Breaking: UNSC passes resolution to end Israeli settlements



from  Press TV,  Tehran

For once I agree with a Samantha Power vote
For once I agree with a Samantha Power vote

[ Editor’s Note: Obama sends Bibi an “up yours” for his attempt to end run his presidential authority by going to Trump to stop the censuring resolution on the continued Israeli settlement building. With Samantha Power abstaining, it passed with the other 14 votes.

It was a huge defeat for the Jewish Jihadis and their long record of terrorizing anyone opposing Israel’s illegal hegemony over the Palestinian people. The atheist Zionists that flooded into Palestine before and after WWII conducted a terror war upon the British who had just lost its treasure and young men in defeating Germany.

British historian David Irving released archive material that British intelligence had wire taps on the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which picked up that most all the major terror attacks on British troops were being approved beforehand by them.

This was never made public, as Britain was in critical negotiations with the US for a desperately needed post-war loan, which Bernard Baruch had been assigned to handle.

Mind you, this was a time when the families of British soldiers who were angry at how little was being done to crush the Zionist insurgency killing their sons, found themselves having their heads clobbered by British police who had been ordered to keep them off the streets.

Trump will probably follow through with this pledge of allegiance to Israel by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and killing the peace process. Mr. Abbas could see the end of his days, as he could never lead a new massive protest. Trump’s move could come back to haunt him, in the same way that Obama’s mistakes in Ukraine and Syria will stain his legacy.

The Iran deal will be Obama’s only lasting contribution to world peace after becoming an American war president, after receiving his affirmative action Nobel Peace Prize — a stain on the earned accomplishments of black America which are so many. Trump seems to want his presidency to be known as the best reality TV show ever, and for his “rule by tweet” addiction.

He is his own worst enemy, but I fear we will be the ones to suffer from it the most, as we did with Bush (43)JD ]


Israel's plague of settlements
Israel’s plague of settlements

– First published  …  December 23,  2016

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has passed a resolution censuring Israel for its settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories after the US refused to veto it, reversing its longstanding policy of shielding the Israeli regime from condemnatory resolutions at the world body.

The Egyptian-drafted resolution was passed with 14 votes in favor and one abstention on Friday. Egypt had withdrawn the measure after the Israeli regime asked US President-elect Donald Trump to pressure the North African country to delay voting on the draft resolution.

Israel, wary of indications that the US might veto the resolution, turned to Trump for support , who has defended Israel against condemnation for the settlement construction, and slammed the Obama administration for the “shameful move” against Tel Aviv.

It is the first resolution on Israel and the Palestinians that the 15-member body has passed in about eight years.

The Security Council was initially scheduled to vote on the resolution on Thursday.

However, on Friday, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela put forward the draft again, which called on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem” al-Quds.

It also said the construction of Israeli settlements has “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.”


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  1. Netanyahu is a second class diplomat and a first class pratt. Genocidal actions towards the Palestinians is his most telling ‘pratt’ as the policy has been Previously Refuted A Thousand Times by every law-abiding body on the planet refusing to accept Israeli aggression and apartheid. And who but Netanyahu would have the chutzpah to flaunt the fact that his take on Palestine is one of the outstanding international cases of land grab and Highway Robbery since Dick Turpin was hanged at York back in 1739. Both Turpin and Netanyahu share the same shortcoming of not being able to determine between a horse trade and horse theft. And on such quirks of conscience and more especially law does the future of Israel hang.

  2. In the Augsburger Puppenkiste in childhood they said, “Gut gebrüllt, Löwe” (Good roared, Lion). It was a kind of muppet show in Germany.

  3. I can’t believe I applauded Ms Powers!!!

    Before arriving back in NZ about 13 years ago from the US where he was working for Merryle Lynch for quite a number of years (or being groomed) PM of New Zealand John Keys(a jew) suddenly last month resigned.
    Was this draft written up before he left, you would have to say yes. I can’t make it out.
    NZ is one of the only western countries who’s economy is in the black.Very strange.

  4. Obama could have shown some real chutzpah and made the vote 15-0. I wouldn’t give Obama much credit for this. After all are we all so stupid as not to believe he is also bribed just like Congress to do the bidding of Israel? They likely sought to chisel him down from $ 1 billion deposited in the Swiss Bank Account to a lowly $100 million which was not enough. He also knows he has lifetime armed security protection although the number may be less than the 40 guards protecting the outlaw over there. This is the real reason for armed security protection for presidents for life. Looks like more “mysterious” plane crashes for Malaysia and other “misfortunes” for the other countries who sponsored this. Cry baby Israel won’t abide by it. What law do they abide by? They are 100% right and the rest of the world 100% wrong all the time anyway. Is it any wonder these arrogant,selfish, insolent, egomaniacs have trouble with neighbors? What if everyone else gave their middle finger to the rule of law every time things did not go their selfish way?

    • Read the hate being posted on this on other sites. Why are they so concerned about all this since they intend to give it their middle finger anyway? Posters are demanding we stop funding the UN and evict it from our shores. Do you know why this won’t happen? Because the almighty dollar is much more important to the selfish citizens of New York City and the State of New York than a skirmish with a tiny country half way around the world which owns America anyway. The almighty dollar is their GOD. The UN will never be expelled from New York. Why it even serves Trump’s selfish interests too because he also worships the almighty dollar. The dollar is his GOD too. If the UN had any real guts they would now vote to send the troops into Israel to force them to obey the laws they are criminally violating and have been for many decades now especially the possession of illegal nuclear weapons, before they start WWIII over their selfish interests.

  5. More good news? Awesome. That psychopath Bibi will write it off as organized antisemitism and refuse to acknowledge it. Nevertheless, I think it sends a powerful message. I love it.

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