Will Kissinger be a private bridge between Trump and Putin?


Kissinger’s Possible Role in US-Russia Normalization is ‘Great News for Moscow’

… from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

The expert (Vladimir Batyuk) noted that Kissinger has visited Russia many times and delivered “confidential messages from the US government to the Kremlin.”

Part of Henry’s cachet is that he goes way back in having participated in so many major events

[ Editor’s Note: This article below has lots of qualifiers in it, not wanting to get ahead of events. Gordon would call this a “seeding” piece, which presents as a possibility something we know is already in progress.

Kissinger has been getting the red carpet treatment on his several trips to Moscow and the Kremlin, and I think it is safe to say that they were not just exchanging autographs.

Putin and Trump had already been saying nice things about each other publicly in the thick of the campaign. What we may never know is did Trump send Henry to Putin first, or the other way around?

The classic reason for using a high level intermediary like Kissinger is so both parties can protect themselves from leaks and usual multiple Intel agencies’ snooping that could preempt the timing of any policy announcement changes.

For the parties wanting to prevent any improvement in the current horrible state of relations, getting their hands on the “fix it” plans would be priceless Intel. Washington insiders would sell their mothers to get hold of a working agreement to trade to a prospective deal wrecker.

The State Department has been tunneled like a Swiss Cheese, with a variety of sponsored trail watchers inserted in key areas to keep their outside sponsors with an eye on the inside, if for nothing else than for some early warning on what is in the pipeline — valuable material to have for anyone active in the futures markets.

There will be many layers to any change in US/Russia policy, NATO, the EU, and the Gordian Knot of the Mideast with Syria, and of course Ukraine. And with Trump’s announcing he wants to trigger his own Cold War with China and Iran, that will be two delicate items for Mr. Putin to handle. But I doubt he will be getting anything from Trump for free, and his opposition would savage him for itJim W. Dean ]


– First published …  January 02, 2017

In late-December, the German newspaper Bild reported that former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger would be involved in normalizing ties between Moscow and Washington.

The analysis of information, obtained by European intelligence from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team and cited by Bild, revealed that the White House would go for a “constructive cooperation” with the Kremlin.

Henry goes way back with the Russians, also

The veteran diplomat has reportedly met with Trump several times in the past couple of months and is rumored to be his informal foreign policy adviser.

Kissinger served as the US state secretary under President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford in 1973-1977, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for the ceasefire and withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. Kissinger also pioneered the detente policy toward the Soviet Union and contributed to the improvement of US relations with China.

Kissinger’s participation in elaborating a new conception of US-Russia ties is very possible. This is a good piece of news for Moscow and a signal that Washington wants to establish dialogue, according to Vladimir Batyuk, a senior expert at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Kissinger could have been involved in development of a new conception of US-Russia ties because he has already played the role of an unofficial mediator between Moscow and Washington. He is very respected in the US and Russia. And he deserves his reputation,” Batyuk told RIA Novosti. The expert noted that Kissinger has visited Russia many times and delivered “confidential messages from the US government to the Kremlin.”

“So, Trump could have asked Kissinger to help him develop a new foreign policy course towards Russia,” he added.

Batyuk stressed that Kissinger’s involvement in US-Russia normalization would a “great piece of news” for Moscow because the diplomat is well-known for his realistic political views. “Such a classic of political realism could help overcome a deadlock in relations between the US and Russia,” he added.

According to the specialist, the main reason behind this deadlock is that Washington’s approach towards Moscow was based on “American ideals and values, rather than American interests.”

“When it comes to ideology no compromise is possible,” Batyuk said.

Kissinger will try to reduce US tensions with Russia as an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump and seek positive cooperation between the two nations, retired US Army Major and historian Todd Pierce told Sputnik.

“Compare Kissinger as an informal advisor and his ‘constructive cooperation’ with Hilary Clinton’s ‘informal advisor,’ the neo-fascist leaning Robert Kagan and his wife [current Assistant Secretary of State] Victoria Nuland who did her best to provoke war with Russia over Ukraine,” he said.

Pierce recalled that throughout his life and career, Kissinger had consistently championed detente, removing tensions and seeking warm relations between the US and the Soviet Union. In a December interview with the CBS broadcaster, the 93-year-old diplomat called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “character out of Dostoevsky” and a “cold calculator of the Russian national interest, as he conceives it.”

“Kissinger really does know our country well… It does not mean that he agrees with Russia on everything, and nobody would expect that from him, but at least, he has profound, not shallow knowledge [about Russia],” Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov commented.

According to him, Putin and Kissinger have known each other for a long time and, whenever possible, exchange opinions on the situation in the world and the relationship between Russia and the US.


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  1. So Edward help me understand the “Henry” a little better. What were the politics of the bombs he ordered unleased in ’65 over Laos, and in 1969 over Cambodia, then over Hanoi during Xmas week 1972. Were they Germany Nazi bombs circa !945? Or were they suplus Soviet gifts from Uncle Joe, and Lenin, so Bolshvik bombs. The Bolshevik bombs wreaked havoc mad havoc on his communist brothers, didn’t they? So terrible it was termed genocide at the time.
    And his escape from the Nazi’s. Did they have him in their clutches? Who wrote the back story for that daring escapade?
    I expect right about now Kissinger is rapidly forgetting how to speak English and, his German bubbling proudly to the front of his tongue. Heil Kissinger the destroyer of little words.

  2. Mr. Kissinger is the still alive Stone of a bridge which he helped to demolish. That bridge is Germany. This traitor does not deserve a German name and should be called Henry Loeb as he is an agent of the “almighty god Mafia” with their headquarter now in Tel Aviv and Washington. Not only he played a leading part in the destruction of Germany when he was a con American counter intelligence officer who fluently spoke German but also after the war in what is called de-nazification. The Nobel peace price should be taken from him and replaced with the Simon Wiesenthal Nazi hunter award.

    It might be a clever step of Donald Trump to deal with Henry as there is no way for an American President to avoid having diplomacy with the most powerful dynasty of the world …the Zionist Lobby…or as some call it “the church of Satan” (camouflaged as the tree monotheistic “Religions” with their holy war/ Jihad fighters)

  3. Trump is probably following the path of least resistance to possible gold without realizing or caring what or who is in control. I have the utmost faith in his ability to ignore facts as long as it leads to a profit and a round of applause. Putin controls this venue.
    Kissinger will be the tool Russia uses to force the US hand like Kissinger forced Noriega to sell out his own country.as He was so convinced that his School of Americas grad would tow the line. That backfired leaving Bush holding a medal for genocide. Lets see what kind of mess Putin makes of the US using the geriatric megalomaniac. Maybe the UNSC can actually be of some use.

  4. Surely Kissinger was born in the 17th century ? I guess he has experience mind, but these guys seem to live forever. I get the mist of the article but it highlights the choke hold humanity is under when guys like Kissinger are seen as a ‘positive’. Let’s be honest, the guy is a War criminal.

  5. p.s. Putin has proved to not be a fool. If he entertains a call from the Nazi Henry, it will only be to appease the old bastard.
    Check Kissinger’s stock portfolio. I am sure he is heavily vested in stem cell applied reseach. It won’t work. There is a God.

  6. Kissinger is not a bridge between any 2 points. He is long past his expiration date. War crimes curdle to the top of his coffee. He is so irrelevant it compels me to ask who is dealing the cards and, that a 95 year old man who never worked a day in his life is promoted as something special is odd at the least. Did he get his green card during operation paperclip? Most often truth comes out in a fictional story. Has anyone watched “Dr. Stangelove” recently? I highly recommend to do so.

    • I would not say he has not ‘Worked’ to be fair, these guys never retire, possibly they may fake death so us schmucks do not catch on to the astonishing medical treatment they get, be a bit suspicious if they were still doing shuttle diplomacy aged 203 say, but they have switched off the ageing Gene, via ‘Garrantology’, frontman Aubrey de Grey talks about it, with the usual spin of course.

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