Norway pedophile scandal: Politicians, police reportedly among 20 arrested suspects

Editor’s note:  Ties have been found to the Belgian/Netherlands PESN/Wiki pedophile groups tied to the Scalia/Hubertus/Bilderberger group whose data networks were managed by Sterling Allan, former Rense radio host.
At least 20 people have been arrested in Norway on pedophile charges, officials say, adding that the suspects include lawyers, economists and even a primary schoolteacher. Reports claim the case also involves politicians and a police officer.

Thirty-one people are also currently under investigation, Deputy Police Chief Gunnar Fløystad said.

“It is not one case, but several serious cases that we have been investigating for a long time. We can talk of several networks,”he said, as cited by Aftonbladet newspaper.

According to Fløystad, many suspects are highly -educated and have good IT skills.

Verdens Gang tabloid reported that among those under investigation was a police officer. Police raided his house but didn’t arrest him, the tabloid added. Fløystad declined to comment on the matter.

The list of those investigated on pedophile charges include two former or current politicians, Tidens Krav newspaper reported.

Police seized some 150 terabytes of material revealing many forms of child abuse. The offenders met on the web and used encryption to protect their anonymity.

“The materials show abuse of children of all ages, also infants,” said Hilde Reikrås, head of police operations on the case, said as cited by Tidens Krav. She added that the materials depicted “abuse of toddlers, children being tied, children who have sex with animals and children who have sex with other children.”

The cases include rape, trafficking and production of photos and videos of child abuse. Local media reported that some suspects allegedly abused their own children and one suspect even planned to let others moles his unborn child.

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Leading prosecutor in the case Janne Ringset Helme added that all the perpetrators were men.

The investigation to reveal the pedophile network in Norway, dubbed ‘Dark Room’, began back in 2015. It was launched after reports emerged that a 22-year-old man had sexual intercourse with girl aged 14 in the city of Bergen. The man was taken into custody and police seized a large amount of abuse material on his computer.

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  1. 1. When Norway entered NATO, it granted Russia not to have foreign troops on it’s ground.
    2. Now, they have decided to import some US troops.
    3. The FBI gave them a tip about a pedophile ring, including high politicians (plural!).
    4. Now, Norway has a problem.
    5. Any questions?

    • Thanks for the info Edward. It’s shameful to see the paedophiles operate so openly – as a well known journalist of the “Welt”. I want to add two tidbits to my first post.

      1. Germany has officially donated in sum 7 mill $ to the Clinton foundation. This will have some unfortunate consequences in the future (illegal procedure).
      2. Norway has officially donated 23 mill $ to the criminal Clinton enterprise. They indirectly used their 1.3 trill $ national fund for this endeavour (The legal terms are the same as in Germany).

      I come to the following temporal conclusions: Brevik’s (ordered) mass killings as well as the Fukushima mass killings and destructions where nothing more than a massive pressure to get money from Norway and Japan (8 trill $ in assets international), done by an international cabal which is directly tied to the high ups in FreeeMasonry (especially in Norway) in cohort with the dark part of Israeli high ups.

      The FBI was ordered from their economic counterparts to let them feel the pain, so to speek. I think, UK will follow, maybe others also.

  2. Paedophiles are drawn to the top. They know that their best protection is political power, powerful friends of the same ilk, and money. Perversely some powerful non-paedo people prefer it this way, because no one is in your pocket like a politician or a celebrity that you can prove is a paedo. It is a huge web of corruption, and it is increasingly international.
    20 years ago the Brits aired a long paedo documentary that changed me. I thought before that paedophiles were opportunists. Seeing that documentary made me realise they are highly calculating, highly organised people who pursue their dastardly goals completely deliberately. Amongst themselves they praise their activities. And yes, in that documentary there was a dude who allowed his ring of paedos to abuse his own young daughter. Truly despicable. Their sentencing should be more severe.

  3. Waiting for trials, convictions, and plea bargains before sentencing. A few song birds could emerge and witnesses need protection. this is out in the public record now,we’ll see if there’s any high level types put away.

  4. Who or What is the Whore of Babylon — Exposing the Cabal’s Global Child Abuse Network | Blackmail via Pedophilia, Banking, Jesuits, and more
    ht tps://sitsshow.blogspot. de/2016/11/Who-or-What-is-the-Whore-of-Babylon-Exposing-the-Cabals-Global-Child-Abuse-Network-Blackmail-via-Pedophilia.html

  5. And remember the “Sachsensumpf Affair” around our beloved interiour minister DeMaizieré and other politicians

  6. After Trump pardon’s himself (;-)), maybe Trump will invite the Norway authorities to supplement non-corrupt & non-pedophile U.S. authorities in arresting high-level organizers of the Bush/NeoCon blackmail rings in the U.S.

    Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh No! Judges, FBI & Bushes, Oh No! But a Scalia arrest is now unnecessary.

    For the most part, the pre-election ‘Pizza-Gate’ fertilizer of the Macedonian troll farms spewed all over the Alt-Right internet was mostly if not ALL fake news. However, if it will quell the gullibility of the Alt-Right & others, of course, ‘Pizza-Gate’ etc. should also be fully investigated — and given an in/decent burial.

    • Pizza-gate or Pizzagate, is on as “Research in Progress”, interestingly. Pedophiles on all sides of the aisle will go down. You can run but you can’t hide.

    • JS: Snopes has done NO “research” on the supposed “Pizzagate Conspiracy.” See So, “Research in Progress” is somewhat to VERY misleading — especially since they only started on “21 November 2016” (today). Others & I agree with you that some “on all sides of the aisle will go down.”

      Pedophile blackmail rings are a BIG problem in the U.S. & EU (and elsewhere). VT’s info is that many/most pedophile blackmail rings in U.S. are run by Bush/NeoCons etc. However, whoever they are (and I don’t care who they are), they must be stopped. Now — or at least ASAP.

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