may be a potential conflict of interest.

All the while, many close to Assad believe they will actually be getting American aid, an offer made to them as ISIS is being put under the ground by the combined efforts of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria and despite the Erbil Kurds, Turkey and Israel.

The real undercurrent in America is when men, and excuse my overbroad use of that term, Trump supporters get together where their wives can’t hear.  Across America, “Walter Mitty” types have been dreaming that they too can “grab pussies” like Trump.  Those who have actually had sex with another human are beginning, however, to face another revelation.

Trump is a billionaire who it seems assumes, perhaps wrongly at times, that all women in his presence are whores and sluts.

With others, the only way to guarantee being surrounded by the type of women Trump handlers were supposed to keep around him, and obviously didn’t do a such a good job at, one has to either go to a whore house or an adult entertainment establishment or “gentlemen’s club.”  At such establishments, depending on how much you pay and what the rules are, “pussy grabbing” can cost you $200 or get your arms broken, sometimes both.screenhunter_779-nov-13-20-27

Then again, for those who are actually heterosexual, unlike typical guests for Howard Stern, something else comes to mind.  Men, in their moments of “locker room talk” may well discuss potential sexual partners, invariably in a fantasy setting, often human females, sometimes even of age.

What I can guess with some certainty is this:

No heterosexual male above the age of 7 believes “pussy grabbing” is a sexual act or would find gratification from same.

Do give this one a thought.

Do I need to carry this one home?  Did some of you miss this one?  This may well be proof Trump is an alien.

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7 Responses to "Today in Trumpland, Life on the other side of the mirror"

  1. Bruce Wick  November 16, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    I thought I had followed Trump’s campaign with some care, but somehow I missed its anti-Jewish emphasis or innuendo. Even Trump’s criticism of banks, where I can recall it at all, was surely more muted than Bernie Sanders’. As a developer, perhaps Trump realizes America as a whole, may be liked to a large, unregulated bank.

  2. Doc Walt  November 14, 2016 at 7:56 am

    I think the idiotic things that came out of Trump’s mouth may have been deliberate diversions to deflect people from checking his past (and very likely present) affiliations. However the rate at which they occurred may indicate his reality. No worry though… give the masses something to be outraged about and they are not going to bother with looking deeper. The MSM sure helped that along. Begs the question… just who might be directing their editorial policies? I think we saw another prime time “reality show” where everything is fake. I took note that the SSP came out for Trump, but they want 100 years for disclosure. By the time we get zero-point energy we will have cooked the planet, and all of Florida will be a coral reef.

  3. Worker Bee  November 14, 2016 at 2:23 am

    “John Podesta” in the Facebook comments should recall that Jim Dean has written several times on VT about anti-white racist hate crimes.

  4. Spiritual Warrior  November 13, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    This type of behavior was happening prior to the ‘Trump effect’, not that it hasn’t ramped up but was there nonetheless.
    Unfortunately most people don’t realize Islam/Muslim is a RELIGION, a lot look Asian, hell even some look like Kevin Barrett.
    I’m guessing they forget about that famous Jew Sammie Davis Jr.
    The piece Jim Dean ran today from RT helps explain some of the sources of this anger and why it’s projected on to minorities.
    The feelings of a government that allowed outsourcing jobs, and one that has arrogantly forgotten the ‘common’ American citizen.

  5. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor  November 13, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    I would spend more time with my kids and grandchildren in Germany or go back to living in Paris but there isn’t that much left of those places either. You are either overrun by refugees or dumb shits. I can’t tell which is worse.

    They all smell the same.

    • Worker Bee  November 14, 2016 at 2:28 am

      Can there be any clearer indication of the problems in Germany than the SouthFront video from a while back showing mounds of trash blowing around in the refugee/immigrant areas? Littering used to be the most heinous crime in Germany.

  6. Worker Bee  November 13, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    What will the Trump supporters do when they find out that they have been once more fooled again? Wake up, or fall for the next con?

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