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  1. It seems as if all of the soothsayers and those whom accuse others of being purveyors of fake news, are not even prepared to allow Trump time to put his feet under his desk in the Oval office, before they tell us exactly what he is going to do to us all and exactly how we are going to be disappointed by him.

    Would it not be better to give the man a chance? The Jews are already looking for a way out of Palestine, before the water wars kick off, so that problem could sort itself out by inflicting it onto someone else.

  2. I think Trump respects Pres. Putin and sees that he himself would like to be a successful leader in the world but I doubt that the people that he surrounds himself with , in his Cabinet, will let him achieve that leadership. . Trump doesn’t like losers, he considers himself a winner but great presidents have to be able to see thru the BS people and do what’s right for the American people and the people of the world. That’s not the agenda in Washington so most likely he will be forced to go along with puppet handlers and be happy to fill his pockets. We pay a heavy price – in order to be ” your own man” these days.

  3. I suspect that Putin dreads having to make the decision to initiate a pre-emptive thermo-nuclear strike against the US and the West, whether ‘out of the blue’, or preceded by a fit of insanity, like the murder of the Russian diplomat and an initially, more localised response to it. What reasonable person would not dread thinking about such a responsibility?

  4. Partly, I think the Donald is big on ‘going with the flow’, has the instincts of an amoral demagogue, but also sees prospects of good business between the US and Russia. Whether his Israeli handlers will be on board might be another matter.

  5. Master stroke by Putin by taking the high road in not expelling diplomats ~ the new world order is imploding and the Clintonista’s are still in shock and denial over their election defeat ~ the status quo is no more ~ the game is on and it’s impetuous Trump against the grand master Putin ~ a precarious disadvantage ~ and it’s all unfolding before our very eyes ~ grand political chess with more surprises and shock to come after inauguration day. The war mongers will not fold until check mated and that possibility could become apparent soon.

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