Re-Uniting America


On the day he won the election, President-Elect Donald Trump promised to be the president for all Americans, and he continued to repeat the statement. All of America will hold him to his promise.


America is great now, and if President Elect Donald Trump wants to make “America Great Again”, then he has to earnestly take all the necessary steps to reunite America — to heal the wounds and divisions this presidential election created.

It would be a great gesture if both President Obama and President-Elect Trump got together one more time, perhaps even on December 12, 2016 – Connie Francis’ Birthday – and declare “Love America Day” to call for a reunited America, where winners and losers in this election could join in celebrating the free spirit that makes America a great country.

America is great not because of its politics or its politicians, but because of its people. As my friend Hugh Traulsen once said, “if America is to have a successful future, we must learn to look out for each other, not look at each other.”

December, with its special holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah, is the right month for both President Obama and President-Elect Trump to stand up jointly and live up to the spirit that makes America not an exceptional country but a special country, united indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

America is a country of natives, of early immigrants, of recent immigrants, and yes, of “illegal immigrants”; a country of many faiths, many colors, races; a country of a rapidly expanding very rich class, a vanishing middle class and an ever increasing poor class – with a wide gap between Wall Street and Main Street. The recent appointments of Wall Street executives, millionaires, and billionaires as leading cabinet members do not bode well for those who voted for Donald Trump. None of the appointees without exception has indicated they will advocate for the many average Americans who voted Mr. Trump into the White House.


The swampy power corridor of Washington-New York was never friendly to Main Street America, nor has it shown any empathy for the needs, wants or suffering from the very people who voted for Mr. Trump. One would expect that Mr. Trump will appoint a senior cabinet or senior adviser who would be an advocate for all those left behind to drown in the “swamps”.

We are all in the same boat, Republicans, Democrats, Independent, Green, Right, Left or Middle. And, what we need most at this time is a competent, committed captain to lead our ship to safer shores, leaving no one behind.

With the exception of the appointment of General Mattis as future Secretary of Defense, the other key appointments leave a big question mark about President-Elect Trump’s commitment to “drain the swamp”, with strong reference to both Washington and Wall Street, which is a corridor full of deadly crocodiles and venomous pythons, and is the cause of the ills of the nation; jobs and manufacturing losses, the financial meltdowns, the loss of pensions and of IRAs, and a deteriorating infrastructure – especially the “Shorting of Main Street” of the very people who voted for President-Elect Donald Trump. Washington and New York are the masters of the “swamp”.

As a Veteran, with an ailing Veteran brother, I really have serious concerns about the floating of Sara Palin’s name as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The fact that she shot a couple of “caribou” does not qualify her for the demanding job of Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

President Elect Trump must show the same commitment towards Vets as he did with his active military appointment of General Mattis as Secretary of Defense; he must show the same commitment to Veterans by appointing a Veterans’ Veteran as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, not a washout politician. I dare say someone with the same caliber and commitment that Senator Bernie Sanders has shown for the needs and issues of Veterans.

Let us hope that both President Obama and President-Elect Trump will get together one more time on December 12 and call for a reunited America and declare “Love America Day”.


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Sami Jamil Jadallah

Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh (presently under Israeli Military and Settlers Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62.

After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army (66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers were in US military service about the same time (Nabil-Army), (Lutfi-Marines), (Sam-Army) and (Taiseer-Marines) with two nephews presently with US Army.

Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Jurist Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU, was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several businesses in technology and services.

His articles are also featured on, and Ramallah Online.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Palin will get the VA job. I don’t know who it will be, but I hope it’s someone as tough as Mattis. Bureaucrats are hell to deal with.

  2. And what type of Veteran are you suggesting , Mr. Jadallah , the people in the ‘rear ‘ , driving trucks , taking care of office duties ,perhaps some mid echelon career lifer who never carried a weapon after training , a high level officer who got medals flying over combat areas ,some second lieutenant who’s uncle kept him out of harms way with a cushy assignment , a Vet with a B.A. in business and philosophy and personnel management ? Try sitting out on a mission after 25 plus days on a long range Recon wearing some one else’s uniform with patched holes ,heating up lRPS with c4 from your last claymore & thinking dark thoughts about the aforementioned like i did in 1970 ,and pick the perfect Archetype.

    • Boonie rat 70. Well, what I can tell you is that the next VA Secretary should be a combat Veteran who had experience with the VA, its hospitals, and its deadly bureaucracy. He or she should also have a higher education degree, managing similar hospitals or someone with a master degree in hospital management, not a washed out screaming woman like Sara Palin. The VA needs a complete reorganization, make it efficient giving Veterans vouchers to seek medical help closer to home, with immediate access to emergency services. Yes, the next secretary has to be well educated in management with experience delivering services to clients, I hope I answered your question.

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