Christmas memo to PM Theresa May: Stop worshipping Israel. Learn the ugly truth.


by Stuart Littlewood

Home Secretary Theresa May arriving for a Cabinet meeting in Downing Street, London, before the annual Budget statement is delivered by Chancellor George Osborne.

Prime Minister,

This is still a Christian country, as your colleague David Cameron reminded us not so long ago. But you wouldn’t think so when non-Christian creeds are given exceptional protection and privileges to smooth their ruffled feathers. Your government is even introducing new laws to stifle questions about Israel’s legitimacy and quash criticism of its criminal policies. We have entered a sinister era of censorship and harrassment as the gulf between government and public widens.

In an excruciating speech to a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch earlier this month, you told 800 guests that the British government will be marking the centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration next year “with pride”. Yet that ill-conceived letter by the British foreign secretary caused a running sore in the Middle East that has lasted a hundred years. And Britain’s failure to make amends continues to endanger the whole region and cause grief for millions.

You said some astonishing things too about Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine. For example, Britain stands “very firmly” for a two-state solution and the two sides must “sit down together, without preconditions, and work towards that lasting solution”. It is plain to nearly everyone that this futile and lopsided mantra is a ploy designed to buy Israel all the time it needs to establish enough irreversible ‘facts on the ground’ to ensure permanent annexation. But like all leaders before, you go along with it, And you’re careful not to mention that international law has already spoken and it’s high time for enforcement – or sanctions.

There seems little comprehension among you and your colleagues of the consequences for the Middle East, and indeed the whole world, if Israel is allowed to achieve its ambition to expand its borders to the Nile and the Euphrates.

You even praise Israel for being “a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance”, when it is obviously neither. Maybe an ethnocracy, or a theocracy, but certainly no liberal democracy.  As for your remark that it is only when you walk through Jerusalem or Tel Aviv that you see a country where people of all religions “are free and equal in the eyes of the law” and “Israel guarantees the rights of people of all religions, races and sexualities, and it wants to enable everyone to flourish”, have you ever walked through East Jerusalem?

What really offends me, though, is your belief that our two countries share “common values”. That’s straight out of Tel Aviv’s hasbara instruction manual. And it is deeply insulting to anyone who lives by Christian values, which are alien to the Istraeli regime given its crimes against humanity and cruelty to the indigenous people it terrorises. I don’t suppose too many British people feel they have much in common with a criminal foreign power that tortures children.

However, the speech did provide mild amusement when you unwisely attacked the successful BDS campaign – that’s boycott, divestment and sanctions – calling it wrong and unacceptable and warning that your government would “have no truck with those who subscribe to it”.  200 legal scholars and practising lawyers from 15 European countries promptly slapped you down in a statement that BDS is a lawful exercise of freedom of expression and outlawing it undermines a basic human right.  One expert pointed out that advocating for BDS is part of the fundamental freedoms protected by the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. Another said BDS is civil society’s response to the international community’s irresponsible failure to act. Repressing it amounts to support for Israel’s violations of international law and a failure to honour the solemn pledge by states to ‘strictly respect the aims and principles of the Charter of the United Nations’.

Of course, if your Israeli friends don’t like BDS they only have to comply with international law like everyone else, get back behind Israel’s internationally recognised borders and leave the Palestinians alone.

Just think for a moment about the shredded remnants of Palestine, the endless misery in Gaza and the obscene 8-metre wall with gun towers imprisoning Bethlehem and its Christian community – all courtesy of Israel. Remember that in their 2014 blitz on Gaza Israel killed more than 500 children, injured 3,374, left more than 1,500 orphaned and 373,000 in need of psycho-social support.

There are 1.75 million people, including about 800,000 children under 15, packed into the tiny Gaza enclave with no escape. They have suffered horribly under Israeli blockade – a collective punishment which as you know is considered a war crime – for nearly 10 years. And your own ministers report that 90% of Gaza’s water is not fit even for agricultural use.  The puzzle is why your government would have any truck with anyone who subscribes to an Israel fan club.

According to Wiki, you are the daughter of an Anglican priest and a regular churchgoer. The Holy Land is the well-spring of your religion, is it not? I wonder what the Good Lord, looking down on the hell-hole Balfour created and Western politicians have perpetuated, thinks of your performance this Christmas.


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  1. Great article Stuart. With a bit of luck there might be a Brexit with the Israelís. Only thing, somebody would have to tear down the BBC, demolish Rothschild edifice and fumigate masonry from all the political, economic, administrative, judicial and military establishments, even so, still you have to deal with royalty and its veto power. Organizing and uniting forces is the answer. The void of leadership its the handicap to be surpassed once the better ideas are presented by the right people The Web its the tool like it did on the Brexit.

  2. Not to dismiss this excellant article however, someone here mentioned Toyota. Can anyone answer how the terrorists get the new trucks? This is a story that needs telling. It’s not easy to buy fleet vehicles for export. Sales tax, duties, different standards for import, etc. The rules, the rules. Even Hollywood has rules.
    Somebody please tell us who the suppliers are? BDS Toyota? Why not?

    • Look for the yellow fringe around some ISIS-flags and you know who is financing them and gave them the trucks. Or go to Scott Bennett “Shellgame” and see the source of money

  3. Very well said. It must be hard to be a politician. I’m sure some go into the business thinking they will make a difference. Shortly after winning one’s first important election the poor soul is raped by the professional predators after which a decision must be made and the question must be answered. Am I a whore? To continue in the field is a good indication the answer is yes. Zionist, rapist, is there a difference? Rape ism.

  4. Hear Hear….well said Stuart….Theresa May held up a placard after the Paris false flag attack stating “Je suis Jeuf”…, is she a jew or is she a Christian….one things for sure, she’s a liar….but the Jeuf’s are known for their lies aren’t they….Israel and the current, if not all Israels’ ‘regimes’ are in no way compassionate to any other race or creed apart from their own….if that was a child, which in the history of countries it is, it would be smacked down as a selfish brat….we in the UK need to dump Israel as any ‘friend’ we claim them to be….and as for tolerant…well, my sides are still splitting in laughter

  5. The right of boycott is probably the most fundamental right of any person or group on the planet and no law can or will abridge this right. Just think of the absurdity of laws seeking to force customers to buy the Ford Pinto’s of the 1970’s where the gas tanks blew up because the Ford Executives chose to pay lawyers instead of allowing engineers $5.00 to fix the problem! Or think of the recent effort of Breitbart to elicit hundreds of thousands of customers to boycott Kelloggs because they cut some of the advertising. Or who would keep buying those phones which blew up in your hands? Would customers have not boycotted Toyota cars which had accelerators which got stuck and raced the car up to a hundred miles per hour where the driver was helpless to bring it to a stop? Yes we have the most basic right to boycott Israel if it does not learn to mnd its own business, get along with its neighbors peacefully and stop bribing the U.S. Congress and President for easy money to them year in and year out.

    • Peoples of the world must unite and give their collective MIDDLE FINGER to any and all governments, at any level, world wide, from the smallest town to the largest city to the State to the Federal who seek to improperly and illegally use the full military force and power of government to seek to prevent or limit the most fundamental rights to boycott or restrain trade with any business or government. Any of these outrageous and totally illegal laws will be ignored and disobeyed because they are nothing but tyranny against basic freedoms by tyrants and a return to the Dark Ages. The right to boycott is so basic it is a right not even codified into law. Up yours to any criminal government seeking to limit our basic right to boycott any country or state or business for any private reason whatsover! You can all go to expletives deleted.

  6. Love your work re the Palestinians Stuey, look forward to your article on the anniversary of the Belfour Declaration in 2017.

    Three ex senor(one an x PM) have now stated that under our first female PM, she handed our foreign policy over to Israel. Why do politicians wait till long after they leave office before stating the obvious.Yer I know.

    For the life of me Stu, what can it be that International jewry has all Western Govt’s under the fist, you can’t blackmail a female pollie with say pedophilia, is it the threat of the economy, I can’t work it out..

  7. All the binational or international “projects” Britain has fostered have been made for the aim of stalling for Commonwealth. The mercantilist christianity British elites are preaching has very little to do with humane values or the essence of christian faith. And British are followed almost by the entire western world, they are the most trendy version of christianity, caffeteria one. British are also the most vicious brutal land grabbers in the history of mankind and since the dinosaurs walked the earth. Israel is an A student of Cromwellian old school.

  8. Christians are near perfect compared to free thinkers. So ‘she’ cannot do wrong. Even though that creed insists that the whole human race [no exception] is flawed unless you get a dead Jew inside of you. ‘He’s not dead he’s alive! It’s a miracle!’. It is also a split personality that is the result and the live-dead-one as we all know suffered from ego inflation thinking he was the son of this non-existent entity that is really real. Thus they confound rationality and reason upon us as their daily bread.

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