CUI BONO? Who gains from Istanbul New Year’s Eve attack?


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Terrorism is a tactic, not a strategy.

And though I never went to West Point, I’m pretty sure our premier military academies agree with that statement.

The mainstream media and other dupes of the real terrorists pretend terrorism (targeting civilians to incite fear) is a strategy, if not an end it itself. “Those evil terrorists just do it because … well, they hate our freedoms!” Thanks to the mainstream liars and idiots, the word terrorist now connotes fanatics who engage in random acts of senseless brutality just for the hell of it. They have persuaded most of the public to view  an important military tactic, one of the most powerful pieces on the chess board, as mindless emotional self-expression by demonized fanatical misfits.

But the truth is that almost all terrorism is tactical, deployed by more-or-less state-sponsored military professionals to achieve  strategic ends. So if you want to know who is really behind the latest terrorist outrage, always start with the question cui bono, “who gains?”

Take last night’s New Years Eve massacre in Istanbul. It had all the usual earmarks of a mindless slaughter by the proverbial “radical Islamists.” Therefore, if we want to know who really did it, we must ask ourselves: “Who  has the means, motive and opportunity to commit such an act; and specifically, who would have a good reason to view such an act, attributed to the usual ‘radical Islamists,’ as strategically useful?”

There are many real Islamist groups in Turkey – I have personally met with some of their leaders and members – and virtually all of them are committed to re-establishing the central place of Islam in Turkish society by peaceful and democratic means. The ruling AKP party falls into that category. So did the Gulen movement, at least until it got involved in a foreign-sponsored coup attempt against Erdogan last summer. The many dozens of other Islamic movements in Turkey are essentially more or less on the same wavelength. And whatever may be the differences in viewpoint between and within these groups, none of them are stupid enough to think that terrorist massacres blamed on Islamists are (a) acceptable under Islam, and/or (b) beneficial to Islamism in Turkey or anywhere else.

But wait a minute…isn’t Erdogan, a very savvy (some would say slimy) politician, capable of engineering a false flag that would give him more emergency powers to crack down on his opposition? That, of course, is one interpretation of the Gulen coup attempt. I disagree with that interpretation – all signs point to a real attempted coup that came within a few minutes of killing Erdogan – but even admitting that Erdogan might be willing to massacre large numbers of Turkish civilians to cement his rule, which I have no reason to believe is the case, the New Year’s Eve massacre in Istanbul does not help Erdogan at all. He already has all the emergency powers he needs; and if he were going to demonize anybody, it would be the PKK, not “Islamists.”

Terrorism in Turkey has reached the point of destabilizing Turkish society and discrediting its leaders. So it works against Erdogan, not for him…especially when it is blamed on “Islamists” targeting a “secularist” New Year’s Eve celebration. Erdogan, after all, represents the triumph of the democratic Islamists over the fascist, coup-loving, NATO-and-Israel frontmen Kemalist secularists.

The New Year’s Eve attack was obviously designed to frame “Islamists” as the bad guys. Not only was the “secularist”  target selected specifically to reinforce that narrative, with the terrorists screaming the obligatory “Allahu akbar;” but pre-attack publicity also contributed to “framing” the good-guys-bad-guys narrative.

Turkish “Islamist” newspapers warning “don’t celebrate the New Year”

As The Guardian reported:

Some of the marginal newspapers with a very conservative following like Akit and Milli Gazete published front page features yesterday on NYE celebrations. In Milli the headline was: “This is the last warning, don’t celebrate”.

In Akit, the front page said “Down with your civilisation”, with pictures side by side of people in Syria and people partying.

An influential CHP deputy from Istanbul, Gursel Tekin, said at the hospital:

“In the coming days we should be talking about this – in the last week there were so many messages which can damage our social peace but none of these messages were investigated. Those responsible should resign.”

This “predictive programming” was obviously designed to steer public opinion towards blaming “Islamists” and triggering popular outrage against them, and against Erdogan and his ruling party (“those responsible”).

This reverse-psychology-based “predictive programming” is reminiscent of the “right-wing” anti-JFK propaganda that sprouted all over Dallas shortly before the assassination.

“Weissman”…hmmm…funny name for a right-wing Texas redneck. A friend of “Rubenstein”?

The Zionist mob that killed JFK, led by David Ben-Gurion, his Lansky-mob associates, and their assets in the CIA starting with Israeli mole James Jesus Angleton, set up “angry Cubans” and more pertinently “right-wing American patriots” as the most obvious suspects to anyone who didn’t buy the ridiculous official “Oswald acted alone” myth. That was the purpose of the above-pictured ads. (Seriously, folks…if right-wing patriot types were going to kill the president, would they have advertised it this way?)

Likewise, whoever was behind the Istanbul nightclub attack saw to it that these “marginal Islamist newspapers” would publish stories that could be interpreted as threats against New Year’s Eve partiers. The purpose, obviously, was to frame “Islamists” as the bad guys and discredit Erdogan.

So who might want to do that?

My guess is that one purpose of the attack was to punish Erdogan and Turkey for breaking ranks with NATO and pushing through the recent Syria peace initiative with Russia and Iran. The neocon-Zionist-hardliner wing of NATO has been furious with Erdogan since he went off the reservation on Syria last year; that’s why they used the Gladio network, and its CIA-Mossad asset Fethullah Gulen, to try to overthrow Erdogan in the failed coup attempt.

The New Year’s Eve terror attack happened just 48 hours after the U.N. backed the Russia-Iran-Turkey peace initiative. Obviously NATO was unhappy that it was sidelined; and even unhappier that it has lost the war. Blaming and punishing Turkey, the NATO member that deserted the coalition and went over to the side of the enemy, would be a natural response. Additionally, these NATO forces have every reason to keep trying to overthrow Erdogan, both to set an example to others who might be tempted to buck NATO discipline, and to replace the Turkish President with someone who would more reliably follow orders.

And then there are the Zionists, the world’s most hyperactive and deceptive terrorists, whose strategic goal is to smash the Middle East into little pieces so “Israel” can continue its genocidal expansion. The Zionist 9/11 coup triggered an acceleration of the  Oded Yinon plan to annihilate and balkanize “seven countries in five years” (all of which were problems for Israel). But Erdogan should remember that just because Turkey wasn’t on that list doesn’t mean the Zionists aren’t planning to “Oded Yinon” Turkey, too. The Zionist-NATO war on Syria was designed to lure Erdogan into a disastrous compliance with the aggressors, setting the stage for the balkanization of Turkey, starting with a breakoff of the Kurdish regions. Massive terrorism is being used to destabilize Turkey in service to this end, and the Zionists are ultimately behind most if not all of it, whether or not it’s mediated by their NATO proxies.

I predict that, in 2017, the Zionist-dominated NATO-backed forces of Gladio B will wage open war on Turkey in hopes of destabilizing and destroying it, just as they have done with Syria. And with Bibi’s organized crime puppet Trump in office, they will have an even easier time getting away with it.

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  1. See the picture of that attacker published by Türk Press
    ht tp://www.t-online. de/nachrichten/ausland/id_79969420/anschlag-in-istanbul-polizei-veroeffentlicht-videobild-des-taeters.html
    I am sure they will soon find the ID or passport

  2. Balkanization, what’s the problem with that? I thought the problem was European Unionization, which eventually leads to one World Government. Their attack consist of successive waves. Maybe first balkanize and then unite again in the shape they wanted. Traps are needed, but not that one You just walked into, whateverzation at the first place.

    Europe does not desperately need immigrants, we’ve got high enough unemploymen rates and education level high enough already. Americans may well keep all the millions of refugees they caused, ain’t that right Kevin.

  3. Excellent article. Russia is now on the cusp of turning Turkey into a future ally which will leave NATO when the EU crumbles. Terror attacks are being deployed by zionazis who run NATO (Gladio). Israel no longer trusts the Saudis even though they run all their security services and Intel. There is a sophisticated plan underway to destabilize Saudi Arabia and bring it down to undermine the influence of Israel. This is coming from those who run the Vatican (Jesuit command). Unless things change in Isreal it will be destabilized and deconstructed.

  4. “… Turkey, the NATO member that deserted the coalition and went over to the side of the enemy…”

    Or so it seems, at least… Between fueling the proxy wars in Syria and Iraq for years (unlike Turkey’s pro-ISIS evidence against the coalition, Russia actually let the public see the dirt on Turkey), transiting refugees into Europe just in time for the banksters’ latest scare tactic, downing that Russian bomber, aiding the blackmail against Greece (Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace the same day as the anti-austerity parliament vote which later failed), and that farce of a coup, Turkey, or rather Erdogan’s administration has a lot of damage to make up for.

    For all we know, this weak change of heart could just be a way of ingratiating a trojan horse into the anti-NWO.

    • It’s interesting how bigots panic over refugees entering an extremely rich country on the northwest edge of Europe (Germany) but are utterly callous about far more refugees entering a less-rich country on the southeast edge of Europe (Turkey). Germany, which has a low birthrate and desperately needs immigrants to keep its economy going and pay the pensions of retirees, actually BENEFITS in the long term from the one to two million refugees there – maybe two percent of the total population, barely enough to keep the population growing enough to save the economy from eventual implosion. Whereas Turkey has well over THREE MILLION refugees out of a growing population of 75 million and they are a destabilizing force and a net economic drain on an economy that is nowhere near as rich as Germany’s. Yet the bigots who buy into the idiotic propaganda lies about “waves of brownskinned immigrants raping our white women” (same BS as the myths that led to the mass lynchings of black men in America) are completely oblivious to the fact that refugees are a vastly bigger problem for Turkey than for Germany. Apparently these folks are Islamophobic bigots who think of Germany as “us” (a “Western” country) and Turkey as “them” (a Muslim country). So they have zero empathy for how the world looks to someone in Turkey.

    • There are enough other people (men) in Europe to the far east of Russia who can impregnate german women. We don´t need you for this job.

    • ”… refugees are a vastly bigger problem for Turkey than for Germany.”

      True enough, Doc. Of course, both countries wouldn’t even have that problem if they didn’t listen to the Khazarian Mafia’s orders to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa (among other regions). It ‘s just like listening to the cartel’s ideology on sex, children, and family life probably led to Germany’s low birth rates in the first place.

      And listening to the NWO on how to handle the refugees won’t lead to them becoming productive, prosperous members of German society. At worst, they will just feed into the banksters’ “series of emergencies,” as Thomas Jefferson called it, and be discarded when they have served their use. At best, the refugees will be used as cheap labor/cannon fodder.

      Without first cutting off the money masters, every other reform will be corrupted.

  5. Who can trust mainstream media? 39 killed? I need to see proof. So far, I only have seen evidence of one possible wounded. Fewer and fewer people trust mainstream media. And the Governments and intelligence agencies have performed WAY TOO MANY False flags in the last year. Some are so phony they are worse than high school plays for realism. Kevin is right, cui bono is a question to ask. Meanwhile, as the days go by, more footage and leaks will come out, either proving or disproving another false flag event.

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