Christmas Myth: Was Jesus Jewish?


[Editor’s note: I don’t celebrate Christmas, in fact, I deeply loathe the entire concept of Christmas, it offends me deeply on many levels. First of all, there is nothing, not one god damn thing remotely Christian about it, rather it is an agglomeration of various earlier Pagan festivals created centuries after the supposed events in Palestine it is intended to commemorate. The entire bible story of a divine birth in a stable in Bethlehem is bullshit, absolute, unadulterated bullshit and quite frankly, why people today still believe such crap is beyond me; in an age where we have figured out the building blocks of life – DNA, have both split and fused atoms, when people are supposedly educated and informed about how the world works such ancient superstitious nonsense is anathema, yet still many continue to both believe it and to celebrate the myth every year on December 25th (January 7th for the Orthodox). 

Then there’s the modern tacked on consumerist nonsense, one of the worst excesses of capitalism – the lavish giving of all kinds of presents which has brought a very unnecessary financial pressure that causes undue stress to many and has become nothing more than a way of separating the foolish from their hard-earned cash. I find all the rushing around to buy this or that new trinket absolutely pathetic, but far worse, is the way in which children have been exploited to increase the pressure to spend spend spend on all sorts of ephemera. I think the entire system of children being inculcated with the ritual of asking for, nay demanding the latest expensive consumer goods once a year is a thoroughly bad thing, not least because it imbues the children with all kinds of capitalist bullshit from an early age. They are taught that they need consumer goods to be happy, that spending money is a way of expressing love, really bad lessons for any child to learn.

Finally, there is the gluttony, the stuffing of one’s face with far more food than is rational, often accompanied by very unhealthy levels of alcoholic imbibement. Anyone who has had the misfortune to need hospital care over the ‘festive’ season will have seen the carnage in the A&E departments wrought by this alcoholic overindulgence. All the gluttony is just another manifestation of the consumerist greed that has been drummed into the feeble minded masses by cynical capitalist businessmen who never miss a trick in the exploitation of ‘religious’ festivals to make a buck.

Yes, I hate Christmas, just as I hate religion in all it’s forms, after all I have a brain perfectly adequate for carrying out rational thought and long ago decided that ancient superstition distilled and refined over centuries by corrupt, avaricious and often downright criminal religious leaders into systems for controlling the masses was something I wasn’t going to subscribe to in any way, shape or form.

Therefore I present this excellent essay in the hope that it stirs some rationality in the minds of those who still fall into the Christmas trap every year and causes at least some to realise just what a load of bullshit the entire concept of Jesus and his divine birth really is. Ian]


by Revilo P. Oliver

THE HEBREW NAME which is vocalized as Yēhōshūa (=Joshua) and means “God is riches” (or, in more up-to-date English, “God is money”), was colloquially contracted (as our “William” is contracted to “Bill”), especially in the dialect of Aramaic, to Yēshūa, for which the Latin equivalent is Iēsūs, but in the general ignorance of the Roman decadence, when the Christian cult became popular, this was corrupted to, Jēsŭs, whence the English “Jesus.”

The name was extremely common among Jews. The more civilized ones replaced it with genuinely Greek or Roman names to affect participation in the culture of the time, much as Jews in this country often assume English names. Other individuals bearing that name could be distinguished from one another only by adding the name of the father or the place of origin, if either was known, and, obviously, even with such additions a great deal of confusion was possible and even likely.

There were quite a number of agitators named Jesus whose careers could have contributed elements to the various Christian legends. Among them:

(1) A Jewish rabble-rouser who adopted the Greek name, Chrestus, and whose real name may have been Jesus. He is mentioned by Suetonius, who tells us only that around A.D. 30 he incited Jewish outbreaks in Rome so serious that they had to be put down by troops. He may have escaped from Rome at that time to incite trouble elsewhere, possibly in Palestine. He is mentioned first because he would account for the fact that when the Christians first appear in history, around A.D. 112, they were known as Chrestiani, and it took them a century to get their name changed to the spelling now in use.

(2) Jesus, son of Ananias, who prophesied in A.D. 62 that the temple in Jerusalem would soon be destroyed. According to Josephus, the Sanhedrin tried to persuade the Roman procurator to crucify this Jesus, but the Roman thought him merely insane and so released him. He was eventually killed by the Romans during the siege of Jerusalem.

(3) A Jew from Egypt, name unknown but identified in the Talmud as Jesus of Nazareth, who tried to start an insurrection in Jerusalem by posing as a “prophet of God,” intending to pillage the city with a mob that he assembled on the Mount of Olives. According to Josephus, the Roman procurator naturally sent out the cavalry, killed four hundred of the crazed fanatics and captured two hundred more, dispersing the rest. The agitator naturally took care of his own skin, eluded pursuit, and high-tailed it back to Egypt. He must have been glib, if, as Josephus says, he acquired in Judaea a following of 30,000 before he made his foolish attempt to attack Jerusalem. His career would account for the odd association of the Christian hero with Egypt in many legends.

(4) Jesus, son of Sapphias, who started a revolt in Tiberias, where he burned the palace and massacred the Greek inhabitants. He escaped from the region, according to Josephus, who tells us no more.

(5) Jesus of Galilee, who went to Jerusalem with a private army of 600 men and tried to infiltrate the city, but was betrayed by one of his confederates, Jesus, son of Gamalas. Josephus does not tell us what happened to him, but if the Romans caught him, they probably sliced off his head or nailed him to a cross.

(6) The Jesus, son of Gamalas, just mentioned, who, although a Man of God according to Josephus, was assassinated by the Zealots while the Romans under Titus were besieging Jerusalem.

(7) A thaumaturgist [a “miracle worker”; that is, a magician who claims divine powers — Ed.] named Jesus (paternity unstated), who, according to Josephus, was called a messiah, attracted quite a following, and was crucified. The passage in Josephus’s Antiquitates is generally regarded as a Christian interpolation, on the grounds that a Jew would not speak well of a Christian messiah, but that argument is grossly anachronistic since it supposes a difference between Jews and “Christians” at a date when the “Christians” were just another one of the many sects of Jewish malcontents and fanatics in Palestine. According to Josephus, this man had a brother named Jacob (James), whom the Sanhedrin, putting something over in the interval between the departure of one procurator and the arrival of another, had stoned to death. If this group had a considerable popular following, Josephus may well have wanted to curry favor with that party of Jews. He wrote, for popular consumption by his fellow Jews, a version of his work in Aramaic, now lost but probably the basis of a Slavonic version in which it is said that this Jesus was the legitimate King of the Jews, but did not reign because he was crucified by the prosperous Jews, who feared that his projected revolt would fail and get them in trouble with the Romans. Of course, one cannot be sure of the authenticity of either passage.

(8) Quite a number of Jews who jostled others out of the post of High Priest and were later jostled out them­selves were named Jesus. One such, who assumed the Greek name of Jason, was thrown out by his brother, Onias, who called himself Menelaus. Jason-Jesus started riots to regain his holy office and may have been killed or executed. His brother, Menelaus, remained High Priest until his intrigues got him into trouble and he was seized and executed (mode of execution not stated) by Antiochus Epiphanes.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, September 1979

Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. I speculated a while ago that Jesus(or whatever his name truly was ) was simply a benevolent King, the JFK of the Middle East, but with more power. Ralp Ellis recently did an interview saying similar albeit, he says Jesus was trying to take the throne of Rome. Not sure about that, but I think he is in the right area.

    We shall of course never know, but one can speculate and the best bet to my mind is he was perfectly human, but a powerful King who wanted the best. Perhaps Mumar Gaddafi would be another fine comparison.

    • But yes I believe Jesus was from Judae aka The King of Gallalie. Wordsmiths might note the ‘lie’ part on the end, much like All-Lied or Al-lies. But that is merely coincidental.

      I like Christmas, but I am nominally Christian in terms of basic ethics so it stands to reason that I would casually partake in the Festive season. Christmas Eve is probably the best part though !

  2. “In his classic Facts are Facts, Jewish historian, researcher and scholar Benjamin Freedman writes:

    Jesus is referred as a so-called “Jew” for the first time in the New Testament in the 18th century. Jesus is first referred to as a so-called “Jew” in the revised 18th century editions in the English language of the 14th century first translations of the New Testament into English. The history of the origin of the word “Jew” in the English language leaves no doubt that the 18th century “Jew” is the 18th century contracted and corrupted English word for the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition. Of that there is no longer doubt.”

    “The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English was begun in 1604 and first published in 1611. The word “Jew” did not appear in it either. The word “Jew” appeared in both these well known editions in their 18th century revised versions for the first times.”

    “every Jewish and all Gentile encyclopaedias affirm that barely any so-called Jew is an Israelite let alone Semitic. Note also that Judaism is Pharisaism based on the Talmud, which is the antithesis of pre-exilic Yahweh Torah or Yahwism”

    This means also that the; “Judea declares war on Germany” 1933 by the Jews was just a conspiracy. Judea was a geographical entity and did not exist as such 1933 as a nation of the Jews.

  3. I made a comment yesterday on this thread about atheism being the summit of ignorance, but it seems to have disappeared? The correction I made regarding that comment looks pretty strange without it.

  4. Isn’t it about time we started correcting/adjusting our nomenclature to known facts? When asked if Jesus was jewish I immediately think ashkenazi jews. Would it not better to call the ancient ME people (semitic) as Hebrews or Asiralites? I am aware that in the last century at least these distinctions have been blurred by persistent misinformation campaigns. Converts are falsely treated as bloodlines. The correction has to occur.

  5. Jesus was never referred to as a “Jew” until the 18th century. Ancient Hebrew/Israelites, were never referred to as “Jews” in ancient times. This is why the Jewish almanac tells us that, “strictly speaking, it is incorrect to refer to an ancient Hebrew or Israelite, as a Jew. Just as it is incorrect to refer to a contemporary Jew as a Hebrew or Israelite.” The universal Jewish encyclopedia tells us that the Jewish religion is based on the practices and traditions of the Pharisees, those who Jesus referred to as the “synagogue of satan” and “sons of their father, the devil.” This source also tells us that the most important piece of historical Judaic literature is the Talmud. Obviously, Jesus totally opposed the practices and traditions of the pharisees and therefore, opposed Judaism.

    • The term Jew was invented to identify those who followed the practices and traditions of the Pharisees, as found in the Talmud. Those same practices and traditions that Jesus publicly rebuked whenever he was given the opportunity. The Jews needed Christians to believe that their lord and saviour was a Jew, to gain their unconditional support. And since it was Jews who owned and controlled the printing presses, they were able to plant this terrible misconception into the collective consciousness. So, no, Jesus was not a Jew and if one wants to argue that he was, then there is not a single Jew in existence today, because not one of them today are worthy of washing his feet.

    • Correction: “the odds of an amino acid happening by chance would be ‘1 in 10^260’. Mathematical impossibility is defined as ‘1 in 10^50’.”

    • The term IOUDAION = Judean. This term was used to describe anyone who lived in Judea and had nothing to do with race or religion. There were Ioudaion (Judean) witches, warlocks, animals, etc. It’s no different than calling someone, or something, American. They could be black, white, brown, yellow, Christian, satanist, etc. And again, Judeans (IOUDAIONS) were never referred to as “Jews” in ancient times. Pilate wrote “king of the Judeans on the cross of Jesus to spite the Pharisees.

    • In the words of Israel Shahak, “According to Israeli law a person is considered ‘Jewish’ if either their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother were Jewesses by religion; or if the person was converted to Judaism in a way satisfactory to the Israeli authorities, and on condition that the person has not converted from Judaism to another religion, in which case Israel ceases to regard them as ‘Jewish’.”

    • Again, the term “Jew” was never used in ancient times….never. Not to describe the descendants of Judah, not to describe those who lived in
      Judaea, not for anything. The tribe of Judah were known as judahites. People who lived in Judaea were called Judaeans and today, the term Jew, represents neither judaeans, nor judahites. They are merely a bunch of Talmud thumping degenerates who suffer from intense delusions of grandeur. If you mother had converted to the Talmudic religion of Judaism before your birth, you are a Jew by default. Obviously, one cannot convert to the tribe of Judah, it’s a bloodline. Obviously, a Jew born in Poland is not a Judaean, he is Polish. Would a man born in Germany, who lived his whole life there, call himself an American? No. That would be ridiculous. Jews are niether the tribe of Judah, nor are they Judaeans. The bottom line is that Jesus could not have been a “Jew” because that word did not exist back then. It’s unlikely that Jesus even lived in Judaea, because the people of Judaea wanted to kill him, so he went to Galilee.

  6. This question was posed to a Jewish writer in the NYT a few years ago:

    “Why would twelve men – the Apostles, after Pentecost, take to the paths, by-ways and hills of the Middle East to spread the word of peace and salvation through Christ even to the extent of sacrificing their own lives which they all did – bar John, to barbaric torture and death? For money? For self interest? Self glorification? Vainglory?”

    I just happen to be reading Philip Caraman’s – Life of Henry Garnett – about the Catholic counter-reformation to Henry VIII’s ruination of England’s religious past – to fill his coffers and satisfy his lust for an heir. The subsequent terror inflicted on Catholic citizens and clergy is a stark reminder of the state-sponsored ISIS butchery of today. These people and priests lived – and many in fact died for Christ whose birth I agree is now ruinously commercialized and his message all but forgotten – if ever even read.

  7. According to both Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner, Jeshua-ben-Joseph was an actual historic figure. He was born to an Essene family, raised within an Essene community, and traveled widely before commencing his public ministry at age 30. The Essenes were a Jewish sect but did study religion more broadly. (The Jewish historian Josephus does mention them. The Dead Sea scrolls belonged to one of their communities.) His primary mission was to overcome the prevalent tribalism of the period and teach the brotherhood of all man. The overly elaborate and legalistic commandments of the Jews were replaced by two: 1) Love god 2) Love your neighbor. That’s it.

    His early followers were Jewish. Christianity did not spin off as a separate religion until much later after the Romans destroyed the Second Temple when they sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD at the end of the Great Revolt.

    The Bible was written much later, selected from among existing texts, edited, translated, and copied by hand. It should not be taken literally.

    • Rudolf Steiner’s book title is: “Das Christentum als mystische Tatsache” and in the book he writes that there is no historical (archaeologic) evidence found..even not by the crusaders who invaded Palestine.

      He created a story with two Jesus boys, the so called Nathan and Salomon line comparing to the family tree written in front of the Mathew and Luke Gospel.

      But the real thing is that both lines end with Joseph who was NOT the father. Means….there is NO bloodline going to Jesus.

      Rudolf Steiner’s story about the two Jesus boys might be somehow inspiring….but the death of the first one was actually much better described with the following story of John the baptist ….who was the first born…..and who lost the head (the first sign at the Zodiac is Aries..and symbolizes the head)…..the firstborn has to be sacrificed …like the first subject…which is the EGO. This whole story happens in the Human but as a theater it is staged in Palestine.

    • The question which should be made is; Is the almighty God and the IS a Zionist creation?”

      And the Answer is: both are creations of the Zionist mind.

      Its high on time to see the divine again hidden in the Nature….but also hidden in the human nature.
      The “fruits” (children) from the tree of knowledge is the subject….the first one is the EGO (Cain) …the second born might be described as the higher self (Abel).

      Even Ezekiel narrated: “the Gods (plural) asked me: who goes for us (plural) ..who stands up for us? goodby monotheism!
      Means the Gods are totally helpless…they cannot even walk on Earth.

      So the whole story about an almighty God and the Idea of Monotheism is only a Zionist conspiracy camouflaged as a Religion… used to enslave all other Nations.

  8. Gretings Edward, I don’t know if you’re interested but, anyway I wish you a Merry Christmas as well as to those that at least have consideration toward believers . When there is no Faith its useless to get into a never ending argument. Jesus told us: Whover is not with me is against me, whoever does not gather with me scatters.
    Hardly could be understood, that History past, present and next days are marked by the interaction between the people of Israel and gentiles, its like History’s ADN. The fact that we, at VT keep dwelling with Jews-Israel means that right or wrong, they play a central role in Mankind times, it doesn’t matter if present Jews have a Khazarian background., are Donmeth converted, or Ethipian Falasha specimen, Jews mingled with many people but kept tradition, a core masonic teaching an adaptable, weaponable and talmudic Old Testament opening the road to the goal of crowning the Jewish King of the Earth. as a mean to that end, division, fracturing, desbelief, agnosticism, atheism, “schism, heresy, pseudo science and Hollywood permanganate were all encouraged as it were tools to the gentile infighting and at the same time getting closer to designated targets which perhaps, makes Ian resent Christmas.

  9. In regard to the Lord Jesus being Jewish, no, He was the Son of God.
    He was a spoken Word Creation in Mary’s womb, otherwise He could not have saved anyone, as He would have been, as we all are born in sin, shapen in iniquity and come into the world speaking lies.
    No human had anything to do with His Creation, and Mary was a chosen vessel, in incubator, used to deliver Him.
    So Jesus was definitely NOT Jewish, Gentile or anything else, He was the manifested Word of become flesh, the express Image of God, Who is Spirit.

    • I genuinely feel sorry for those afflicted with religion, I truly think it is a form of mental illness, a delusional state that can probably be cured with the proper psychiatric care.

  10. If all religion is a scam then any sovereign state in the world is even more so of a scam because it became combining religion and language with the worship of a certain territory. If all religion is a scam then today USA is first to be dismembered into particles and constitution ripped apart. Through religion besides the horrific acts of inhumanity you mention there can also be done incredible acts of humanity, only they rarely make the headlines on msm or history books. Worshiping territory and land is the worst, most murderous religion of all.

  11. My very best hope and wishes goes to Michael T. Flynn who had the courage to describe the Islam not as a Religion but an Ideology.

    But this Ideology of an almighty God and the holy war comes very clear out of Judaism. Even Christianity used this ideology to conquer and enslave the world. Instead to celebrate the divine in the nature we have holy days and cut the trees for this nonsense.

    A Swiss journalist went to a desert valley in Nepal near a Buddhist convent with the Abbot. The monk told him: you have to imagine this valley as a green forest. The journalist asked: why it is gone now? The monk answered: we had built our Temples with this wood.

  12. Revilo P. Oliver might go into history as the Revolver (with eight chambers)- Writer.

    All shoots went into the blue

    As the new testament was written in Aramaic and Greek language any translation of names back into Hebrew has to be in the context of the old Testament. Jeshua was a very common name in the OT and means “the cry for salvation” and in no way “god is riches”.

    The reason why this name Jesus or Jeshua was used is to say that in any common person this cry for salvation is in existence…even the birthplace of Jesus is called Bethlehem…literally means “dwelling in the flesh”.

    The theater of this whole Story is in the Human. Its a brotherfight from the beginning to the end…Kain – Abel, Esau – Jacob, John the baptist – Jesus.
    This compagnion is inside your self….and for sure he is not a Jew unless you make a mental circumcision.

    • Edward, if the whole bible is a faked copy..then there must be an original! What you have to consider is that the Hebrew language is not created by the Jews. They are not even mentioned in the old Testament!

      The Phoenicians are the founder of the Hebrew language and the Habirus (Hebrews) mentioned in the Amarna Letters where tribes who also used that language. The Habirus attacked the vassal kingdoms of that region which was still a part of Egypt around 1200 BC.

      The Tragedy of today is that most people believe that everything written in the bible is history.
      Its not
      Its Mythology, though beautiful and very mysterious.

      Its the ideological fight between the polytheistic world view and the uprising Alphabet (Google is now a part of Alphabet)
      The idea of an almighty god and the monotheism is a later addition when the desert bandits used this ideology as a war strategy to legitimize their crimes.
      But how can God be almighty when even in the Genesis he is not able to see where Adam (the Human) is hidden?

      Most of the old Testament became a Zionist fairytale, a racist ideology where only an artificial tribe demands the world and has the right to destroys all others who do resist this strategy.

      While the writers of the new Testament intended to destroy this ideology unfortunately the Christian movement became Zionist as it try to find archaeological evidence. But not one single fiber of evidence was found there.

  13. While the Constitution protects one’s right to believe anything especially any religious dogma, where is it written that religious organizations must not be taxed? This has been a terrible foolish mistake and likely won’t be changed soon. Our national debt could easily be wiped off the books if we taxed these churches which are nothing but big business, mostly corrupt ones beginning with the secret criminal enterprise Catholic Church based in Italy and many others. These church businesses own some of the most expensive real estate in most cities of America. The Catholic Church has been using money donated for church purposes to get priests and bishops out of criminal charges for abusing kids. The whole thing is totally sickening.

  14. If someone calls concept of divine birth a “bullshit” then that is very low level of argumentation and a pathetic one and I don’t want to argue on such basis. No thorough Christian teaching denies the existence and the coding of DNA and the consistence of the smallest particles of matter and core, and no thorough science denies the possibility of divine birth, or otherwise in different forms of life partenogenesis, or any of the miraculous aspects occured in the Bible. Religion and science are some of very different approaches to understanding the world around us, but they ask often same questions and make same inquiries. Many of people including VT staff and readership and myself I am sure are often frustrated with some scientific aspects and also religious aspects and their argumentation. I have no doubt as well that all of the most prominent scientists and most prominent saints and most prominent thinkers and intelligentsia are frustrated by these issues on a daily basis.

  15. I agree for the most of the foreword. Christmas has indeed become a consumerist ritual there is very little to argue about it. And not just Christmas, most of religious festivities. It has also become a trick for alcoholics and a capitalist trap for making more money, very little to argue about it. And religion was a business trap for many even in Jesus’s time on Earth, and for some or many it never ceased to be. Though is it a result of hijacked religion(s)? Is it a result of more or less involvement of religious structures in the public life? Why are these hierarchies of the religion not bothered by naming business and military structures around them, and calling them out? Is this a job for laicists and atheists?

    • So as Christmas, like many other religious things, is under constant attack from caballistic khazar fake jews in their plan to enslave the world, you want to kill Christmas and christianity itself ? Even though it has a pagan origin, the important thing is its symbolic value, a share of common christian values of love, compassion, kindness, which is the very meaning of what we call ‘religion’. So that now religious structures have been almost corrupted by this false khazarian free-masonic cult, you draw an equivalence between a genuine religion of love, and its destructor ? Must be crazy !

  16. there tends to be far too much fixation on the did-he didn’t-he really exist and .. what were his shoe and hat sizes so we can worship those shoe and hat sizes. The real essence was the message. Ie. i reckon an atheist could call herself a Christian. It’s not about “believing” or “having faith” in some mystical being, (That’s a tool for power hungry churches to possess souls) it’s about messges relating to moral behaviour.

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