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Vladimir Putin morally and intellectually humiliates Satanist Masha Gessen again

Jewish writer Masha Gessen wants to be a Tasmanian devil when it comes to attacking Vladimir Putin.

Updated: Syrian Special Forces captured 14 US Coalition officers captured in Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - Well the doo doo has hit the fan if this is true. By that I mean we will be asking for confirmation from the Syrian Justice minister's office. No one is really carrying the story.

The 12 Truths of Christmas

Think of the ego as a protective cocoon that is meant to be shed. The Unified Field can be visualized as a grid of great luminosity joining all living beings within its psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness.

UK: Sex workers suffering violence call for greater legalization of the trade (VIDEO)

RT Story: If there is one thing the Conservative Party has been concerned about since it took power, it’s sex. A total of 13 different...

NYT slams ‘dangerous’ Friedman appointment as Israel envoy

BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF Donald Trump, center, along with his daughter Ivanka Trump, right, and attorney David Friedman, left, exit the Federal Building following...

Tass: Obama vows to prove Russia’s involvement in US campaign hacks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxaz3RC8JSs The Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said earlier in the day that the US should "either stop talking or finally present some proof, otherwise...

Grassroots campaign urges electors to vote for Vladimir Putin

Blatsky's group will distribute photocopies of a 2014 Veterans Today article touting the advantages of a Putin Presidency to all 538 members of the Electoral College.

Syrian Army And Its Allies Launch Offensive Operation West Of Palmyra

...from SouthFront As SF predicted, the Syrian army, Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) launched an offensive operation against ISIS in the province of...

Your Radiation This Week No 85 and 86

Years worth of dead reindeer bones litter the vast Central Arctic plain in Alaska. Several years ago in 2010 the herd numbered 70,000 animals.

NEO – Obama is Digging an anti-Russia Hole for Donald Trump

Jim W. Dean - Mr. Sheikh takes on an interesting topic, the anticipated ploy of Trump to use the carrot on Putin to wean him away from the triumvirate with China and Iran. That would be a tall order indeed.

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