Why Hasn’t the CIA Thug, Communist War Criminal, Rashid Dostum, Been Prosecuted for his War Crimes?


%db%b0%db%b0%db%b0%db%b0%db%b0%db%b0The U.S. “Selected” Afghan Administration, the Dancing Boys of the U.S. and its CIA Thugs, Must Lawfully Be Replaced by the Afghan Majority. Why Hasn’t the CIA Thug, Communist War Criminal, Rashid Dostum, Been Prosecuted for his War Crimes?

It is shameful that the United States, NATO, the United Nations and the CIA “selected”, Afghan Ghani administration have not arrested the U.S. puppet, First Vice President of Afghanistan, communist war criminal/war lord, Abdul Rashid Dostum. It has been reported that on Friday November 5, 2016 at a traditional sporting event, Buzkashi, in the northern part of Afghanistan, Dostum beat, tortured, kidnapped and sexually abused his political rival, the 63 year old, Engineer Ahmad Ishchi, who is the former governor of Jowzjan Province. How many other officials and rivals in the puppet Afghan administrations and from other governments and countries has he intimidated, tortured, assaulted and abused? How many civilians? How many Afghan/Pashtun has he raped, tortured and/or killed in his ethnic cleansing campaign since he partnered with the West?

After the tragic events of 9/11 the United States, and NATO invaded and occupied Afghanistan. The United Nations asked the Afghan soldiers to surrender to the U.N. The Afghans did. In November 2001, at Dasht-e-Leili and Qala-i-Jangithe, the United States, NATO and Dostum CIA thugs cowardly massacred thousands of Taliban prisoners of war. The United States and the United Nations watched and covered up these war crimes. See the attached video.


Communist war criminal Dostum has never been prosecuted for his many war crimes and crimes committed during the 1980s to the present. Many of these war crimes have been documented by human rights groups, the United States, other governments and the United Nations. Instead of being prosecuted in lawful tribunals, he has been rewarded by the West with high positions in the Afghan puppet government such as his present First Vice President position in the Ghani puppet administration and under Karzai’s puppet administration, the deputy defense minister position. In addition, Dostum has been on the CIA payroll. He has been financially rewarded by the West. Instead of prosecuting this criminal, my U.S. government ignores his war crimes, supports and keeps him on the payroll. The United States government needs to follow the rule of law and international law. Instead it is covering up these war crimes and helping him commit new war crimes against the Afghan/Pashtun and crimes against others. How shameful is the partnership, silence and inaction!


During these past 15 years since the United States invaded and has occupied Afghanistan, the communist, Uzbek, war criminal Dostum, has been committing war crimes against the Afghan /Pashtun villagers, who are the majority ethnic and native group of Afghanistan. The world and social media don’t want to hear and report about this 21st century, ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Pashtun this present “HOLOCAUST” This silence and inaction is shameful. Innocent Afghan/Pashtun civilians, many women and children are being raped and slaughtered everyday in Afghanistan. Yet the world is silent. It is well known that the communist, Uzbek war criminal Dostum is responsible for this ethnic cleansing.


These past fifteen years the United States has used Rashid Dostum as its thug. Rashid Dostum is a documented war criminal. He was the subject of articles in the Time magazine and Newsweek. As reported in the Time on November 19, 2001, and in Newsweek, on November 5, 2001, Dostum and his group raped many Afghan women and children, “Dostum’s marauders chopped off breasts and tied the toes of women behind their heads.”

Since the U.S. invasion and occupation, the CIA-thug, Dostum, has been going back and forth to the northern part of Afghanistan in particular in Faryab Province, Sari pul, Province Jowzjan Province and Badghis Province. Dostum, his private militia, the western mercenaries/private contractors, and the Afghan army are rounding up Pashtun villagers, who are not the resistance, looting and burning their homes, raping the women and children, and killing many of them. These war crimes are being documented by some educated Afghan people on the ground in those provinces. It is well known that Dostum spends his days not in an office in Kabul but in his uniform in the villages with his private militia, western backed private contractors/mercenaries and other CIA backed thugs terrorizing the Afghan/Pashtun and his political rivals.


Presently, it has been reported in Afghanistan, that Dostum’s private militia is going with a special visa issued by Afghanistan into Turkey and disappearing to the Daesh/ISIS project and then going all over the world.

It is time that Dostum be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for his war crimes and his most recent crime against his political rival. It is time that educated Afghans peacefully unite to stop the illegal U.S. occupation and war in Afghanistan, which has financially and politically supported this communist war criminal Dostum and allowed this socio-path to terrorize the Afghan people. The Afghan people have a legitimate right to defend themselves against this western-backed thug, Dostum, and other thugs and criminals, who have crawled out of their holes since the U.S. invasion and occupation.

Now is the time for educated Afghans, who have not sold themselves and their mothers to the foreigners (like the corrupt puppet Administration members, the traitor Afghans who are translators/interpreters for the foreigners, Afghans who are profiting from this illegal war etc.) to unite as they did in the past, to seek peace and the independency of Afghanistan. It is time to find a peaceful and lawful solution to end this illegal occupation and war in Afghanistan. The communist war criminal and U.S. thug, Dostum, is a symbol of what is wrong with this war and occupation.

Throughout history, true Afghans have united to stop the foreign occupation and interference in Afghanistan such as in 1709 against Iran, in the 1800s against the British, and in 1980s against the Soviets. Educated Afghans must not allow the killing of Afghans any longer by CIA thugs like Dostum or anyone. It is common knowledge in Afghanistan that every day, the United States through its CIA, MOSAD, through its private contractors/mercenaries, the US military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) assassinate innocent Afghans especially Pashtun tribal leaders, Pashtun religious scholars, Pashtun university students and other educated Pashtun, who speak out. If not killed many of the educated Pashtun are political prisoners without due process. I ask you who are the terrorists? Are Afghans, who are defending their homes, their children, their women and namoos from western thugs like Dostum terrorists? Are educated Pashtun and tribal leaders who protest and speak out against this occupation and corrupt Afghan administration terrorists?

The US war in Afghanistan is illegal. The United States’ invasion and occupation of Afghanistan violates the UN Charter and international law. First, the United Nations’ Charter is a treaty which was ratified by the United States. As a ratified treaty it became part of US law. Therefore the US must comply with the UN Charter. Article 2 (4) of the Charter, bans the use of armed force against another country except under two circumstances. It reads, “ All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” This article has also become part of the international customary law.

Under the UN Charter, there are two exceptions to the ban on the use of armed force. First, a country can use armed force against another country in self-defense as provided for in Article 51. Second, a country can use armed force when the UN Security Council approves such force to maintain or restore international peace and security. Neither of those exceptions were met before the United States invaded Afghanistan and began waging war.

The United States’ war in Afghanistan is beyond the scope of self-defense allowed by Article 51. Self-defense can only legally take place when an armed attack takes place against a state. The Afghan government in 2001, the Taliban, did not attack the United States on 9/11. Nineteen individuals, 15 from Saudi Arabia, attacked the United States. Individual Afghans did not attack the United States. That is a fact. No evidence has ever been produced by the United States to the contrary. Propaganda, speculation and expert opinions in the media do not constitute credible and relevant evidence. Furthermore, there was no imminent threat that Afghanistan would attack the US or another UN member country. Self- defense can only be used to repel an attack. Immediately after the tragic events of 9/11, the attacks stopped. There was no imminent threat to attack the US by the Afghan government before or after 9/11.

In addition, the UN Charter and well established international customary law, provide that self-defense would warrant only measures, which are proportionate to the armed attack and necessary to respond to it. It must not entail retaliatory or punitive actions. The US war tactics in Afghanistan are retaliatory, punitive and illegal. In and of itself, the use of cluster bombs, drones, uranium tipped weapons is a disproportionate use of force and unnecessary force. The US’s illegal use of self-defense is collectively punishing an entire nation. It is in violation of the UN Charter and international law. The right to Self-Defense set forth under Article 51 cannot be legally used against Afghanistan because the Afghan government allegedly refused to extradite Bin Laden. Extradition matters are resolved through peaceful measures in courts and not through the use of armed force with massive cluster bombs, drones, uranium tipped weapons etc, which have killed thousands of innocent Afghans during the past ten years. This illegal war and continual killing of innocent Afghans violates the UN Charter and international law. It is not legal self-defense under the UN Charter, international law or any law.

When the United States invaded Afghanistan the UN Security Council did not authorize the United States or any country to use military force against Afghanistan under Chapter VII (7) of the UN Charter. The UN Security Council can invoke Chapter VII use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security only when actual military force was being used. “Terrorism” can be a threat to international peace. However, there has been no evidence showing that the Afghan government or any Afghans committed or was involved in the tragic terrorist attacks on 9/11 nor that it was a threat to international peace and security. The United States’ war in Afghanistan is illegal and amoral.

The United Nations and the world need to require the United States and NATO to immediately cease its use of armed force against Afghanistan and withdraw all of their troops. No US or NATO troops must remain on any permanent base.

Afghans must not make legitimate this illegal US war by giving the US a permanent military base in Afghanistan. Afghans must not allow the Afghan puppet government, its CIA thugs, like Dostum, and Afghan traitors, who are profiting from the war, to approve or allow a permanent US military base. The UN must force the US to leave like it did the Soviets. Afghans must lawfully unite and have national unity to stop this illegal war and any foreign permanent bases in Afghanistan.

Although some weak -minded Afghans argue that if there are no foreign permanent military bases inside Afghanistan, neighboring countries will invade and take Afghan territory. As history has shown, Afghans are capable of defending themselves and their territory even against super powers and countries that have more sophisticated weapons.

True Afghans must lawfully unite. Now is the time to work together and demand that the UN force all foreign troops and mercenaries to leave Afghanistan. Afghans must demand that criminals like Dostum be arrested and prosecuted in lawful tribunals. Afghans must demand that all war criminals from 1979 to the present be prosecuted in lawful tribunals. Afghans must not be weak. Afghans have a right to justice just like the Jewish people received after WWII, and the Bosnians and Rwandans have recently received. Afghans must have faith and stand up for the rights of the Afghan people. Afghans must stop the killing of Afghans in this illegal war. Afghans must stop the war crimes. Peace is the solution but there can be no peace without justice.


Abdul Kadir Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Mujaheddin for North America during the 1980s


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