Saudi Arabia Admits to Using Illegal UK Cluster Bombs in Yemen

The remains of a British-made BL755 cluster munition in the Yemeni desert

[Editor’s note: The uncomfortable truth about British arms sales to nations like Saudi Arabia is that the British government cannot stop this deadly trade because the British economy would collapse. The British economy is reliant on the tens of billions of dollars of arms sales and has been since the 1980s when the Thatcher regime destroyed the traditional British industries and replaced them with arms industries. When Thatcher was elected in 1979, Britain was only 7th or 8th largest arms exporter in the world, by the time she was deposed in 1991, we were second only to the US in arms sales. Ian]

Saudi Arabia Admits to Using Illegal UK Cluster Bombs in Yemen

Saudi Arabia admitted Monday it used illegal U.K.-made cluster bombs in Yemen as the Gulf state continues its aggressive air campaign there, backed with the help of arms sales from Western governments.

According to The Guardian, Ahmed Asiri, a spokesman for the Saudi-led, Western-backed assault against Yemen, “It has become apparent that there was limited use by the coalition of the U.K.-manufactured BL755 cluster munition in Yemen.”

Following the admission, Saudi Arabia said it would cease to use the bombs and had informed the U.K. of its decision.

When U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was questioned by the Scottish National party in the House of Commons about the cluster bombs, she refused to answer, and the government’s line until last week remained that there was no confirmation of the bombs being used.

Saudi Arabia used the munitions between December 2015 and January 2016, near Khadra in Yemen.

In a press release published in Al Arabiya newspaper, Asiri defended the state’s use of the bomb.

“This munition was used against legitimate military targets to defend Saudi towns and villages against continuous attacks by Houthi militia, which resulted in Saudi civilian casualties,” he said.

The U.K. is a signatory to an international treaty that bans the use of cluster bombs.

Andrew Smith, a spokesman for the Campaign Against Arms Trade, told The Guardian, “The use of U.K. cluster bombs by Saudi Arabia is characteristic of a brutal war and a brutal regime. If Saudi forces are prepared to use cluster bombs, then why is the U.K. continuing to arm and support the regime?

“Once a weapon has left these shores there’s little if any control over where and when it will be used and who it will be used against,” he continued. “The U.K. must act now to stop the arms sales and to end its complicity in the humanitarian catastrophe that has been unleashed on the Yemeni people.”

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  1. Yes Gary. unfortunately true. Cold War never turned hot because both sides had the means to simultaneously eliminate the other. But in any case, Israel would hardly seat at a negotiation table if keeps US-UK-FR support to occupy Palestine and Jerusalem. . .

  2. Stop this ME BS – Arm Iran with 100 nukes and stabilize the ME – when the US and USSR both had a nuclear arsenal – there was only a cold war – since Israel has 100 and Turkey and SA have nukes – make it even so all the fighting factions think twice about starting a nuclear war much less an all out Ameri-Isis proxy war. Yemen would not have happened if Iran had nukes and Israel/America wouldn’t be calling for the destruction of Iran because they would understand the consequences. Plus everyone would be forced to the negotiation tables.

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