What really happened to Hitler and the Third Reich Nazi High Command?

Greg Hallett

Over the years, I have come into contact with numerous very interesting individuals in my research on the endemic high level government corruption.

One such individual is Gregg Hallett, a well-known previously very successful architect from New Zealand, a man who exposed corruption in New Zealand and had to flee to Europe and the UK because of serious harassment by Law Enforcement and Intel.

Greg is the modal example of how a well educated, well respected professional can became a Truth-seeker, and then became transformed into an international anti-corruption Truth-warrior, all because of high level corruption that impacted his life.

While working as a professional architect in New Zealand, Greg refused to accept abuse by a corrupt system and then fought back with every resource he had to expose it. Initially he had hoped that higher government and Law Enforcement authorities would clean it up. Instead he found out the higher you go the more corrupt they are.

After bucking the corruption endemic to the system in New Zealand, and moving to Europe to escape all the murder attempts, he began to investigate the source of this corruption which had also overtaken and occupied England. Ever since his journey as a Truth-seeker he has paid an enormous personal price for his research and activism.

The real miracle here is that Greg is still standing and some mysterious force always seems to protect him and keep him just barely getting by. His story is quite remarkable to say the least.

Greg is my friend and I have a lot of respect for him and his work. His research has shown that the current Queen of England is an imposter and he has laid this all out in well documented form in his excellent books.

Greg Hallett has authored a number of revealing books based on high level MI-6 Intel and from his own sources. My favorite and one of his most well-known is Hitler was a British Agent. This is a remarkable book based on very high level Intel from a highly ranked insider he came to know.

Before Greg had to leave New Zealand due to serious harassment by Intel and Law Enforcement for bucking the crooked system and expecting justice, he became good friends with a man he called “the Spymaster”. The Spymaster was a former very high ranking MI-6 man but who had apparently retired in New Zealand and came to know Greg.

It may be that Greg Hallett was chosen to serve as a “drip” to leak out historical information by a certain oppositional but high ranking power faction in the UK through MI-6. Greg has written some excellent books on hidden history and some of the Intel behind his books is stunning to say the least.

These books are filled with historical data almost impossible to find in any library even with years of deep research. I have read his excellent classic the Blackmailers Guide to New Zealand and it seems to be quite accurate. For anyone living in New Zealand and wants to know how things are really run behind the scenes, this is a must read.


I don’t agree with Greg’s views in regard to the life of Jesus associated with claims of the Merovingians, but with everything else.

Greg’s writings about corruption in New Zealand, the heritage of the Royals, and what happened to Hitler are accurate. And as time goes on his claims about what happened to Hitler at the end of WW2 in his book are being progressively corroborated bit by bit, especially by declassified Intel documents in the UK and the USA.

This man the Spymaster gave Greg frequent high level briefings on high level Intel, how things really work behind the scenes in new Zealand and inside England too. Greg was given a great deal of Intel not known generally, especially about how Hitler was rescued from Germany and by whom, and who the Queen really is and where she came from.

Hitler didn’t die in the Bunker.

According to Greg Hallett’s account, Hitler left two murdered doubles in the bunker (one that was his and another Eva Braun’s) and then fled through a tunnel system to a float plane to eventually end up in Spain.

From Spain, he may have been taken by ship or submarine to South America to one of the Nazi enclaves (there were a number of them in some areas with large German populations). Or he may have remained in Spain.

Certainly there is some reason to believe that Hitler was considered irrelevant at the end of the war because, two years before it ended, special agreements were negotiated with the Allies, specifically US and England Intel, jointly without his input.

The best evidence I have been made privy to so far is that Hitler probably died in 1950 in Spain at a Catholic Church rectory while retiring as a gardener growing roses.

How interesting it is that some insiders believe that Angela Merkel is the actual daughter of Hitler and Eva Braun. She certainly looks a great deal like him. If true this would certainly explain a lot about her counter-intuitive efforts to “Globalize” Germany by bringing in so many foreign immigrants, an obvious effort to destroy Germany’s language, culture and borders.


Secret Intel Agreement

Two years before the end of the war, a special secret agreement was negotiated with General Kammler and American and British Intel. Churchill had convinced FDR that the war had to be extended until at least 5 years in order to gain enough land and booty to pay the settlements required by the Bank of International Settlements which came into being in 1930.

According to the secret rules of conquest and war after 1930, the winner of any war has to pay to rebuild the nations they defeat.

This was passed as a means to prevent the recurrence of the punitive Treaty of Versailles which devastated Germany and led to the rise of the Nazi regime. Plus Churchill had been instructed by the City of London (COL) leaders that he needed to make sure the supply lines into the Work Camps in Germany, and other countries were bombed to increase the death rate for Judaics so that this would serve as more powerful propaganda later on as the Zionist slave state of the New Israel was created.

General Kammler was head of the special weapons programs of the Nazis that was responsible for developing super high tech weapons and anti-gravity craft that was reputed to have been shared by the Vril Girls. The Nazis also had a recovered crashed Alien ET UFO that had crashed in Bavaria in 1922 during a powerful thunder storm.

Bormann was the Nazi’s business agent, and he prepared Gold stashes in other nations as a back-up plan when he felt certain that Germany would be defeated. Kammler was made privy to this and they formulated a very crafty back up plan to create Nazi SS enclaves throughout South America, Australia and Canada, with armed bases in South America and one in Antarctica (New Schwabenland).

Kammler’s and Bormann’s deal negotiated with the allies was this. Operation Paperclip became a reality based on these secret, very sensitive negotiations. Top Nazi Intel officers and those scientists working on ultra-high technology being back engineered from Alien ETs would be given complete immunity if they did three things:

1>The Nazi scientists working on rocketry and anti-gravity craft would be brought into the USA and would be employed at a living wage and would be expected to continue their Alien ET research and advanced rocketry.

This eventually led to a bifurcated space program, with the rocket-based system for public consumption, and the secret anti-gravity programs becoming deeply buried inside certain Defense Contractor special access, unacknowledged “need to know” deep-black and beyond-black programs.

In Germany, as the program was being transferred to a special unit of the Allies, General Kammler had all his top officers not essential to the program shot in cold blood. This give one an idea how cold-blooded Kammler really was; and he was of the same cloth as Borman, Skorzeny and most other top Nazi insiders who had taken a blood oath to the Reich of the Black Sun. The anti-gravity craft programs had already been bifurcated from the rocketry programs in Germany, and the plan was to continue this bifurcation as cover for the anti-gravity craft programs.


>2 Gehlen and Muehler would transfer their spy system embedded inside the Soviet Union to US Intel and would develop a complete cold war strategy for the City of London Banksters. This eventually resulted in the Nazi takeover of American Intel, and the creation of the CIA after the UFO crashed at Roswell NM that sent the American Military into a tailspin. Roswell was leaked on purpose and then covered up to create a crisis in American Intel and the US Congress so that there would be sufficient motivation to pass the Draconian and unconstitutional National Security Act of 1947.

>3 Some Nazis would be allowed to occupy South American nations as long as they agreed to provide security systems for the puppet dictators that served the needs of the big American Corporations which needed to oppress the populace and keep cheap access to their natural resources.

Those who want more information on the secret Nazi technology can read the fine works by Joseph P. Farrell, an Oxford educated expert of Nazi high technology.


South America and Antarctica

USS Sennet 1946 Operation HighJump

The German base in New Schwabenland in Antarctica was not included in the negotiations because the Allied Intel did not have good substantiation about it.

It has been decided that later on after they had developed a good relationship with the Nazis under Operation Paperclip, they would ten press to be a part of that and share in those secrets.

But this did not happen and the Nazis were resistant to provide any meaningful information about this even suggesting that the Nazis at this underground/underwater base in Antarctica had formed an alliance with Alien ETs already living there and had gone renegade even from the Nazi high command in South America.

In 1947 Admiral Byrd ran a secret naval armed expeditionary force called “Operation Highjump”. Aircraft were deployed and shot down and at least one ship allegedly sunk. Byrd returned to America closed lipped, but while in Argentina had told a reporter that the force they battled with could fly from pole to pole rapidly.

This is where good accounts crease and only speculation remains. Sources deep inside American Intel have rumored that another expeditionary naval force was sent back in 1952 and deployed nuclear devices against this Nazi underground base.

Allegedly some kind of negotiated truce agreement was formed to be able to do research in Antarctica, but the Alien ET base with co-opted Nazis was to be left alone.

It is unknown if the US’ Secret Space War program formed in 1947 later formed a cooperative effort with these Antarctic Alien ETs reputed to be “tall Whites”, and believed to be tolerant of Anglos and Americans and willing to cooperate on mutual interests — like defeating the Dracos which were reputed to hold an iron grip on world banking and most of the Satanic secret societies.


Enter the Israelis, Cutouts for the COL Zionist Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) Banksters

After the end of WW2, in the early 1950’s when the Zionists inside the COL Banking system became concerned that the Nazis could become too powerful, they devised a plan to weaken them and bring them into the official COL fold. And the Israelis convinced the COL Bankster councils that in order to create the New Israel on confiscated Palestinian land, they needed to create massive anti-Nazi propaganda as a means to mind-kontrol Judaics enough to get massive worldwide support for Israel.

The long term plan of the COL Banksters which has always been associated with a Draconian, Satanic Cult and high Freemasonry had always believed that they needed to occupy Jerusalem, where Satan would then be seated as world ruler as soon as they completed their Globalist NWO Agenda.

The top Nazi generals had not wanted to go to war in the first place, they believed that they could take over the world economically in time. But Hitler had been mind-kontrolled to believe he could stop the Bolsheviks, partner with England and then take over and rule the whole world.

The team that rescued Hitler from his Bunker was run by Ian Fleming, a man later murdered at the orders of Allen Dulles for writing his book about Dulles, The Man With The Golden Gun.

Paperclip scientists in America

According to this narrative supplied by the Spymaster, Hitler was a British Agent, deeply mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute. He was told that the plan was for Germany to stop Russia and that Britain would join forces and together they would take over the whole world. The proof of this lies in two events:

First Hitler’s counterintuitive release of the Allies trapped at Dunkirk (he could have won the war right there). Second, his sending Rudolf Hess to fly into Britain to finalize his expected alliance between Germany and England.

Why England turned on him is an interesting question. Was it a ruse right from the start or did the group running England change their minds about Hitler because of his new view on Banking which was counter to theirs?

And there is the group “Sharkhunters” that has traced Hitler’s escape to South America and claims to have a lot of evidence. Jeff Rense has broadcast numerous excellent programs and articles by Sharkhunters on Rense.com.  I am not familiar with their all their claims about Hitler’s escape but they have done a lot of research. And then there is the recent history Channel series Hunting Hitler. They may disagree on dates and specific living locations for Hitler post WW2, but they all agree that he survived the end of the war.

The man who knows the most about what happened to the Nazis and their Third Reich in general after WW2 is the noted investigative journalist and top selling author Jim Marrs, who has written an excellent, well-respected book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

And of course there is a lot of misinformation that has been planted on the Internet and broadcast and published to mislead researchers as deception and cover.

Here is what I think happened to Hitler from my best sources. Over the years in my profession I did meet and get to know some very high level individuals, some high level Intel.

You can take this information for what it is worth (informed rumors), but I believe it is valid. Do your own research and diligence and you will probably come to a realistic conclusion.

In 1943 two years before WW2 ended, General Kammler met in secret with British and American Intel and negotiated a deal. He agreed to surrender all his Vril high technology and advanced weapons at the end of the war in exchange for complete immunity and guaranteed jobs for 9,000 of his technicians, scientists and engineers working on these systems inside America.

He had been told that the Allied High Command would be continuing the war for another two years for economic reasons but that there was no way Germany could ever make its high tech weapons operational. Another similar deal was made with the General running the Nazi atomic bomb program. They had already successfully fired one off before the end of the war but were short plutonium.

That deal negotiated with the allies resulted in the transfer of the German Plutonium and detonator designs and prototypes to the Allies at the end of the war and the nuclear material was used in one of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. The person that inserted the detonators in the bombs that were used to attack Nagasaki and Hiroshima just happened to be a woman (not generally known, but I have met her son).

Martin Bormann

During WW2, the Nazi top command (specifically Bormann who was the real leader of Germany and the Nazis) lost all confidence in Hitler and started making secret arrangements to transfer Gold and valuable artwork all over the world, to Spain, to South America, to Australia, to New Zealand, and even to America and Canada. Bormann was planning to create a new Fourth Reich that would eventually rule the world and result in a Globalist NWO one-world government.

Bormann believed that the USA and England were so impressed with the Nazi Intel methodologies and their technology and weapons development programs they could slowly infiltrate and take over both nations. And the USG brought both Gehlen and Muehler mover to build their Intel system in order to counter the new Soviet threat.

Gehlen sold the idea to the USG that he had completely penetrated the Soviets at all levels and had a strong spy network in place there and in all satellite nations. Over time there is good anecdotal evidence that the Bormann Plan to covertly build the Fourth Reich was successful and there is reason to believe that it merged with the City of London Globalist plan to build a NWO with a one-world government.

Bormann met in secret with the Russians in Switzerland (where he made the deal with the Allies) and formulated plans which accepted the defeat of the Third Reich, but would replace it covertly with the new and secret Fourth Reich.

At the end of the war, Bormann and his fellow top Nazis, some who were in uniform and many were industrialists (not just in Germany but all over the world) had a great deal of gold and valuable artwork amassed during WW2. With this vast fortune Bormann and his closest business associates were able to buy major blocks of controlling stock in about 750 of the largest International corporations (oil companies, pharmaceuticals, defense contractors, etc.).

Aerial Los Alamos

Bormann also had formed close associations with numerous dictators in South America and started providing security services to them, and he did this for the nation of Egypt too. Colonia Dignidad was used as a base for this and to run special “Boys from Brazil” breeding programs, an interrogation center, and as a base to build a large narcotics cartel which later formed a partnership with the Mossad and the CIA (a three way partnership).

Hitler stayed away from Colonia Dignidad and was kept out of all Fourth Reich matters. He was told it was for his own protection, but the truth was Bormann felt he was incompetent and deranged.

The Israelis were beginning to understand that pushing the “hunt for Nazis” all over the world was great press and help increase their ability to get funding from the US Congress and was a great help politically in Israel. The South American dictators were protecting the Nazis because they trained and ran their security and their deaths squads to keep the peasants in line.

But this drive in Israel to hunt every last Nazi down was creating major pressure and Israeli diplomats were busy negotiating with the US State Department to make some kind of deal to get access to these Nazis hiding in South America. A deal was cut and Otto Skorzeny was involved. He found out that the Israelis had put out a contract to assassinate him and were closely on his trail, but that they might be willing to make a deal. So Skorzeny made a deal through intermediaries. He would provide some wetwork for them and provide them information. In exchange he would be allowed to live in America and would also work for American Intel.

Bormann supposedly died of stomach cancer in about 1950. His first death then was faked by huim and he allegedly really died sometime between 1955 and 1965. Hitler allegedly died of stomach cancer in 1950 in Spain, living in a Catholic Church home. I think that both of these were assassinations by Skorzeny as a part of a deal made with the Israelis. Plus the Fourth Reich that Bormann set up became completely corporatized, except for the strong Nazi element inside NATO known as Gladio which was responsible for staging terrorist acts for the City of London.

The new Fourth Reich Corporate conglomerate decided to get rid of the old Nazis and go completely three piece suit. Through various deals, the dictators protecting them were displaced and the Nazi strongholds in South America were demolished. I believe that Skorzeny poisoned both Bormann and Hitler after that action was approved by this Fourth Reich Directors.

Those that were not murdered were discredited and prosecuted, especially those at Colinia Dignidad. So now we have an essentially Nazi/Mossad hybrid system running all security and Intel for the City of London Banksters and their private world Banking System, all of which takes orders from those that hijacked the Vatican, the Jesuit Superior General.

And currently this Fourth Reich, a large secret group of major corporations produces oil, pharmaceuticals and has a very large clothing company that displays the swastika in a mildly disguised form.

They also run some major defense corporations and are reputed to have complete control over the whole Secret Shadow Government, all Secret Space War matters, including the two main space war groups, and all their 140 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) inside the USA, the four corners area, and many DUMBs all over the world, even in Norway.

As an aside, there are many inside MI-6 that believe that Eva Braun and Hitler had a daughter and that daughter is Angela Merkel. Hitler probably lived in South America until things got too hot because of the Israelis and was moved back to Spain, where he lived as a retired man gardening. I never heard what became of Eva Braun, other than her daughter Merkel was sheep-dipped and propelled to the top.

The question of what and where is the Fourth Reich today is an interesting one and quickly involves a great deal of esoteric topics, like what happened to the Nazi base in New Schwabenland (Antarctica), was the Nazi an occult organization at its center based on worship of the Black Sun?

Did the Nazis have possession of crashed and recovered alien ET anti-gravity craft from Bavaria in 1922, and did they receive Alien ET technology directly from the Vril Girls?



Just routine back-engineered technology

My best sources have suggested that the Fourth Reich is alive and well today, but in different form, because it has formed an alliance with those who run the Vatican, City of London private Fiat world banking, the Israelis and the major defense contractors in America, especially the no-bid ones.

Jim Marrs, the top expert on the Fourth Reich, would likely have a lot to say about all this. Some believe that it runs all American Intel and all US black projects including the US Secret Space War Program. This belief is likely well-founded.

This new arrangement is not surprising because the folks that really run things inside the Vatican and the City of London do so according to the Roundtable design. Those with corruption and power are brought in, kind of like the Cosa Nostra Ruling Council for the New York Five Families, but only on a world scale.

Thus, at this governing Roundtable can sit Israelis on one side; three-piece-suit Fourth Reich Nazis on the other side who still run the Gladio left behind army inside NATO; COL and Wall Street Banksters on the other side; and wealthy groups, like the Saudis, that serve as a major funding source for other Roundtable member groups who deliver protection and services for them.

Ex Corde License plate (photo art)

This Roundtable form of world government requires only that these group leaders serve that same God Lucifer (aka Satan or Baal) and are fully committed at least in appearance to the Globalist NWO Agenda of the top single world leader, the Superior general who represents the European Old Black Nobility and carries all the full world authority of the Mark of Cain for Evil Ruling over Evil.

Occasionally a group may make a play to grab more power, and that may explain what has happened in the last US Presidential election. It is too soon to know for certain if this is what happened, and if so, who did it; but in time we shall likely find out. And some researchers claim that a new populist force within America and certain Intel groups has now made a powerful pay to re-balance the forces that sit at the Roundtable.

If true, this is the first time in history that populism has emerged so quickly and so powerfully — and this must all be credited to the new unanticipated social effects of the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. @ Moustafa Eker,
    Ich glaube nicht dass Hitler überlebt hat, denn bei seinem letzten Auftritt bei den jungen Soldaten in Berlin
    konnte man sehen wie krank er war April 1945. Heute nennt man es Demenz. Er war total am Ende, Daher ist es unmöglich mit dieser Krankheit weiter zu leben denn es war das Endstadium seines Lebens. Auf keinen Fall
    durfte Er den Russen in die Hände fallen. Der Selbstmord ist für mich am Wahrscheinlichsten. Greetings

  2. I have reason to believe that the VRIL girls and the “Nordics” females who worked with William “Billy” Tompkins., are possibly of the same origin…
    and possibly the same individuals. Their lifespans are a lot longer than humans.

    Whether or not their intentiions were/are good remains to be seen, but I have stated before that most ET races that are here currently have their own nefarious agendas…

  3. John Dee and the Sidney Circle has be back and more immagination with technologies to creat a stupid story and fake news,some truthe is not about alien but about Isreal because we see it on the ground ,this state is dirty and disturbing power in the world

  4. You know the difference between rightful and unlawful ? And the difference between a stolen title and a rightful title ?

  5. Interesting story of your friend Gregg. His finding out “the higher you go the more corrupt they are”, is a truism that is happening all over the world, The corruption and satanism go hand in hand.

    Thanks for filling in a lot of the details in your article!

    The U.S. military intel were aware of the goings on with the crafts the Germans were working on and of course wanted in and that is why the Paperclip round up happened. It went two directions:

    1. US underground facilities,Los Alamos, Dulce, S4, 4 corners, Groom Lake
    2.South America, Antarctica and Australia.

    There has been a long time joint alliance with ET’s at the base in Antarctica which is now completely off limits. The real reason John Kerry flew down for a visit was not climate change. Buzz Aldrin had a heart attack because he saw something he was not prepared for…

    Antarctica, Nazi scientists, Nordic ET’s, Draco reptillians, Secret Space Program, Lost continent of Atlantis, Department of the Navy, (many were killed and the rest chased out) pyramids, underground cities….
    all tied together.

    It is quite a story and participants are coming forward and many more are scheduled to start talking…

    • Good comment jensingr. And you are correct. Numerous of the old boys near the end of their lives are coming forth and disclosing facts which to most of us really boggle our minds and seem far to incredulous to actually be true, but they turn out to be true.

  6. An excellent article, Dr. James. It seems to have the ring of truth. If you ask me, there is enough evidence in the way the USA conducts itself both at home and abroad that shows the Nazi influence is alive and “well”.

  7. Some of this is accurate seeming but actually there isn’t really any debate about what happened with Hitler and he died in Argentina. The FBI records proving their knowledge of it hace even been released on FOIA. See “Hitler in Argentina” by Harry Cooper. I’ve seen Snopes trying to debunk it too, which actually doesn’t do any such thing.

    • Where Hitler finally retired and died is not so important as is the survival of the Third Reich and its transformation into a secret mega multi-national group of corporations that formed alliance with it enemies and other organized crime groups. This is the corporate model for the NWO, rule by a coalition of large international corporations that control govts. It is called super-fascism, the merger of the govt with corporations but where the corporation coalition stacks and hijacks each govt to serve as their secret puppet. Right now the best approximation of the Roundtable or Coalition is G7, where they all share Intel and agents among their member govts. Attempts were made to expand this to G20 but so far they appear to have failed.

  8. The CIA [Catholics In Alliance] is nothing more than the sectarian ‘confessional booth’ for the Jesuit Vatican. Mr. Hallett exposed the Windsors/Guelphs as imposters to the Royal throne by researching the rightful heirs of Edward III to an Australian businessman. All of this mental masturbation doesn’t change the reality that confronts us. “Might Makes Right”.

    • When was the “Reichsbürgerschaft” invented ? Was it 1934 ? Bevor 1918 you were “Bürger” of the part of germany you lived in like Bayern, Preußen, Herzogtum Brausnchweig, Herzotum Hannover etc. There was no “Reichsbürgerschaft” So guess who the “Reichbürger” are

    • @Edward
      So if someone for example a “Neusiedler” enters your home and holds a gun to your head and takes over your house and grounds you would never question the legality ? Tell more fairy tales, but to others.

    • BTW the term “Reichsbürger” is the same fighting cry like “Nazi”, Antisemite” etc after the Nazi-accusation don´t work anymore.
      Guess why there is war to defend against “executive Power” forced by foreigners.See take over of Washington DC by the Crown and the resulting revolt against it.
      And no, the Reichsbürgerschaft was invented by Adolf. You should read the STAG and the RUSTAG 1913 to see the difference.
      Much luck with the Neusiedler in germany if you own a house and ground.

  9. This is total rubbish. I grow so weary of fools besmirching the greatest Aryan Avatar in this millennium, Adolph Hitler.

  10. The latest wave of speculation about – where Hitler escaped. Much talk about it was in Russia, too. The skull did not belong to Hitler, Martin Bormann escaped to Brazil or Argentina. Gold of Reich. Antarctic station and everything else. I think that Hitler and Bormann would be found by Jews or Soviets. Or there would be people who’d betrayed them for money and sensation. Or the only way to hide – only if USA helped. US and British troops so hurried to enter Berlin to capture German documents and scientists! But all military generals in the West told, that to take the Berlin is impossible- it was stronghold. Marshall Zhukov proved the opposite. And the haunting started – to capture technologies, scientists, top leaders of the Nazi.
    I do not think that the Germans collaborated with aliens. It’s a fairy tale. The same tale as aliens in Roswell. German scientists were really outstanding. Missile technology has allowed then the United States and the Soviet Union to conquer space. Much mystery has been associated with the Ahnenerbe – the mystical division of the Reich.
    A few months ago in the mountains of Adygea (the North Caucasus, where I live) was found the suitcase with the symbols of the Ahnenerbe. Inside were documents and two skulls, similar to the goat’s, but a strange anatomy. Now it is studied. Many grief Reich brought to my country, but we have broken the backbone of the Hitler’s military machine.

  11. Gee Dr. James, all this and not a thing about the Nazi Strategic Continuum (aka DVD)?

    Or, can we expect some of that in a part 2?

    Go to:

    https //www.youtube.com/user/fooser77


    Amb. Lee Wanta

    Video #4 “Puppet Masters”

    Actually, the entire playlist is well worth your time!

  12. Your opinions are interesting, except they run counter to the respected accounts of several very high MI-6 sources.

  13. As of 1942 or 1943, the tide of WW2 was turned against The Nazis, and The Nazis were divided into two parts: Reinhard Gehlen’s Nazis that plan to end the war and Adolf Hitler’s Nazis that seek to wage the total war. By collaborating with the allies of WW2, Gehlen’s Nazis decided to put an end to WW2, and during the war -probably until the mid of 1945- they began an operation against Hitler and his Nazis. And Karl Eglseer, Eduard Dietl, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and a few more -and maybe a lot more- Hitler’s Nazis were murdered by Gehlen’s Nazis, under the cover of suicide or accident. This was the first intelligence operation of Gehlen’s Nazis -will be called later Gladio-. When finally Adolf Hitler was killed by them, the Nazi Germany had to be defeated by the allies of WW2. Along with the ending of WW2, Gehlen and his Nazis started to serve Khazarian Mafia and their royal family called British Royal Family. Hence UN, NATO, and EU were founded by Gehlen’s Nazis to control and to monitor the world. Gehlen’s Nazis never were put on trial or they testified against Hitler’s Nazis in Nuremberg. The Nuremberg trials and the next period, the Cold War-and beyond- were the anti-Hitler propaganda prepared by Gehlen’s Nazis.

    The real criminals were Gehlen’s Nazis, not Hitler’s Nazis!

    • I think you are on to something here Moustafa Eker. Gehlen was a very crafty man who appeared to be able to infiltrate and hijack all American Intel. Of course he had help from Prescott Bush and the Dulles brothers who were closeted secret Nazis apparently.

    • Thanks for the interest and comments.

      None of Gehlen Nazis were tried or convicted for the war crimes. And furthermore they testified against Hitler Nazis, in Nuremberg Trials. (An obvious example; Walter Schellenberg). Gehlen’s Nazis defected to Khazarian Mafia and their royal family called British Royal Family, and so served their profits.
      UN, NATO, and EU are organizations that protect and defend such global profits and focus NWO.

      All of Hitler’s Nazis were tried or killed.
      But Gehlen’s Team sold the accumulation of all knowledge of Nazis and gained wealth and power.
      That’s probably true story but has no direct evidences and clues, unfortunately. Sorry.

      Some of Gehlen’s Nazis here;

      Heinrich Rupp
      Walter Schellenberg
      Wernher von Braun
      Licio Gelli
      Emil Augsburg
      Willi Krichbaum
      Hans Globke
      Intelligence squad of The Operation Paperclip
      -as you know-
      Reinhard Gehlen



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