Carrier Takes Down Trump, Fool or Con Man?



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Already playing president, much like Reagan our “acting president,” Trump “saved” a thousand American jobs today by convincing Carrier, the air conditioning manufacturer not to take 2000 jobs overseas.  Or did he?

Trump is silent on which jobs remain, whether there are pay cuts, which Pence supports, or how many are going to be moved to part time with loss of benefits.  This is what the employees at Carrier are asking and they are getting no answers.  We might add that these are also employees who largely voted for Hillary Clinton.

Staying in Indiana, where they were going to be anyway, are about 800 jobs which will soon be 600 jobs while $7 million heads to the Cayman Islands immediately, Indiana tax money, and much more to follow.  From there, we suspect a bit might be doled out to Mike Pence though his Bain Capital/Romney numbered bank account as we have been briefed by an FBI leaker:

Take a look at this photo of Trump and Romney and tell me I am wrong:


We know this, Carrier is taking most of what they asked for overseas, a number we believe they inflated and they are going overseas, not just with American jobs but Trump says he is paying them to do it.  Yes, that’s right, the most childish imaginable ploy either fooled Trump or he is already on the take.

Trump promised he was block Carrier by making them pay a tax for moving jobs overseas.  Instead, they are moving overseas and getting money.  Trump’s claim that Carrier would pay a 35% tax on imports now seems to be a lie.  Here’s the quote:

“I will call the head of Carrier and I will say, I hope you enjoy your new building,” Trump said. “I hope you enjoy Mexico. Here’s the story, folks: Every single air conditioning unit that you build and send across our border – you’re going to pay a 35 percent tax on that unit.

What we now have coming is a parade of companies that may or may not want to go overseas or to Mexico, all they have to do is claim they “fixin’ to skedaddle and Trump will block them by pouring our cash into their pockets where running away with our jobs will be so much harder…with the weight of our money to slow them down.

Good plan Donnie.

There are those who claim Trump’s books were ghost written, claims mostly made by his ghostwriter.  There are those who claim mob boss Roy Cohn built Trump’s empire and that his real cash flow is laundered mob money through his license deals.

Nasty people claim he married a Bratislava sidewalk hostess as well, people who say that are, frankly, people like Trump.

Well, if Trump is right, the dem’s were total fools, their millions and millions of illegal voters all in the wrong states and Hillary’s plurality win, expected to reach 3 million, entering landslide territory, isn’t raising an eyebrow even though everyone knows that it is impossible to have an electoral win with a huge plurality loss.

We call that hacking.

If we can believe DEBKA, the Israeli intelligence publication, Trump already cut a deal with Turkey to oust Assad, a deal negotiated by his son Eric, while on a mysterious deer hunting trip in the land of ISIS and Erdogan.

That deal with Turkey lasted 48 hours until Putin put his foot up Erdogan’s ass, with our encouragement.

Oh, how silly this is all going to get.  Enjoy it but and buy guns and canned goods

You will need them.


Bullets too.


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