Trump, Russia and Israel, a Fake Detente and Real Terrorism

Haifa auto mechanic presented to the world as bin Laden by SITE Intelligence takes credit for 9/11


 …by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Israel is enraged and lashing out.  When Turkey joined Iran and Russia in the recent settlement conferences over Syria, Israel was flattened.  Added to that, Israel is now facing a UN vote declaring West Bank settlements, that Donald Trump backs, to be criminal acts.  

When Israel lashes out, we typically see not only dead children from terrorist acts but we also see iconic theatre, carefully staged moments like 9/11 to be etched indelibly into the public’s waking nightmares:

Almost like watching an episode of HBO's "Homeland"
Almost like watching an episode of HBO’s “Homeland”

When we learned that ISIS took credit for the Berlin Christmas Market terror attack, we were flabbergasted.  Much here made no sense at all, particularly that the named individual was such an embarrassment to the German government. The smell was overwhelming.

Then we learned that the ISIS claim really came from “Fake News Queen Rita Katz” of SITE Intelligence, the same fabricator that burned both Bush and Blair with phony atrocities and WMD stories that pushed the US and Britain into attacking Iraq.

SITE Intelligence spin job
SITE Intelligence spin job

Then again we had just witnessed a murder in Ankara that made no sense as well, where a former bodyguard to Erdogan turned out to be a “Gulanite” or “al Qaeda” or both.  Nothing whatsoever about the Ankara incident is believable, from the robotic perpetrator to the aftermath made of vacuous homilies.

Many in the US are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  9/11 gave us the Department of Homeland Security and “Fusion Centers” that have been caught repeatedly selling private communications, corporate financial communications, and even private medical records for individual American citizens, to willing buyers around the world.

One more terror attack and Trump’s promised “Israelization” of American law enforcement under new “Education Secretary” Betsy DeVos’ mercenary company, Blackwater/Xe, and the “total prison state” will become a reality.  But back to the event timeline:

But we had also just witnessed the fall of Palmyra to a military operation Rommel would envy.Then again, we saw an American presidential election elect an unlikely candidate.  How unlikely?  Let me explain:

Donald Trump is involved in the secret settlement of a rape allegation.  The victim, or claimed victim, was 13 years old.  The settlement involves silencing the victim or alleged victim, in return for either paying money or, truth be told, not having her murdered, a more likely scenario.

But in the US, allegations of rape have no statue of limitations and are not civil cases, they are criminal.  In fact, the admitted process being applied is, in fact, also obstruction of justice, conspiracy, mail and wire fraud and possible extortion, not to mention criminal sexual conduct in the 1st degree.

When similar charges were made against Michael Jackson, he was interviewed repeatedly, his property searched and he was smeared across the media.  Trump has never been interviewed and the name of the victim is being withheld.  Instead of Trump being investigated, fake news outlets tied to Trump accused both Bill and Hillary Clinton of raping children, accusations proven to be as vacuous as “Pizzagate” and other “Fetzerisms.”  

This is a common Trump tactic but the real question is why hasn’t the FBI investigated the case, why is there no grand jury and why has the victim remained anonymous?  If this is simply blackmailing Trump, as he alleges, then why is he demanding the alleged victim remain silent?  This is a thousand times more serious than any email investigation and the FBI, which seems to have taken sides, is silent?

Who has this power, and we answer that easily, Israel does.  They can “disappear” truck drivers in the middle of a terror attack in Berlin, they can equally “disappear” the high resolution low light video covering the area as well.

Would an upcoming UN vote condemning Israel as a criminal state be sufficient cause to suspect Israel of staging multiple terror attacks that are incredulous in so many ways with Berlin now having the infamous “Rita Katz” signature which screams out “Mossad?”

It was also Rita Katz that gave us this Osama bin Laden:

Haifa auto mechanic presented to the world as bin Laden by SITE Intelligence takes credit for 9/11
Haifa auto mechanic presented to the world as bin Laden by SITE Intelligence takes credit for 9/11

Non-president Trump has demanded that President Obama veto the upcoming UN resolution condemning Israel’s illegal (a war crime according to Geneva Convention rules) settlements on the occupied West Bank, technically part of Jordan.  Trump is also moving Israel’s capitol to Jerusalem, despite protests from Israel itself, another war crime as Jerusalem or “al Quds” as it is also called, is “occupied territory,” subjected to ethic cleansing and illegal settlement .  The Geneva Convention is quite clear on this:

When a territory is placed under the authority of a hostile army, the rules of international humanitarian law dealing with occupation apply. Occupation confers certain rights and obligations on the occupying power.

Prohibited actions include forcibly transferring protected persons from the occupied territories to the territory of the occupying power.
It is unlawful under the Fourth Geneva Convention for an occupying power to transfer parts of its own population into the territory it occupies. This means that international humanitarian law prohibits the establishment of settlements, as these are a form of population transfer into occupied territory. Any measure designed to expand or consolidate settlements is also illegal. Confiscation of land to build or expand settlements is similarly prohibited.

As you can read, Trump’s policy toward Israel, and how it differs from all US policy in the past, can and will subject him to war crimes charges.  But then, friends of Israel are never charged with war crimes, only a few Africans or a Serbian or two.

Here is what we do know.  We know the Berlin attack was staged by an intelligence agency and we cite SITE Intelligence and their fabricated ISIS admission as proof.  We are on solid ground there.  This was insanity on their part.

SITE along with Wikileaks, were long ago identified as intelligence fronts, same as DEBKA, Stratfor and InfoWars, all early “fake everything” sources, rivaling the Washington Post and New York Times “news as fiction” editorial policies.

There have been two major longtime professional propaganda precursors, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, their fronts are Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and under black funding, the Moscow Times and other Booz Allen Hamilton/CIA fronts.

The main one is the Mossad/Likudist organizations run by Rupert Murdoch which include Wikileaks, dozens of alternative news organizations, mostly “controlled opposition anti-Zionist” and, strangely enough, RT or “Russia Today.”  With names like Assange, Pilger and Kaiser, the “Israel can do no wrong” cheer-leading squad spinning key stories into “beyond fake news,” building the legend of Russia Today as avant garde or “counter culture” and “banned” helps sell the message that infiltration has so insidiously buried into their editorial policies.

All “make their bones” on criticism of US policy and broad support of Israel, knowing quite well that the polices they claim to oppose, were Israel to have its way, would be a thousand times worse.

The stories cross over, they meld, the compliment each other, deflecting Trump’s personal history of insane abuses, befriending Russia while orchestrating a media blitz against her over Aleppo and then killing one of her ambassadors.

There is, as it seems, only one media, its many guises aimed as disinforming, and how that word does seem to apply, different demographics.  The “elites,” those that can actually read, are led over a cliff, the ignorant and fearful are fed hate, crafted for their particular failings.  Even those who stand aside and point fingers, do so with a particular uselessness and flaccidity that frames the worst aspects of “liberalism” perfectly.


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