Will Trump Continue the Afghan Genocide?



To the Honorable Bob Corker

U.S. Senator

Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,

Washington, D.C.

RE: Will President-Elect Trump and his New Administration Continue the Longest War Against and the Genocide of the Afghan/Pashtun? Or will the Trump Administration Seek a Negotiation Strategy for Peace?

Dear Chairman Corker:

I am not a war profiteer. I have been working for peace for the past thirty years. In the 1980s, as a Representative of the Afghan Mujaheddin for North America, I brought the Afghan /Pashtun leaders to Washington D.C. to meet President Reagan, which resulted in deals that ultimately crushed the Soviet Union (please see my attached biography, photographs and article). The United States is my homeland and Afghanistan is my motherland. My children’s maternal ancestors fought for the United States’ independence in the Revolutionary War. I hate war. My goal is to achieve true peace in Afghanistan which will benefit both the United States and Afghanistan. This point in time, with a new U.S. administration coming into power, it is the right time to make a change from a war strategy to a peace strategy. The war strategy has only made ordinary Americans poorer and less safe. It has left the United States with trillions in debt. Instead of spending tax dollars and borrowing money for war, it needs to be spent on infrastructure, which will lead to increased security. With a bankrupt economy and poor infrastructure, the United States cannot be secure and cannot continue to be a superpower. The war in Afghanistan has to end.


As a U.S. citizen, I am watching President-Elect Donald Trump select his members of his cabinet and administration. I am alarmed by his selection of Steve Bannon as a senior adviser, but I am even more concerned by his appointment of Retired General Michael T. Flynn as the national security adviser, who has stated on Twitter that it is rational to fear Muslims. Such tweets do not encourage peaceful actions. Gen. Flynn was the senior intelligence officer for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and heavily involved in waging the ugly war in Afghanistan, which has basically been a war against and the genocide of the ethnic native majority, the Pashtun, who live in the areas where the vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are located. I ask you, under the Trump Administration with the heavy influence of General Flynn, will JSOC and the United States’ hundreds of thousands of hired mercenaries/contractors, CIA mercenaries and paramilitary continue to terrorize and kill Afghan/Pashtun civilians in the villages? Or will it seek peace through sincere negotiations?

I am concerned that the recent seizure of and short detention by Northern Alliance of the independent political analyst, Engineer, Nazar Mohammad Mutameen, who represents the young generation of Afghans seeking a peaceful end to the war, signals a continuation of the war strategy and not a peace strategy.


The United States invaded Afghanistan after the tragic events of 9/11 although there never has been any evidence that Afghans were involved in 9/11. Afghans/Pashtun have been scape goated. The United States has propagandized that its continued occupation of Afghanistan has brought freedom to Afghan women. During these past fifteen years, the invasion of and the waging of war in Afghanistan with its cluster bombs, uranium tipped weaponry, militarized drone strikes, armies of mercenaries, ethnic cleansing, rapes, killings, torture, night time raids, drug trafficking, systemic corruption, bombings, contaminating the environment with REE mining byproducts, stealing, demolition of homes and villages, illegal searches, seizures and imprisonments, CIA backed thugs, warlords and communist criminals has not made Afghan women more free or secure, but just the opposite. Cell phone ownership or access to one does not equate to freedom.

Freedom for Afghan women means an Afghan woman being able to live in her country, with her family, with her culture being respected, with her honor in tact, with her faith being respected, and without foreign drones and intelligence balloons flying and buzzing overhead, without puppet leaders in Kabul, and without the constant fear of foreign soldiers invading her home and privacy, terrorizing her and threatening her safety and honor. In an Afghanistan occupied by foreign military and private mercenaries, who are terrorizing the villagers, with widespread drug trafficking and rampant systemic corruption. there can be no true freedom for women or anyone.

I understand that the United States has long term plans to occupy Afghanistan so that it has control of its new REE supply chain and to establish its new outer defense perimeter in Central Asia. With the appointment of General Flynn by President-Elect Trump, I am extremely concerned that the war strategy will not change to a peace strategy. I am concerned that the war crimes will continue.

Unfortunately, there can be no peace in Afghanistan without justice. The Afghan people deserve justice just as much as the Bosnians, the Rwandans, the Jewish victims in World War II, etc, who received justice through international tribunals. The war criminals, Afghan and American, whoever they are and whatever positions or jobs they hold, including the executive office, must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for these crimes.

It is time that the war against and occupation of Afghanistan must end and all U.S. and foreign troops must leave including the special operation forces and other U.S. hired mercenaries. I believe that the United States sets the example in the world and must always follow the rule of law and go above and beyond it. However, based on much documentation of scholars, journalists, lawyers, human rights groups, forensic specialists, other professionals and those on the ground, that has not occurred during the past fifteen plus years when it comes to the Unites States government’s involvement in Afghanistan. As many others opine and as I believe, the facts show that the United States has been operating like a rogue nation above the law in Afghanistan with its full scale invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (which was not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11) with its use of carpet bombs, experimental weapons, and remote drone assassination strikes, with its destruction of Afghan villages around the vast REE deposits in the Pashtun areas, with its use of JSOC command of special operations forces in cooperation with CIA operators and Black water CIA mercenaries, who raid villages, terrorize and kill civilians, snatch, grab, render, and torture those Afghans, who oppose and who have opposed the war/occupation, and the corrupt, drug trafficking puppet Ashraf Ghani Administration.

The Afghanistan Freedom Fighter is the majority ordinary Afghan/Pashtun villagers, who have been the victims of this U.S. led war and corrupt puppet government. As history has shown, the Afghan/Pashtun villagers cherish their freedom and defend their homeland from foreign invaders. These Afghans, who resist, are not war profiteers, war lords, war criminals, corrupt government officials, and/or drug traffickers. I believe it is time that U.S government stop the propaganda. I believe many in our government, especially top officials, know who is “really” profiting from the drug trafficking and this war, and why our country “really” invaded, occupies and wants to continue to have nine permanent military bases in Afghanistan. It is not really about counter terrorism or true democracy (that is just the propaganda needed to justify our country’s actions to the T. V. watching American people). Rather, it is about establishing and maintaining our military presence in Afghanistan, the heart of Central Asia, to control the flow of gas, oil and REEs in the Caspian Sea Region, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is about having a military staging ground to launch small attacks and drone attacks in the area against those who oppose the war/ occupation, and military-based U.S. foreign policy. It is about, after the end of the Cold War, (the defeat of the Soviet Union by the Afghan Freedom Fighters) the United States’ rebuilding its defenses and establishing its bases away from Europe and now in Central Asia, the new buffer or outer security perimeter. It is about allowing the CIA- sponsored restoration of the drug trafficking, which makes a few Afghans and Americans, government officials, defense contractors and others wealthier and also funds the secret operations of the CIAs and JSOC’s dirty war.

I believe the good citizens in America and the world are beginning to awaken and realize that the real terrorizing of the Afghan people is being committed by the bullying superpower, the United States, NATO and their agents and puppets. In addition, the Afghan majority is awakening and realizing that the bilateral security agreement that United States government forced the Afghan administration to execute is in reality a way to allow JSOC through its special operations forces in cooperation with the private, now wealthy mercenaries such as Black water and CIA operatives, to continue to terrorize the Afghan villagers. The Bilateral Security Agreement allows the continuation of the flow of drug trafficking and the control of the Afghan people’s REEs, and the oil and gas rich Caspian and greater region. The Afghan villagers will continue to be terrorized and subjected to suffering. Let’s be honest the U.S. Government really does not care about the ordinary Afghan people. It cares about attaining its national interests in Afghanistan at whatever cost. It cares about the Afghan war lords, drug traffickers, Afghan communists, war profiteers, and Afghan government puppets, who help it achieve these national goals and implement its militaristic foreign policy in that region at any cost and by any means. I believe the United Sates can achieve its goals in Afghanistan and Central Asia by following the law and doing it the right way.

It is a fact that since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan the opium drug trade has soared. The United States has restored such drug trafficking. The United States’ foreign policy in Afghanistan, which is driven by the decision making of the CIA, Pentagon, and military think tanks such as RAND, supports the thriving drug trafficking. It is a fact that under the Taliban government rule the drug trafficking and poppy production was almost completely eradicated. Even the United Nations General Assembly in October 2001 acknowledged this fact when it referenced the Taliban’s 2000 Opium Eradication Program. Every Afghan knows that historically the CIA and Northern Alliance have always been the drug traffickers in Afghanistan. I believe it is also common knowledge that the CIA and JSOC fund their dirty, secret operations through dirty money that comes from laundering that drug money through CIA shell companies and banks in the Middle East and off-shore. It is common knowledge that JSOC does not report to Congress. The CIA started this type of funding for its operations back in the 1980s. As many have discovered, unfortunately heroin has become part of the war agenda. I believe the United States is responsible for making Afghanistan a narco-state with a corrupt puppet Afghan government with many top officials involved in this drug trafficking. I am saddened that so many Afghans, Americans and others have become heroin addicts because of this drug trafficking.

I am saddened that the war profiteers are becoming richer and the U.S. war machine grinds on at the expense of the ordinary Afghan majority, who suffer and will continue to suffer due to a military/intelligence controlled foreign policy. This war and occupation in Afghanistan, with JSOC special operation forces, CIA operatives and private mercenaries is beyond the rule of law, outside congressional oversight and fits the definition of terrorism. The Afghan villagers, who are the majority, are the victims of these terrorist acts. They are the victims of these war crimes. The war criminals, Afghan and American, whoever they are and whatever positions or jobs they hold, including the executive office, must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for these crimes.

The U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee’s release in December, 2014 of a 525 page summary of the CIA’s treatment of detainees and torture is an example of departments and agencies of the U.S. government not following the law. It is just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure the U.S. government has millions of pages of documents regarding war crimes committed by the U.S., its private contractors, its Afghan thugs and puppet government against Afghan civilians that have not been released to the American public and world. The first step to achieving true peace in Afghanistan is accounting for crimes and releasing the documents. As I have stated all along, besides achieving true peace in Afghanistan, my main goal is that those individuals and government officials and actors responsible for war crimes committed against Afghan civilians from 1978 to the present be prosecuted in lawful tribunals. This step must be taken before true peace and stability can occur in Afghanistan. Without justice there can be no peace.

I believe the Afghan civilians have suffered enough because of the superpowers’ wars in Afghanistan. With the recent appointments by President-Elect Trump, I sadly do not see true peace and justice for Afghans anytime soon as long as the United States continues its war strategy. I really hope President-Elect proves me wrong.

Furthermore, I am concerned about the influence Russia is having over the Afghan Resistance, which is not good for the United States. That influence alarmingly is increasing every day. Whereas, the Ghani government’s power and influence over the native Afghan/Pashtun majority has decreased and almost disappeared. Throughout history, the Afghan /Pashtun have always seen America as a friend. Please stop viewing them as an enemy which is what is happening through the continuation of this ugly war. The Trump administration needs to rebuild its friendship with the Afghans/ Pashtun. The United States needs to focus on its real enemies, China, North Korea and Russia.

I am requesting a meeting with you to discuss how to end the ugly war in Afghanistan with honor for all sides. For the past fifteen years, your committee has only heard from the war profiteers, who have personal interests in continuing the war. I am not a war profiteer.

I hate war. I fought in the war in Afghanistan in the 1980s against the Soviet Union to end communism. I do not want to see the United States end up like the former Soviet Union. I only want true peace. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.


Kadir A. Mohmand

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

(269) 353-7044

Former Representative of the Afghan Mujaheddin for North America during the 1980s





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