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TradCatKnight Radio: Fallen Angels In The Flesh Amongst Us

TCK RADIO: This is one talk you do not want to miss and will want to share with your family, friends and church members. Don't miss "Ascended Masters "Fallen Angels In The Flesh Amongst Us"

Donald Trump needs to dust the Israeli shackles off his clothes

Israel cannot continue to use a standard for itself and then turns around and uses a completely different standard for other countries in the Middle East. That is obviously a recipe for disaster.

Should Putin liberate the Golan Heights?

Putin should immediate declare and enforce a no-fly zone over Golan. Then he should give the Israeli squatters one week to evacuate.

Israeli drug company (Teva) gets caught bribing Russian, Ukrainian, and Mexican officials

“Teva and its subsidiaries paid millions of dollars in bribes to government officials in various countries, and intentionally failed to implement a system of internal controls that would prevent bribery.”

TRUTH JIHAD: Ex-CIA officer’s Christmas Letter to Trump

TRUTH JIHAD: Ex-Marine and former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele, founder of the Open Source Intelligence movement (OS-INT), has written a wonderful Christmas letter to Donald Trump.

Next step, sanctions please

Nothing could have been more calculated to ruin Hanukka for the Israeli High Command and bring Christmas cheer to the Palestinian Christians and Muslims they have abused and terrorised for decades.

UN Resolution 2334 is good for Israel

If the One State is an existential threat to Israel being the Jewish state, then the recent UN resolution is the last attempt to revive the Two-State Solution.

Did Israel Down a Russian Jet Over UNSC Smackdown? (UPDATE)

All you have to do to understand why things happen is look at who profits from events and who believes themselves to be above the law.

TU-154 crash in Black Sea claims famous Russian choir

Jim W. Dean - VT's condolences go out to the Russian people for these most unfortunate victims. We are more than a little bit suspicious of a tragic incident like this happening during good weather, with a highly experienced pilot, and such an important symbolic group of passengers aboard.

Aleppo Civilians to NWO agents and Satanists: You lost—and Merry Christmas!

Aleppo is now celebrating Christmas! This is a major defeat for NWO agents and Satanists.

Professor Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin is potentially America’s most valuable national security partner

Obama has less than a month in the White House. Perhaps he needs to wake up when it comes to Russia.

December 25th Celebrate Trenton Night

... the Deist George Washington and his army of rebels crossed the Delaware River on the night of the 25th and successfully fought the Battle of Trenton on the 26th.

What will be the future military policy of the Trump administration in the Far...

by Valentin Vasilescu for VT If the military policy of the Trump administration is foreseeable in the fight against the Islamists and the deployment of...

NATO ‘Might Not Survive a Donald Trump Presidency’

Donald Trump's policies may erode trust within NATO thus dealing the final blow to the Alliance, according to former deputy commander of NATO and British General Sir Richard Shirreff. Still, intrigue deepens over Trump's policy toward the military bloc and US-Russian relations.

Video and Full Text of Putin’s Annual News Conference

We have agreed with my assistant here that I will not make any lengthy opening remarks, so let us get down to business, to your questions. Go ahead, please.

PressTV: Russia and UN Condemn Trump on Israel and it won’t go away

US Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes has told the whining Israeli prime minister that only he is responsible for Washington’s decision to allow the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israel for illegal settlement construction in occupied Palestinian territories.

Drone Video East Aleppo

Drone footage focuses on the Saint Elias Cathedral in the Al-Jadideh quarter of Aleppo. The church will hold its first Christmas ceremony in four years this coming Sunday. The church is considered to be one of the oldest in the Middle East. It was built in 1873. Throughout the Syrian crisis, the church has been the target of three missile attacks by militants.

Breaking: UNSC passes resolution to end Israeli settlements

Jim W. Dean - Obama sends Bibi an "up yours" for his attempt to end run his presidential authority by going to Trump to stop the censuring resolution on the continued Israeli settlement building.

The Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes want to rule the world

Jonah Goldberg: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show we mean business.”

Celebrations in Aleppo after its full liberation

Jim W. Dean - It got cold in Aleppo and the snow came down, but the spirit of the people of Aleppo was not dampened, as they have the boot of the jihadis and their Western and Gulf State backers off their necks.

Planning a US Trip? Get Ready for Quiz on Your Twitter and Facebook Posts

The US government is planning to quiz foreign travelers entering the country about their social media status. Anyone entering the US from another country will face questioning about their Twitter and Facebook updates.

Zio-Gladio strikes Europe! Berlin suspect, NATO auditor shot dead

Yet another "radical Islamic ISIS-linked terrorist," identified thanks to yet another "magic ID drop," has once again been shot dead by police and silenced forever.

Why Hasn’t the CIA Thug, Communist War Criminal, Rashid Dostum, Been Prosecuted for his...

The U.S. “Selected” Afghan Administration, the Dancing Boys of the U.S. and its CIA Thugs, Must Lawfully Be Replaced by the Afghan Majority. Why...

Berlin Suspect Killed In Italy, VT Cites False Flag Indicators

Gordon Duff - It was VT that authorities told to watch the routes to Milan as the terrorist would need new ID. We expected him to join a terror cell in Belgium and "cool off" for the next attack.

The role of the Spetsnaz in the liberation of Aleppo

By freeing the Castello road in mid-2016, the Syrian Arab army allowed the almost total isolation of 10,000 rebels in eastern Aleppo.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading-butting again

Didn’t the media and Hollywood portray Pitt and Jolie as happy all the time? Didn’t they seem to be joyful in public appearances and TV interviews?

Turkey to pull out forces from Iraq: Envoy

Jim W. Dean - This is another surprise turn of the worm for Turkey, dovetailing into its signing on with the Russian and Iranian tripartite Syria agreement, where one of its planks was to respect the sovereignty of Syria.

Our conception of God isn’t big enough

God has to be big enough to embrace an outrageous number of perspectives on reality.

When the Lying Starts

Jim W. Dean - This is another Gordon classic, and a challenging read. He does a lot of dot connecting on the current stories, but adds the infamous VT touch of digging back into the roots of who is doing what to whom, and why.

Trump, Russia and Israel, a Fake Detente and Real Terrorism

Israel is enraged and lashing out. When Turkey joined Iran and Russia in the recent settlement conferences over Syria, Israel was flattened.

Poland Given Yet Another Warning by EU Over Constitution Standoff

The row between Poland and the European Union has escalated after the EU warned Warsaw that it would remove its voting rights in the...

Ambassador Andrew Ivy Killgore (1919-2016)

Killgore never flinched in following his moral compass; or as his Navy vet friends might say, he had his rudder deep in the water, where political whims and winds did not affect his course.

Rodrigo Duterte to NWO agents and Satanists: You all “can go to hell”

People are now saying that the New World Order ideology is not worth a dime.

Christmas memo to PM Theresa May: Stop worshipping Israel. Learn the ugly truth.

This is still a Christian country, as your colleague David Cameron reminded us not so long ago. But you wouldn't think so when non-Christian creeds are given exceptional protection and privileges to smooth their ruffled feathers.

Syria needs fighting terrorism not regime change assistance

Jim W. Dean - We finally had some response from the US today after the new Iran, Russian, Turkey triparte declaration to move forward on a Syrian resolution themselves.

Ohio Bans War Crimes Boycotts…Against Israel

Times of Israel: States that have passed such anti-BDS legislation include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and South Carolina.

G-d help us all, just not that much: Foxman blasts Trump’s Israel envoy pick...

JT/Israel: Abraham Foxman, the retired Anti-Defamation League director, said language that President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel directed at the group is “unacceptable” and “ugly.”

Last Second Holiday Shopping Ideas Without Leaving The House

We have decided to come up with some items that would interest our readers during the holiday season. In order to choose items that we know our users would benefit from, we went ahead and did some research.

New York Daily News and ISIS are happy about assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey...

Gersh Kuntzmann: “So I, for one, am shedding no tears for Andrei Karlov. Frankly, I’m surprised his murder didn’t come months ago."