US Ambassador Samantha Power: Russia, Iran and Assad ruin our wicked plan in Syria

"Hey, Bro. My husband says you have to make a stupid case for invading Syria."
“Hey, Bro. My husband says you have to make a stupid case for invading Syria. I will back you up with a bold lie and fabrication: Assad, Iran, and Russia are deliberately killing civilians, not the terrorists.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Whenever a New World Order puppet or agent starts talking about serious matters, you have to read between the lines in order to get the substance of what he or she is saying and take it to its logical conclusion. What you will find is that that particular agent will end up saying weird things, crazy things, and sometimes dumb things.

We all know that the Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran, has recently liberated the city of Aleppo. We know that the civilians in that city are happy and were even dancing on the streets, thanking Assad for his performance and for getting rid of terrorist cells in area. But how again do New World Order agents respond? Do they frame their statements within the bound of logic and reason?

Well, let’s bring in US Ambassador Samantha Power. She said of Iran, Assad and Russia:

To the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran, your forces and proxies are carrying out these crimes. Your barrel bombs and mortars and airstrikes have allowed the militia in Aleppo to encircle tens of thousands of civilians in your ever-tightening noose. It is your noose.

“Three Member States of the UN contributing to a noose around civilians. It should shame you. Instead, by all appearances, it is emboldening you. You are plotting your next assault. Are you truly incapable of shame? Is there literally nothing that can shame you? Is there no act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin, that just creeps you out a little bit? Is there nothing you will not lie about or justify?”

It just gets really dumb here. Powers is condemning Russia for the crimes that the US and other puppets of the Israeli regime have initiated in the first place! If you think that that doesn’t make sense to you, then I suggest you call Powers and demand and explanation.

Obviously Powers didn’t want to talk about the crimes that the so-called rebels have been committing in the region.[1] Obviously she didn’t want to mention that Amnesty International and the UN themselves condemned the rebels for their crimes.[2]

Powers is obviously powerless when it comes to logic and reason. She is a classic representation of a New World Order agent. It is not that she doesn’t know how to think. She has been duped into a system which does not allow her to have a clear thought in her head. That’s why her relentless assessment on Syria doesn’t make sense.

Powers is the wife of Jewish Neocon Cass Sustein, a Harvard legal scholar who stepped forward to support George W. Bush’s military commission without Congressional approval.[3] Sustein repeated that silly argument when the US was getting involved in the Syrian war. He stated back in 2013:

“President Obama’s claim of authority to act unilaterally is reasonable, certainly if any military action would be short-lived.”[4]

It is only “reasonable” because the goal and purpose of an invasion in Syria was primarily initiated by the Israeli regime, which never ceases to drink the blood of innocent civilians all over the Middle East. If the Goyim are just “donkeys,” as the late rabbi Ovadiah Yosef made clear, then slaughtering, pillaging and massacring men, women and children are a small price to pay.

[1] Ben Norton, “U.S.-backed Syrian rebels committing war crimes, torture, abductions; imposing harsh Sharia law: Report,” Salon, July 12, 2016.

[2] Syrian rebels may have committed war crimes in Aleppo – Amnesty,” Russia Today, May 13, 2016; “Syrian rebels’ Aleppo offensive could amount to war crimes, UN envoy warns,” Guardian, October 21, 2016.

[3] George Fletcher, “The Military Tribunal Debate,” American Prospect, March 2, 2002.

[4] Cass Sustein, “Can Obama Strike Syria on His Own?,” Bloomberg, September 3, 2013.

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  1. Talking back to government employed people like this woman, with any relevant information, is interpreted as harassment, so they keep their cellphone set for a 911 speed call. So you better just shut up and listen, or she will call the cops.

    .25 Tuatha De Danu genome

  2. UNedible Food For Thought

    Power is Irish by birth, and thereby blessed with a propensity for limitless lashings of loquacity where the length not only limits logic but defies it; adding instead a fiery – hell hath no fury like it – emphasis to the rage and range of whatever topic happens to consume her. Yes, even Shakespeare anticipated her arrival penning apposite quotes to define her irrational rants: “a tale told my an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” A case where the virgo turns virago.

    For the more uncouth of our readers – I include myself, it can be safely said she talks ‘Blarney’ or ‘kissed the Blarney Stone.’ The Blarney stone caps a toilet egress – I kid you not, on the high parapets of Blarney Castle in the County Cork used by soldiers on guard duty back in the day – and night. That’s where the tendency and dependency on BS and pish originate – why Congress and the Senate and now the UN are full of it, and why the Irish input to political rhetoric outdoes even the Talmud which despite all my misgivings about certain ravings therein, at least has the benefit and imprimatur of Rabbinic consideration. Powers efforts are thoughtless by comparison – UNedible food for thought. I could waffle on but this woman isn’t worth the waste of breath.

  3. Why EVERYTHING EVIL orbits around the jews?
    Everywhere i look if there is a war, suffering, debt, greed, ponzi schemes, racketeering, plunder, human slavery, human organ trafficking, you name it, there is always a jew nearby, either directly or by proxy.
    Let me remind you that the USA is nothing more than the armed thug of the State of Israel.

    And i do not agree with you, Mr. Alexis, when you write that this JWO whore has been dupped. With all the information available now to every human being, one´s choice is made fully aware and in a state of full consciousness.
    Free will is our most powerfull divine gift as you might know.
    ´Reason and logic´ is the prime mover of free will.

    She has made choices and must face the consequences of that choices when the day of reckoning arrives for the jew and his bedfellow.

  4. Dosen’the she get paid? By accepting her salary she is a co-conspirator to murder and. War crimes. She bought the knife which was used to cut the head clean off a 14 year old boy.
    She is an embarrassment to diplomats around the world. She’s John McCain in drag.

    • It sucks you dry if you lie and then have to think about how to defend those lies.And if lies have short legs then some people must glide already on their ass.

  5. She may be related to the lady barking about our water quality problem when she sees the rainbows. Same fervor, same gusto, same complete lack of sanity or reasoning. Just pure emotionally charged vitriol for something she has no knowledge about. She’s an Ambassador? Really?

  6. To Samantha Powers, to deliver this slop with a straight face and feigned indignation this late in the game is desperate, shameless and embarrassing when the international audience knows better and simply inverting truth no longer works as it once did, the crystal clear lies simply don’t fly in the real world, however you carry on with the pretense setting stages, moving props, Act I, Act II, Plan B ….. perhaps a nomination for best supporting actress is more your proven worth as an on-screen image devoid of real substance…transmit that

  7. US and Israeli aggression on Syria will certainly make a precedent in all future UNSC decisions especially concerning the Arab world and much of all African and Asian issues. US would want to push it blatantly as they said during the first Iraq invasion “we only have a decade or so before the Russians get in again” . For US a balanced UNSC is a UNSC where US and UK are the mother and father and 100% moral authority on all issues and their child the NATO is the only vigilante allowed in the war room. It seems that many countries disagree with that, even some NATO countries (!) and especially countries that hold a key to stability in each region and continent, a fact that should make them have a full time place at UNSC table and not some revolving rotating door place because their weapons industry don’t join in with the US trail of money. With such reality US-UK elites have always opted for world war against Russia and in the 20th century Caspian oil basin to make it highly unclear and chaotic to difference the real culprits of the story. Syria and Iraq are so rich in oil that sending war over there is like sending a drone which can refill the battery in air. The wars there are “self-sustainable” for US-UK. At least one Arab nation should be at the UNSC full membership.

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