Fake News: InfoWars Reports Fake Trump Assassination Website


Looks like more “male enhancement” by InfoWars.  PizzaGate, Jade Helm and now this, hey this could be the best scam yet, one  the whole world could get behind.  They never seem to tire of the crap and someone is making good money at this, we would guess.

Note this, the FBI doesn’t seem to care.  InfoWars suggests this is an FBI sting.  We go otherwise, that this is another pro-Trump psyop run by the FBI and Mossad, trying to garner sympathy for Trump while his “disaster cabinet” comes together or his drug and terror funded Kushner scam project in New Jersey burns through the press.

Then again, he only paid off one 13 year old girl so far, there must be others.

On the dark or lighter side, depending on how you look at it, there is considerable talk about killing Trump, particularly if he stops taking orders from Netanyahu, something we consider unlikely.

What we do see is this, Trump’s plans for Russia, get close to Putin, buy those around him and have Putin killed and Russia run into the ground by the Khazarian Mafia that is moving into Washington as we speak.

Anyway, do not send money to these people.  Never discuss anything publicly anymore, not publicly, not privately, not online, not on the phone, not in an empty field, even talking to yourself.

Maybe don’t even think it either.  Surveillance may well have gone that far.

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11 Replies to “Fake News: InfoWars Reports Fake Trump Assassination Website

  1. MHL: The Hagopian article contains much smoke but no ‘real’ evidence of crime/s. Same with recent reports by Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock. But they certainly warrant investigations…

    However, DC police, NYPD & FBI etc. have checked into this stuff and have NO active investigations (i.e., none publicly alleged or reported, which they would be). Regardless, pizzagate & pedo blackmail rings indicate strong involvement by intel/covert Ops groups — domestic & foreign.

    So far, no hard evidence, no alleged victims, no active investigations & no whistleblowers exist for ‘pizzagate.’ Trump & Co. recently told pizzagate-supporting NSA Flynn’s son: “You’re Fired!”

    Do I believe that Republithug & Dummycrook pedophile blackmail rings exist? Damn skippy! I do, as per personal & professional experiences. VT too, as per VT articles related to Scalia’s murder, etc.

    Is it probable that Trump & Co. will facilitate further investigations of pedophile blackmail rings (if or since warranted)? Yes, but only of Dummycrooks. Republithugs need not worry.

    If there’s smoke, there may well be fire. However, given the longstanding nature & extent of the issues, Jan/2017+ is not too long to wait for proper investigations, charges & convictions (if any).

    1. #Pizzagate is pepperoni pizza with NO pepperoni (as per ALL federal & state/DC authorities).

  2. MHL: I apologize for saying that “you may like your pepperoni pizza to be without any pepperoni.” My rhetoric was MUCH too harsh. Sorry. ;-). P.S. Although credibly disagreeing with Duff & MDs on MANY medical/other issues, I am a doctor. Really. Just not an MD. BTW, although hating to admit it, I sometimes even agree with you… “Oh no, Mr. Bill… Say it ain’t so, Joe.” ;-).

  3. In pizzagate, DC police & FBI have determined that there is no “there” there. NO investigations. NO law enforcement authority anywhere is investigating anything that is pizza-related. Except for you, of course, since you may like your pepperoni pizza to be without any pepperoni. ;-).

    1. AM: Your Keystone Cops Pre-Crime Division might stop a Trump presidency before it happens… BOLO, OK?

  4. Since Infowars has been outed as a Mossad disinfo operation and it is true Jones is nothing more than a shill for isrealhell when he’s not peddling male enhancement pills, it’s rather plain that anyone who falls for this sucker punch is in for a shocker.
    Fake news, indeed! Anything connected with isrealhell and Washington is going to come out as fake news.
    Between Infowars and Breitbart they both have managed to feed nothing but nonsense and so many people swallow it like cheap lite beer.
    I have visited over at Breitbart and I’m totally amazed at the ignorance and flat out disinformed those people are.
    Now Jones is apparently either making up this stuff or simply doing what he’s told to do by his zionist masters.

    1. JZ: Breitbart, AJ & Trump will soon be seen to be who they really are: Self-Discrediting Memes.

      Just as The Daily Beast bought Newsweek, AJ & Infowars will soon buy Faux News & WaPo.

      After the Twit in Chief is Prez, Trump’s black hole will buy them all — before or after almost all ‘news’ media are recognized to be even more bankrupt than Trump ever was.

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