U.S. Officials: Russia and Assad Won Syrian War, New World Order Agents Lost  

"Brother Barack, you should have joined me in fighting terrorism in Syria. I told you that I ain't playing."
“Brother Barack, you should have joined me in fighting terrorism in Syria. I told you that I ain’t playing.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


A number of anonymous U.S. officials have recently lamented that Russia and Assad won the Syrian debacle. In fact, the Syrian terrorists in Aleppo are now talking about surrendering to the Russian forces.[1] This means that terrorist cells such the Syrian rebels and terrorist states such as Saudi Arabia are deteriorating in the region.

This also implies that the Israeli regime has received a major defeat, since they were the first terrorist state that was pushing the United States to get involved in a useless war with Assad. One U.S. official declared:

“Who won? Putin, the Iranians and Assad. Who lost? We did, and Jordan (where the CIA trained and armed moderate rebels), especially. The Saudis and Gulf states.”[2]

But NWO agents in the U.S. and elsewhere will not give up without a fight. A U.S. official again declares,

“The guys who are going to get out are going to fight guerrilla-style. They are going to join Nusra … the Arabs are going to continue to fund the opposition. They are not going to forget about it just because we have.”[3]

Well, the Syrian terrorists have been fighting guerrilla-style for a long time. And the CIA and other covert organizations, which spent millions upon millions of dollars supporting those people,[4] didn’t care about that at all. They only cared about removing Assad from power.

Remember when one Syrian rebel/terrorist cut the heart and liver of a dead government soldier and took a bite? The terrorist, who went by the name of Abu Sakkar, even declared:

“I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar [Assad] the dog.”[5]

Did the West rise up and stop supporting their terrorist brothers then? Did Western politicians begin to question Israel’s motives with respect to removing Assad from power? Did they even start rethinking the ideology of the Israeli regime in the region?

No. The only person who stood up and declared that supporting terrorist cells in Syria is dangerous was Vladimir Putin, the man who has been labeled “the New Hitler.” Putin declared then:

“These are people who don’t just kill their enemies, they open up their bodies, and eat their intestines in front of the public and the cameras. Are these the people you want to… supply with weapons?”

Instead of asking the West to stop supporting terrorists like Abu Sakkar, the BBC summoned the stupid idea that Sakkar was probably “mentally disturbed all along”![6]

You see, New World Order agents are living in an irrational and essentially diabolical world. Since they are inexorably supporting a terrorist state (Israel) which does not want to abide by the moral and political order and which uses the Talmud as its legal basis,[7] they have to promote chaos and destruction in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.” That’s how they have been destroying one country after another.

Through psychological manipulation, they have convinced the masses that terrorism can be your friend and ally. The Syrian rebels, they tell us repeatedly, are not terrorist groups at all. They are just “moderates.” If they commit war crimes and cut the hearts out of dead bodies,[8] that’s just great. But if Iran and Russia and the Assad government start obliterating those terrorists, that’s bad.

Well, the New World Order argument is getting old—really old. People of reason no longer buy it, and it is one reason why a large section of the U.S. population and even around the world is waking up. This is also one reason why Russia is rising.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

8 Replies to “U.S. Officials: Russia and Assad Won Syrian War, New World Order Agents Lost  

  1. Israel is a terrorist state? Somebody has bumped their head! since when has self-defense become terrorism? The author obviously doesn’t know the definition of a terrorist and uses that term loosely, The United States has no business getting involved in Syria, we weren’t invited there! and if the New World Order wants their natural gas pipeline they should negotiate with the government of Syria ,there was no war in Syria, if there was we would have squashed them like a bug, you don’t fight a war like it’s a hobby ,with one hand tied behind your back, you use all your might ,the US is energy Independent, thanks to fracking technology and shale oil deposits and should learn to stay the hell out of the Middle East, where hatred, mental instability from traditional inbreeding, War ,Strife, misery and destruction ,are a way of life.

    1. So, what happened in Vietnam? What happened in Iraq the first time? Any war waged by a government rather than a military will end up in chaos and that is exactly what the whole Middle East is now. Let’s face it, the last war we won was WWII.

  2. I would also include – Merkel lost too. For her “humanitarian” refugee invitation was nothing less but an act of war against Syria, to try to draw as many fighting age males away from the conflict region as possible. Prevent their return to join the SAA and house them in poor areas where they would find no one willing to listen to what is really going on in Syria. We need to consider Merkel as an anti-Assad leader who joined the fray under the guise of being a humanitarian.

  3. “lamenting”like some game they “lost”, with zero consideration for human life, woe to all of them….unfortunately none lamenting their loss bled as they bled the good people of Syria .

  4. Another world war is again won by Russians. It is so pathetic and shameul that numerous NATO countries and leaders fell for the false narrative about Syria, although Syrian and Russian diplomats serving in those NATO countries have been completely mild and tame always expressing the same attitude “we regret it but we know that you are not allowed to have your own opinion but only that of Washington and London” and if that is not greatness and nobility by the Syrians and their allies then nothing in this world is. Israel willingly continues to choose to live in Hansel & Gretel reality of their own creation where there are just moving objects around them, beasts and deamons mistaken for real people. And USA, well that country cannot be trusted much anymore, if anything really, about world affairs. Syrian war showed the world quite openly that US presidency and US military and weapons production are two separate corporations with their each own agenda and financial goals.

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