Turkish convoys loaded with TOW and MANPAD missiles waiting to equip Terrorists in Syria



[Editor’s note: Turkey could not give two hoots about the Syrian people, the suffering of the Syrian people, especially those in Aleppo is largely the work of Turkey. Ever since the war started, it is Turkey that has been supplying the terrorist mercenary scum posing as ‘rebels’. Much of the supply effort has been covert, using ‘aid’ convoys to sneak in weapons, munitions and supplies under the guise of humanitarian efforts.

Now that Aleppo has been freed, perhaps the Syrian Ministry of Justice will finally start releasing the names of the dozens of Saudi, Qatari and, in particular, Israeli officers they have captured.  Sources say Israel has bought their people back, paying $3m a head, a reliable source of income for Syria.  Maybe Hezbollah can start using the newer TOW missiles, built by Raytheon Corporation, to replace the thousands they received through President Reagan’s illegal Iran/Contra drug dealing efforts.

Current events in Aleppo, where the terrorist fighters have been allowed to evacuate the city following it’s fall to the Syrian forces and their allies explains why Turkey’s roads are jammed with white trucks purporting to be carrying aid. In reality this is the major resupply and rearming effort that we knew would take place once Aleppo fell – all those evacuated terrorists need to be resupplied and re-equipped in order to make them an effective fighting force once again.

Therefore these trucks, rather than being loaded with food, water, medical supplies and whatever else would be needed by innocent refugees are in fact, carrying munitions and weapons, in particular the heavy ons of advanced type – TOW anti-armour missiles and Stinger air-defence missiles.

Those trucks loaded by Google Idea Groups, working hand in hand with the White Helmets, as reported by Press TV’s murdered Serena Shimm, will be carrying poison gas of course, maybe the more exotic types such as VX,  which is made in Tbilisi, Georgia at the Lugar Lab with USAID funding; an adjunct to their massive heroin processing project in Helmand.

This situation is difficult to counter, the Russian and Syrian airforces simply cannot bomb convoys purporting to be humanitarian aid, it would leave them open to all kinds of condemnations. Ian]

World Bulletin
Turkish roads full of aid convoys for Syria

A Turkish aid campaign to support civilians in Aleppo gathered pace on Friday, with hundreds more vehicles ferrying humanitarian supplies to the Syrian border.

The Open Road to Aleppo campaign saw around 100 vehicles organized by Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) join a convoy in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri.

Departing Friday, the convoy will go to the Turkish border province of Hatay, close to the devastated Syrian city of Aleppo.

A first group of vehicles started its journey on Dec. 14, carrying humanitarian aid to Turkey’s Cilvegozu Border Gate in Hatay.

Musa Yilmaz, IHH Kayseri board member, said he wanted to show his support for people in Aleppo and react to the “torture and persecution” of civilians there.

“Muslims are oppressed, persecuted and tortured in the four corners of the world, including countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We will organize a rally [in Hatay] to support Syria [and] Aleppo and explain that we stand with them,” he added.

From Turkey’s central province of Konya, around 150 vehicles plus 60 trucks were headed to Hatay, said local IHH figure Hasan Huseyin Uysal.

“Our aid campaign is still ongoing. We will try to organize aid until the persecution is over,” Uysal said.

Meanwhile, another 12-truck convoy from Turkey’s western province of Afyonkarahisar is also headed to Hatay. Another five-truck convoy carrying 150 tons of foodstuffs is on the road to the Cilvegozu Border Gate from Istanbul’s Kucukcekmece district.

Kucukcekmece’s local religious department organized the aid drive.

In Turkey’s southern province of Kilis, various aid organizations — including the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and Turkey’s Red Crescent — sent humanitarian supplies to Syria via the Oncupinar Border Gate.

The aid included food, clothing, coal, blankets, shoes and baby food.

At least 7,500 civilians have so far left eastern Aleppo for safe areas in Idlib, according to Syrian opposition group officials.

Since mid-November, more than 775 civilians have been killed and 2,500 injured in regime attacks on opposition-held parts of Aleppo, according to local civil defense officials.

Syria has been locked in a devastating civil war since early 2011, when the Bashar al-Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests — which erupted as part of the “Arab Spring” uprisings — with unexpected ferocity.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have been killed and millions more displaced by the conflict.

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  1. Of course, inspections of “humanitarian aid” convoys are absolutely necessary. Members of the Syria-led coalition can do this; or U.S. & Russia can enlist the UN to do this (with Syria-led coalition troops present).

  2. This evil will not be stopped until the Russian military does not fit the heel of the neck of Turkey, it is the alpha and omega of the evil that has befallen the Islamic country. Turkey is ISIS-Turkish state, domneh Islam and canker Islam. Destroyed the most prosperous land of Islam, Iraq, Syria and Libya, this evil is preparing to attack Iran. Therefore, Turkey should win the war and to abolish a snake pit.

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