Tillerson has no formal foreign policy background

Too close to Putin? ... "Hardly", it's a big oil CEO's job to get close."
Too close to Putin? … “Hardly”, it’s a big oil CEO’s job to get close.”

Tillerson has no formal foreign policy background

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … and Press TV, Tehran

[ Note: Tillerson will be easily confirmed. It comes as no surprise that Trump would want to have a few high level business execs in some of the key slots. Did anyone really expect him to be appointing public interest activists to ride herd on the big money boys?

That makes perfect sense as the mega corporations can easily afford to lobby for their interests, and they do. Gone are the days where a “Mr. Man of the People” would put reformers in to protect the public from big biz organized crime scams. But with political races hugely expensive now we have the marriage made in hell between the big money folks of all persuasions to pony up the big campaign bucks for a “guaranteed” slice of the America pie.

Tillerson already has a team of Exon execs working on ways to shaft the Iran nuclear deal and dress it up as a rerun of its former boogeyman status, fulfilling a campaign promise to Bibi, and putting him in a leverage position over Iran. What Trump is getting out of it heaven only knows as the Zios are not known for what they give, but what they takeJD ]



– Published on December 13, 2016

US president-elect Donald Trump has nominated ExxonMobil President and CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state. The 64-year-old Tillerson is an oil executive with extensive experience in international talks and a business relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson has opposed sanctions on Russia and in 2013 received Russia’s Order of Friendship from Putin following several years of Exxon projects in the country. The Kremlin has reacted to the nomination saying that Putin has “good, businesslike” relations with Tillerson.

The nomination comes just days after the central intelligence agency accused Russia of hacking the US election in favor of Trump. The latest CIA accusations could complicate his confirmation. Donald Trump described Tillerson as the most “prepared” and “dedicated” person to serve as secretary of state despite having no formal foreign policy background.


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  1. :Let us return to the early part of his life. Are all parts of a military training equal? Most people who have been in the military would likely acknowledge that some programs are much tougher than others. The same is true in other fields. There are hundreds of majors at any top university but some are much more difficult and challenging than others and also have higher ethical standards than others. The engineering disciplines have a long standing tradition of maintaining the highest ethical and academic standards. It is reported this individual graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Texas. This means he took the hardest physics and mathematics courses the same as a physics major would take at least up to his junior year, not watered down ones for pre med majors or little or none for political science or law school majors. Engineers are expected to place public safety and ethics above everything else in life. Let’s give Trump credit for thinking outside the box for a change and not appointing another lying lawyer to this important job. In fact this is likely the first time an engineer was appointed as Secretary of State. Jim’s comments were good. Let’s see how he does. He couldn’t be much worse than lying lawyers.

    • Here is an example of what I am talking about: A top mechanical engineer who graduated from the University of Massachusetts, a top school, was manager of the Space Shuttle Challenger engine program which blew up and killed the entire crew in 1986. He had been traveling to the Cape and studying the problems with the failures of the rubber O-rings which separated the cabin from the very hot exhaust gases of the engines. He and his associates knew the safety temperature limits of these O rings and were very aware they were unsafe to use at the low temperatures that day. Managers from NASA called him the night before the launch requesting his approval to launch. He strongly refused his permission and told them in no uncertain terms it was totally unsafe to launch at those low temperatures which made the rubber brittle and therefore unable to keep the crew safe. He was overruled by the disgusting military pecking order system of command and control. Later in an interview with the author of an article on this failure, he broke down and cried and stated, “I knew the crew would all die but I couldn’t do anything about it.” His name was Roger Boisjoly, M.E. a top mechanical engineer and U.S. citizen. He should have received the Medal of Freedom but didn’t. This is what is meant by placing public safety and ethics above all else period.

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