The Trump Card is played! Never Underestimate THE FOOL


By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

The Fool is a powerful Tarot card because its possibilities all start in nothingness and reach into infinity.
The Fool is a powerful Tarot card because its possibilities all start in nothingness and reach into infinity

On Friday October 13, 1307 the French King Philip IV, who was deeply indebted to the Knights Templar, ordered them arrested and charged with heretical practices and on November 22 of that year under pressure from Philip, Pope Clement V issued the papal bull Pastoralis Praeeminentiae instructing all the monarchs of Europe to seize their assets.

Whether or not the Knights Templar practiced heretical beliefs as charged, the immolation of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay at the hands of the Pope’s Inquisitors in 1314 would serve as an inspiration to generations of people who did.

Pope Innocent III’s brutal Albigensian Crusade of 1209-29 against the powerful dualist Cathar movement pitted Northern France’s Catholic nobility against the lesser nobility of the south who were tolerant and supportive of it.

As a pre-Christian faith deeply rooted in the ancient world and spread by Rome’s legions through Mithraism to the four corners of the pagan Roman Empire, Catharism represented an old and powerful belief system which refused to be suppressed by the sterile and often contradictory doctrines of Rome’s Christian Empire.

As described by Reverend V.A. Demant, Canon of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in a preface to a 1947 book on the subject titled The Arrow and the Sword:

Persian god, Mithra
Persian god, Mithra

“To mention only its roots in Mithraism, its links with the Gnostics, its theological dualism, its asceticism, the ritual of life and death as cosmic mysteries, the appeal of the troubadours, Arthurian legends and the cult of the Holy Grail, the passions aroused for and against witchcraft, the intimate connection between sex and religion — all these things are sufficient testimony to the deep rooted vitality of a stream of religious consciousness which cannot be superciliously dismissed by rationalists and moralists.”

Writing on the heels of World War II, and with Europe still in ruins from the rise of an irrational and immoral pagan faith called Nazism, Demant feared that such a vital apocalyptic belief system with its “robust religiousness” and commitment to a struggle against an evil material world was bound to rise again, as it had so many times in the past.

Yet, he might not have been surprised to know that his own “Protestant” faith, of which he was a senior officer as the Canon of St. Paul’s, had its own roots in the same heresy.

Now lost in the cross weaves of history, Britain’s version of the heresy represented a new and far more dangerous version of life-denying Catharism than was ever imagined by the Templars, Bernard of Clairvaux or Jacques DeMolay.


A Grudge that lasted through the Centuries

Much has been speculated about the survival of the Templars following their dissolution in 1312. Today’s popular fiction about their life as a secret society rests not on any particular historical accounting but mainly on 18th century Masonic myth-making and Sir Walter Scott’s early 19th century stories that romanticized the Templar Knighthood.

The 18th century men of the Enlightenment found great interest in mystical illumination through Masonic rituals. To these men, the newly industrializing West needed a new prophetic tradition to anchor it in history. Rediscovery of the ancient world, as a result of imperial interventions in the Near East and Egypt, spawned a renewed interest in Renaissance Neo-Platonism and Cabbalism and their roots in a life-denying Gnostic creed. In fact, the very act of returning in victory to the origin of these Gnostic beliefs was in itself proof that they had been chosen to fulfill a cosmic cycle, as prophesied by the ancients.

Bestowing the Templars with occult mystical powers fit neatly into the early Romantic Movement and helped to promote Enlightenment thinking as part of God’s plan for mankind. 

But the ravages of the Inquisition and the growing anger over a corrupt Roman Catholic Church were anything but myth to those living in the thirteenth and fourteenth century.

As a military order of religious warriors responsible only to the Pope, the Templars and their Cathar backers in France and England represented a powerful autonomous deep-state within medieval society. In many ways orthodox Christianity was no match for the life-denying, dualist doctrine of the Cathars. Catharism’s simple focus on the cosmic battle between a spiritual good and a material evil, and its promise of a time-ending apocalypse in which the material world would be consumed in fire, was an extreme seduction.

Driven to ground by a corrupted Roman Catholic Church and greedy French King, “the heresy” appeared to have been trampled out by the middle of the 14th century. But with the onset of the Reformation in the early 16th century, Rome’s authority faced a new challenge and as it spread to Ireland, the old Anglo/Norman warlords like the Fitzgeralds, would face their own apocalypse.

Elizabeth's divine destiny
Was it Elizabeth’s divine destiny to lead?

The Protestant Reformation represented a heresy that was at once secular and religious. Martin Luther and John Calvin confronted a Papacy that claimed a material domain, as well as a spiritual one.  In 1534, the English Parliament’s Act of Supremacy solved that problem by declaring Henry VIII “Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England”, and in 1559, his daughter Queen Elizabeth I became the Church’s “Supreme Governor.”

Cathar territory remained fertile ground for insurrection against the church and that insurrection came with the Protestant Reformation. The French Calvinist Huguenot movement of the late 16th century grew from exactly the same ground in France, where 200 years earlier, the Cathars had been brutally suppressed by the Papal Crusade.

In England, Queen Elizabeth I’s deep-state, comprised of the Earl of Leicester Sir Francis Walsingham and Sir Philip Sydney, found common cause with the Huguenots and supported them with soldiers, guns and money. Their armies waged holy war against the Papacy across Europe and in Catholic Ireland where they targeted the last visible threat to Elizabeth’s supremacy at home, the Fitzgeralds.



16th Century deep-state competition

The Fitzgerald family had drawn their original power from France and Italy in the 11th century as the muscle for the Cathar-friendly Anglo/Norman royals. They had clearly performed their duties well enough to be rewarded by their feudal lords with lands and titles, but when they came to Ireland, their paths diverged. Gerald of Wales makes clear in his book that, by 1170, this family of Anglo/Norman Samurai was fed up with royal excess and wanted to strike out on their own under their own banner.

But three centuries of the Fitzgerald family’s immersion in Irish culture transformed them. Forsaking the English language, English customs and English law, the Anglo/Normans married the land and became “more Irish than the Irish themselves”. Known as the “Old English” (Seanghaill), their ongoing intermarriage with Irish clans produced furious resentment from London, while the coming of the Protestant Reformation produced outright hatred.

Known for their love of Ireland and their willingness to renounce their loyalty to England, the Fitzgerald family were feared and hated as representatives of a Roman Catholic deep-state bent on reversing the Reformation. On the other hand, the Sidney Circle represented a very old deep-state of its own; that “stream of religious consciousness,” that had been suppressed for centuries, had risen in rebellion and was committed to ridding the world of evil.

The Sidney Circle and its primary operatives, Francis Walsingham, Edmund Spencer, Sir Walter Raleigh and John Dee, represented the militarized edge of Renaissance Neoplatonism, bent on establishing England not just as a global empire to rival Catholic Spain, but as a spiritual empire headed by Queen Elizabeth I that would cleanse the material world and restore its spiritual destiny.

The first step to that destiny was the conquest of Ireland. Inspired by the Hermetic-Cabbalist Neoplatonism of John Dee, the Sydney Circle would take on the Fitzgerald Earl of Desmond in a genocidal war of extermination. Viewed from the 21st century, the idea of an all-or-nothing Manichean holy war between white Europeans seems bizarre.

But the feud between the European deep-state factions of the Counter-Reformation was a no-holds-barred fight to the death that embodied no less than the core principles of a cosmic war between light and dark.

In 1580, the prospect of this apocalyptic war of genocide coming to Ireland prompted the Holy See in Rome to send an army of Italians and Spaniards to help the Fitzgeralds under the authority drafted by the “Just War Doctrine.”

Dubbed by Richard Berleth, author of The Twilight Lords: Elizabeth I and the First Irish Holocaust as the “Twilight Lords”, the Fitzgeralds’ struggle against the Elizabethans and their Renaissance Neoplatonism offers a window into a thousand year old factional struggle of a European “deep-state” rooted in a Gnostic belief system. As allegorized in Edmund Spencer’s Faerie Queene, the Fitzgeralds satisfied the Manichean requirement for evil in the English propaganda of the day, while Elizabeth and her Red Cross Templar knights represented Christian purity in the tradition of King Arthur and the Round Table.

It is of no small importance that the death of Gerald Fitzgerald, the last Earl of Desmond in 1583, marks the beginning of the British Empire. The eternal struggle of good against evil, the ancient Iranian war of light against dark by design required a victory over the darkness, and the Earl of Desmond filled that sacred role. As was the custom at the time, his decapitated head was sent to London where, legend has it, Queen Elizabeth sat with it for the morning before having it impaled on London Bridge.

Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh

With the incorporation of the British East India Company in 1600, Elizabeth’s victory would be spread around the world through imperial expansion. Elizabeth’s favorite courtier Walter Raleigh would sail to America and establish the colony that came to be named Virginia for the “Virgin Queen.”

The East India Company would establish trading posts from India to America and play a key role in the economic causes leading to the American Revolution.

It would make its founding families rich beyond dreams of avarice and make the English language universal and English culture the standard by which all other cultures would be judged. But the competition with Rome and the suspicion over its motives would never stop.

In the 400 plus years since Elizabeth I’s time, much of what was once deemed heretical by Church authorities has become commonplace. The Irish feudal society the Fitzgeralds died to preserve was already obsolete by Elizabethan times, and would have vanished with or without them.

The sexual practices of the “heretics”, forbidden by law as recently as a generation ago, have become accepted and even openly embraced. The perfection of the human race through magic and alchemy sought by John Dee and the Sidney Circle has been replaced by computer science, physics and biotechnology, but the final product of such perfection is far from clear or even desirable.

Unknown and often unseen, the bitter struggle for power within the Anglo/Norman deep-state has raged beneath the surface down through the centuries.


On November 22, 1963, Americans were shocked by the public execution of their President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In the years since every manner of conspiracy theory has been advanced to explain what happened.

But killing the only Roman Catholic President of the United States on the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas on the Masonic day of revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar (November 22) bespeaks a ritual; and the ritual to which it bespeaks belongs to the Cathars and the De Clare family.

The discovery that George Bush was descended from Earl Richard de Clare, “Strongbow,” the same man who drew the Fitzgerald family en masse into Ireland in 1169 was one of those moments few may understand without access to the deep-state script.

If the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy could have been an act of retribution for an eight hundred year old vendetta, then we all must begin to view history from a much more complex perspective. In order to understand a “deep-state”, we must all begin to ask “deep-questions” and be willing to accept “deep-answers”, no matter where they lead.

But with some clues to our own past, with an understanding of the ancient cycles of revenge and retribution and a rudimentary knowledge of the ancient rituals of death and rebirth, we can move forward to enthusiastically greet whatever is about to come next in much better shape than we might have thought possible.

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FINALE: The Trump Card is played! Never Underestimate THE FOOL

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire and The Voice. For more information visit their websites at invisiblehistory and grailwerk


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  1. If the purpose of the article is to arrive at a clearifying conclusion it lacks the necessary objectivity, At least, a different History is described in William Cobbit’s “The protestant reformation in England and Ireland” . the fact is that Irish Catholics were forced to convert to Protestantism otherwise they were deprived the right to possesss any land..
    The Chinon Parchment, a recently discovered document on the Templars fate, the Pope aquitted De Molay and Templars. It must be also considered that the Pope, then residing in Avignon, was under direct military pressure of Phillip the IV, who decided to go ahead with De Molay’s execution. All trial proceedings today are available in Paris.
    Albigensians and several other heretics were tollerated until they didn’t physically attack the church, as it happened with the first, that took furniture, icons and sacred symbols and burned it outside the churches with no acceptable excuse, fact that motivated the King to ask the Church if such actions were part of religious observance. The first inquisitor designed by the Pope to determine if such behaviour was real and according to the Faith was St. Peter de Arbuez, first martyr of the Inquisition killed by the heretics.
    About the “Vendetta” performed on JFK, becomes more of a weak legend when facing practical actions of JFK

    • …to stop Jewish control of the US. If such seems to be the case then, rabbi Stephen Wise words that “there is no more Jewish Institution than Masonry” are true evidence as nearly all of those implicated in JFK crime were and are masons, symbols aside.

  2. This article is trying to create a narrative without sufficient comprehension of the matters and ideologies involved. Gnosticism is not as described here. The Lord Jesus, speaking to his followers simply told that the world is a thought construct, but that there be no need to avoid the experience provided we be wise and avoid entanglement. He went on to say that the time would when all things must return to their root. If one takes time to read Gnostic anthropology it is akin to a light switching on as suddenly the mystical knowledge of other systems are seen to clearly overlay the old Coptic texts and Gnostic teachings: After all Gnosticism literally means ‘Knowledge’. The first Pope was a Gnostic if memory serves, though he lasted only a single year. That said there are most certainly consequences here and now related directly to actions taken in the past. Not room here to list, but research will bring rewards.

  3. Wow – been a long time since I’ve read such a rambling, unsubstantiated stream of consciousness disinformation. First off there is no link between Cathars and Mithraism – to state this reveals an ignorance of what gnosticism is and quoting some priest from St Pauls proves nothing either way. There is also no link between the Templars and the Cathars, The war against the Cathars began 100 years before the Templars (in France) were destroyed. The Templars did nothing to help the Cathars in 1209. Likewise gnosticism finds no trace in Protestantism and in no way can the Cathar faith be seen as a forerunner of this Christian Reformation that came centuries later. This is fake “occultism” for the gullible – oh and don’t forget to mention “deep state’ as many times as you can before you leap forward 500 years in history without presenting any evidence. The idea that Elizabeth 1 was a Gnostic is beyond laughable.

  4. … “my people die through a lack of knowledge”…of a deliberate and malevolent interference, the separation the human from the being, as in “human beings” …see “being” …. a miracle combining flesh and blood of human with spirit of being …….the human separated or weakened from the being, the flow is then lost with the flight… there is a way , the life of Jesus was not about his death,his life was “the way” and it is only through the heart… the oppressors of humanity have taken rule, cruel and heartless… “human beings” are above them, our ways are higher than their ways, their vision is obscured, love is a higher frequency they kill, and JFK was loved ……..”killing the only Roman Catholic President of the United States on the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas on the Masonic day of revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar (November 22) bespeaks a ritual”…. Rituals sealed in blood in the cosmic war they wage… we are not of their “kind” and people need to be taught as children to reach the fullness and limitless capabilities as real “human beings”

  5. Fascinating read!!! We are about to fight WW III and just about everybody reading this is going to watch all they ever loved die. If they don’t stop reading comic books and start reading stuff like this and what we have brought to the table from the Germans they will never even know why. And speaking of the Germans this is from Miguel Serrano, our private stock, whom I’m sure needs no introduction to those who are reading this that know.

    “In my book “The Golden Band” I have a chapter called “The Mirror of Papan” from which the Aztec Princess, “sister” (soror) of Montezuma, in truth a Hyperborean Priestess, received her visions. In which she contemplated the return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent in a mirror of Onyx or some other unknown material. It fell into the hands of Hernan Cortes who took it to Europe. By a strange destiny, it came to England, where Queen Elizabeth the First coveted it. At last it came into the hands of John Dee,” –page 461-462. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

    “The Mirror of Papan will go with John Dee to Prague, where the Holy Roman Emperor of the Germans Rudolph the II, the alchemist, wants to have it at any price.” –page 462. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

    • “John Dee had received orders through the mirror to undertake the fantastic enterprise he called “Thule,” trying to convince Queen Elizabeth, as Meyrink [Gustav Meyrink’s 1927 novel The Angel of the West Window describes John Dee’s and Edward Kelley’s astrological and mystical experience.] tells us, to conquer Groenlandia, Greenland, the green land, that was green and became white in one night. Thousands of Vikings lived there to the Thirteenth Century. In the Fourteenth Century they were no longer there, as if after having converted from the religion of their Nordic ancestors they were then swallowed up by the green land, or white. De Mahieu says they went to America, following their relatives of the Ninth Century. John Dee thought they had found the entrance to the Hollow Earth, or the door permitting them to leave for a parallel world, another pluri-dimensional reality mathematically proven by that sage who did not believe in Euclidian math. We have said all this in our previous work. John Dee tried to convince Elizabeth the First to become mistress of this “North door,” allowing him to establish and Empire of Two Worlds,” (Imperium in imperio) with exits and entrances to another dimension, mathematically verifiable, an authentic Imperium of a Pontifix Maximus, a Sovereign-Priest, Bridge between two worlds: Chakravartin.

    • Thus England Land of the Angels (the Tauthas de Dannon), true name of England, also Albion, land of Albedo, would be the Imperium of the Angels, those who spoke to John Dee in the Mirror of Princess Papan, and who were none other than the gods of Hyperborea, showing the way to the return to their primordial Polar Fatherland, the Golden Age.” – page 462-463. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

      “The legend tells us that in those times, Rabbi Loew (ancestor of Karl Marx) [the Maharal of Prague], created his Golem in Prague, robot possibly meant to combat John Dee, and the plans of the Hyperboreans and their German Emperor.
      John Dee could not realize his dreams of an Imperium of two worlds, that genial plan of magic realism, because they had been infiltrated by the spy Kelly, who brought them ruin. Finally they burned his invaluable library and stole his documents, like in the case, mentioned previously, of Professor Herman Wirth.
      England was not the land of angels as John Dee had dreamed, but a penal colony for the Frisians and a burial ground for the “Hyperborean dead.” In the Sixteenth Century the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal had already arrived there. And England was a land of demons, and would continue to be controlled by demons, with Aryan bodies and Jew souls.” – page 463-464. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

    • Perhaps you should learn to read before you start leaving disparaging remarks under other peoples comments Eddie. Those are quotes. Jack Heart did not write them. Miguel Serrano, whom Jack Heart in no way shape or form uniformly endorses, did. Perhaps if you knew who Miguel Serrano was, you might realize the importance of the content in relation to this essay but then you would actually have to read something besides the headlines and captions in an article before you scribble your comments…

  6. The best analysis of the “JFK assassination” fairy tale.

    “The Hidden King(s)”

    “For the powers that be, it may not matter whether you believe there was one shooter or many, or even whether you believe that the CIA or FBI was involved. The only thing that is critical is that you believe Kennedy was assassinated that day…”

    Read the PDF from the author’s website:

    • Don’t do this, don’t point to a 80+ page pdf without explaining what the point is being made in those pages.

      Nobody has time to read all that and then guess what your major point was.

    • “Don’t do this, don’t point to a 80+ page pdf without explaining what the point is being made in those pages.”

      the point being made is that it “is critical is that you believe Kennedy was assassinated that day…”

      The Hidden King(s) document presents well-reasoned analysis of the facts — from start to finish. And those facts point to nobody being assassinated that November day in Dallas.

      Perhaps you’d prefer to read a mirror copy posted in html, with tabbed-pages for ease of navigation?

    • “…was totally blown away by it.”

      Thanks for the thumbs up!

      Not sure when you read Hidden King(s), but Miles updated it shortly after I posted it at Gaian Corps — it took me a few weeks to update. He does mention in one of the updates:

      [Update – Frankly, things have gotten so weird with this photo analysis, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the Kennedys weren’t even a real family, just being a set of hired actors to front a series of projects. That conflicts with parts of my summation below, I know, but I have to put it on the table.]

      I think part of the reason that Miles’ work leaves an empty feeling (like something is missing) is due to his inability to go beyond …

      Catherine Austin Fitts has indicated in her essay, “What’s Up With the Black Budget?”

      “John* asked me to help him with a high level strategic plan Arlington was planning to undertake for the Undersecretary of the Navy. … I met with a group of high level people in the military in the process — including the Undersecretary. According to John, the purpose of the plan — discussed in front of several military or retired military officers and former government officials — was to help the Navy adjust their operations for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and live among us. (*John Peterson, head of the Arlington Institute, a small high quality military think tank in Washington)

    • I am not an American-born citizen but i always knew something is wrong with this JFK stuff, and i must tell you that this e-book blew all the known narratives about it.

      Thank you walk-away for this great pdf!

      All those pulling the strings behind the curtain have names after all and sooner or later they must leave this Earth for ever. They have no place here.
      Too many people are taking the RED PILL and can see the real MATRIX of control and deceit.

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