When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.


by Mike Harris VT Editor,  …with Press TV,  Tehran

Here is my interview on Press TV today. I want everyone to understand what a game changer the surrender of the Syrian Terrorists is. For the first time, the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments have hard evidence of who is providing the material support for terrorism. The capture of between 4000-6000 terrorist/mercenary jihadi’s is an intelligence cornucopia.

Meet the TOW family
Meet the TOW family

In addition there is the issue of the surrendered weapons, particularly the USA made TOW missiles, manufactured by Raytheon Corp. in Tucson Arizona. The question has been for some time, how did ISIS come to have TOW missiles and other advanced US manufactured weapons systems.

At last the world will have concrete answers. Remember, no weapons systems are allowed to ship or be sold without approval by the US Department of State.

It appears that some one at the Department of State will have some explaining to do. Every TOW missile has a serial number, we will know exactly whom it was sold to and when and more importantly who approved the sale and to what US ally. The TOW missiles are but one of many advanced weapons system that ISIS had.

I look for the repercussions from this to be very far reaching, and the world will finally have the proof of who are real the state sponsors of terror. Do not be surprised if several of the USA’s closest allies are the guilty parties.

In addition to the weapons and that paper trail, there is the issue of the stolen oil and artifacts which have funded ISIS for the duration of this conflict. The oil and artifacts did not move themselves, there was a transport, a tanker truck, a VLCC ship or a pipeline that moved the pirated oil.

There was a buyer from a refinery that purchased it and a bank that cleared the financial transaction that funded the sale of the oil and gave the proceeds to ISIS. All of these parties are also guilty of supporting terrorism, there are major corporate interests at stake here too.

All in all the Government of Syria has some criminal and civil litigation ahead of them to hold those who provide the material support for terrorism accountable. These miscreants need to be taught that the business of terrorism does not pay, and yes, it is a business. The conflict in Syria was never about ideology, it was never a “civil” war, it was always about money, and power.

Today is the beginning of the end for the people who are the state sponsor of terrorism, let the chips fall where they may, but providing support for terrorism, is a crime, punishable by death, and now the evidence exists to bring the bad people to justice whom have profited from the suffering of so many other human beings.

I give my congratulations to the hard fought efforts of the Syrian Arab Army, President Beshar al Assad, and all of the people of Syria for the liberation of the City of Aleppo. The USA’s terror offensive in the Middle East has been dealt a very hard defeat, remember Air Force General Wesley Clark told us in 2008 that the USA was going to destroy 7 countries in 5 years, Syria was on that list, and the plan to destroy the remaining countries has been derailed…for now.

Domestically in the USA, with the incoming Trump administration, it is time to purge the Neocons from every government agency, before they do even more mischief that the USA just cannot afford.



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8 Replies to “When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.

  1. The criminals are well known.They speak in our accents but their language is evil and wicked. They wear the same clothing but their dress hides their reptilian features.
    Those responsible for the war in Syria and for all those unnecessary wars will never be brought to justice.
    Bush won’t; Chaney won’t, Clinton won’t; certainly LBJ and Nixon never were nor Roosevelt nor Wilson.
    Obama won’t neither will Kerry, Power, Nudelman, nor the Kagans, Wolfowitz, Pipes, or Netenyahu.
    These are the protected criminal class who live under a different set of laws than the rest of us.
    On the brighter side Washington’s fake news no longer has the effect it once did. Anybody who believes anything Washington says is insane, the same goes for its presstitutes like Brian Williams.

  2. Seems the link was stripped from my post. The link was to the 2011 War Crimes Tribunal for Bush and Blair, held in Malaysia. The were found guilty of international war crimes yet they walk free today.

  3. Anthony,
    One of the purposes for the most recent VT trip to Syria, was to introduce the Syrian government to US legal counsel, who can represent their interest in both US and International courts. Remember (in theory) we are still a nation of laws.

    The entire purpose of the ICC is to try international criminal acts, there is still recourse. If for no other reason to brand the bad actors as the criminals they are.

    No where in this article did I state the terrorist were Syrian, I know better, read more carefully and do not let your preconceived notions cloud your judgement.

    John McCain, continues to be a national embarrassment, and needs to be charged and tried for his involvement with ISIS. (He skated on the USS Forrestall wet start/fire incident, treason while a POW and the Keating 5 scandal)


    1. Mike, not only does John McCain continue to embarrass the nation, one must also include Lindsey Graham, Carl Levin and and Chuck Schumer. I would, however put McCain at the top of the list though. How he continues to get re-elected is mind boggling. Either he is good at bringing great amounts of government cash into his district or the people of his district are incredibly ignorant and stupid. Maybe both.

  4. Sorry to burst your balloon but that is a nieve belief that some international judicial body will investigate anything let alone charge anyone. A few points. Firstly these people are not Syrian terrorist. They came from outside of Syria. They should be called Israeli terrorists because the fight was for Israel. Secondly, all international bodies are controlled by the Jews, as part of their new word order globalist plans. Lastly we had information and proof on who was doing what long before the end of the war. We know for example that the weapons were supplied by the US, that Israeli war planes were bombing Alepo, and providing air support for ISIS bases in the israelis controlled area of the Golan Heights. We know ISIS were receiving medical care in Israel. We know John McCain was visiting ISIS leaders. That Israel Mossad agent Simon Eliot was leading ISIS. We have photos of US Army and British army fighting along side of ISIS. We have Israeli newspaper reports of Israel citizens joining ISIS. Anyway it is too late. The clock has run out. It is now illegal in the US to criticize Jews, Israel or Zionism. To accuse the Jews of war, murder or genocide opens you up to charges of anti-Semitism.

    1. The charges for ant-Semitism can stick only if directed against the Semitic people but not against Turko-Mongols who have no discernible biological connection to the Semites other than wishful thinking.

      Can they prove their Semitism or is it just playing with words ?

  5. It would be a great day if the governments and corporations behind the war in Syria had to pay for rebuilding the country; taking the assets of the royal families of the Gulf States would be a just start. But considering past history the outlook is not good – did Vietnam ever receive compensation from the US?

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