Kaleo: Death Dealing Pharma Gouges on Life Saving Drug

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Deaths by overdose are up 23% this year and there is a drug that can save many of the nearly 13,000, if it could only be available.  The drug Naloxone, which we see used on television all the time, pulling overdose victims from the brink of death in seconds, is under patent by Kaleo Pharmaceuticals, a Virginia based company whose management team is listed below.
The injectable version has gone up 200% over night while the nasal spray is up 500% and both are expected to keep soaring.

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  1. The problem with kaléo is that they have too many white people and do not meet the desired governmental diversity quotas.
    kaléo have not yet learned to go into full multicultural mode (quoting jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre).
    Just let highly-skilled moslem engineers from Somalia and law-abiding black folks from the ghetto take over kaléo and in a few weeks they will bankrupt kaléo like they did in Detroit and Somalia.

    You then can buy the patents for pennies on the dollar and start profiting yourself.

    I am reporting this situation to SPLC and soon jewish Mark Potok will knock at kaléo´s front door.


  2. We know who the pusher is, it’s us. In our name the feds have eleminated all the middle men. The Mexican and the South. American cartels, the mafia, the Corsicans now exist in theater only. The only bright spot in the mess is there is so much cash in illegal drugs and weapons that it may be the reason we haven’t been forced to go to a “cashless” society. Yet.

  3. “Let those dopers be
    A former police chief wants to end a losing war by legalizing pot, coke, meth and other drugs
    October 16, 2005|Norm Stamper | Norm Stamper is the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. He is the author of “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing” (Nation Books, 2005).” The real solution to this problem must be addressed as described by former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper in his article in the LA Times above and book. Street drugs are especially dangerous not only for their drug content but for their poison content due to the fact that they are not prepared under the normal sanitary conditions. The drug war is a dismal failure like most of our so called government “wars” as the also failed “war on cancer”. Drugs must be legalized like alcohol and regulated. Government itself then would dispense “pure” drugs and deal with effects by involvement of doctors. Many these horrible effects are due to the foreign toxic substances in street drugs accompanied by the wrong doses taken by patients not under a doctor’s supervision. Of course this legalization will never happen because criminals in government itself raise huge amounts of cash selling illegal drugs too.

    • When I took 8th grade biology many years ago, the first thing students did was watch bacteria multiply under the microscope and see just how fast they reproduce at enormous rates. When my wife was treated at MD Anderson in Houston for inflammatory breast cancer, they placed a permanent catheter in her chest for ease of administering drugs. The bandage on this had to be changed frequently lest an infection develop. I had to attend a special class to learn how to use sterile procedures which all nurses and doctors know. I changed the bandage many times to save money. Even vitamin B 12 shots require special knowledge to perform successfully with sterile procedures. Otherwise a pharmacist may charge hundreds of dollars to do it. Unless a drug addict is a doctor or nurse, they are not going to pay any attention to sterile procedures in shooting up are they? It is amazing all of them are not dead within minutes of injecting themselves. This is the other side of this massive problem. They get infections and diseases and pass them on to others. This is also why drugs must be legalized and regulated.

    • I am certain that Gordon and anyone else who has been in the military has had to learn minimal rules for cleaning wounds in the field, not necessarily at the level of sterile, but the ordinary household rules of wound cleaning which any Mother with any training or reading ability can do and must do every day with kids if the have them. One needs plenty of cleaning cotton or cloth and plenty of alcohol to do this basic job until the patient can be transported to a hospital facility where higher order sterile procedures will be performed lest the patient die from blood poisoning as many do and have in the past. Bacteria are everywhere and you can never get rid of all of them. But it is very easy for them to get out of control especially as our anti biotics have been reduced in value by overuse. This is where many amputations begin in the military too.

    • Yes, the official “wars” on this or that have thus been “wars” on the unsuspecting public: to keep them misinformed and misguided.

      Let’s take the ‘war on cancer’:

      The cancer establishment has been saying a cure for cancer “is just around the corner” and “we’re winning the war on cancer” for decades. It’s all hype and lies (read Guy Faguet’s ‘War on cancer” or Sam Epstein’s work).

      As long as the “war on cancer” is a HUGE BUSINESS based on expensive TREATMENTS of a disease instead of its PREVENTION, logically, they will never find a cure for cancer. Practically all resources in the phony ‘war on cancer’ are poured into treating cancer but almost none in the prevention of the disease. It’s proof positive that big money and a total lack of ethics rule the medical establishment.

      If the public were to scrutinize what the medical establishment is telling them about the ‘war on cancer’ they’d find that the cancer industry has been dismissing, ignoring, and obfuscating the true causes of cancer while mostly putting the blame for cancer on the individual, denying or dismissing the serious harms from orthodox cancer treatments, and resorting to deceptive cancer statistics to “educate” (think: mislead) the public that their way of treatment is actually successful (read the well referenced epilogue of an article if you search for “A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored” by Rolf Hefti and scroll down to the afterword that addresses the ‘war on cancer’).

  4. You know, overdose is a matter of some complication. Most people think it is just narcs loading the needle with too much stuff. It rarely is so simple. Low level dealers will always end up “cutting” the original product (of indeterminate quality) in order to feed their own expensive habit. So they cut it with all sorts of crap. The iron law of unregulated, illegal markets. People down the line still get a high but they also take this crap into their bodies. The product may get cut a second time, with more crap. (Lab quality drugs never killed anyone, as many doctors hooked on them prove.) Prolonged use of the cut drugs will lead to inner organ stress and all manner of problems and toxicity. More needs to be injected to get a high, more crap goes in to the body. Eventually you have organ failure and other fatal conditions. So in short a lot of ‘overdose’ is not a crackhead shooting too high a dose, but cut drugs poisoning the body. Add bad diet, unhealthy lifestyle and frequent abuse, and there is no way out short of a rescue, and will lead to a premature death.
    The above in no way detracts from the fact that the Big Pharma types are big scumbags!

  5. with the power of life and death in their hands….wars have been fought for less and 13,000 dead is a warzone….kill the bastards

  6. This is how it works. Let the military guard the production of and then the transporting of heroin into the country of choice. Get citizens hooked on it. Then introduce higher, deadlier concentrations of said drug to induce death in users. Voila!!! Now we have the expensive Pharma only solution. Prove its effectiveness and make money. Then make even more money by raising the price due to a controlling monopoly. What a whirled…

    • You stand correct tonto.

      A typical jewish three-stage NWO tactic:


      YOU create the ´PROBLEM´.
      The people REACTS to the problem.
      YOU present the ´SOLUTION´ to the problem you initialy created.

      The plan written in the Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion is running smooth.

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