Hacked or Leaked?

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 14: Supporters of Julian Assange hang banners opposite the Embassy of Ecuador as Swedish prosecutors question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on November 14, 2016 in London, England. Mr Assange has been inside the embassy since 2012 and he is being questioned over allegations of rape that date from 2010. Mr Assange has not been charged and denies the claims. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

by Speer-Williams – [email protected]


The American media keeps promoting the concept of a Russian hack of the DNC emails. There was likely no hack, but there was a leak from a Democratic insider.*

*Former British Foreign Ambassador Craig Murray told the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, that he received the Podesta/Clinton emails on behalf of Wikileaks from a Democratic Party insider and whistleblower and not from any Russians.

UK Foreign Ambassador Craig Murray

Additionally, Mr. Julian Assange of Wikileaks has stated the DNC emails were leaks, not hacks, and were not from the Russian government or any other government.

But what is more important than who leaked or hacked the DNC emails is … Are the emails true?

What hopefully will prove to be clearly illustrative to a majority of the American people is how our current federal government and mainstream media have no interest in the criminality of Hillary Clinton (et al) that was proven by the leaked (or hacked) emails.

Forming public opinion is far more important to the controlling oligarchs than any form of justice. With their control of the US two-party-tyranny, the major media, and the intelligence agencies, the banking cartel has deceived the American public for decades.

Today, long time cyber security expert, John David McAfee torn into the four “proofs,”offered by the FBI and Homeland Security, that Russia hacked into the DNC emails. Mr. McAfee said that the FBI’s “proofs” were proofs Russia did not hack the DNC emails.

But who is John McAfee? To call him a cyber security expert is a bit of an under-statement. Mr. McAfee is a world-renowned authority on internet surveillance, personal privacy online, and global hacking. Mr. McAfee became a multi- millionaire with his anti-virus computer company, McAfee Associates.

The first FBI “proof” Mr. McAfee debunked was the assertion that the hacking contained the Russian language. McAfee simply pointed out that if the Russians wanted to keep their hacking a secret, they would not have used the Russian language.

The second FBI “proof” was a Russian keyboard was used in the hacking. Again, McAfee noted that certainly Russia would have used a different kind of keyboard if their hacking was indeed a clandestine operation.

The third “proof” is the software that compiles the code was dated and timed with the time and work day of Moscow. And of course, Mr. McAfee indicated that the Russians could have blocked out the stamp that indicated any time or date, or stamped a different time zone that was removed a long way from Russia.

The last FBI “proof” said that the IP address of the hacked emails pointed to Russia. McAfee said it would have been simple for the Russians to have removed that indication, or pointed it well away from Russia.

“But here’s the kicker,” said McAfee, “here’s why it could not have been an organized nation state to have hacked the emails. Because the hack on the DNC used an old piece of malware a year and a half old … and there have been many updates since then.

“Do you actually believe that the Russian services of intelligence who spend all their time improving their malware … then when they do an important attack they would use a very old piece of malware?

But what actually seems to prove the outrageous and lying propaganda of our intelligence agencies is the fact that the FBI has never actually accessed the DNC servers. So how did they come up with their four alleged “proofs?”

Remember intelligence agencies – no matter the country – are all in the business of lying for their masters. And their masters are not anyone we know.

At the end of his revelation, Mr. John McAfee had some advice for Mr. Trump: They should all be replaced!

But right now, it seems the prevailing belief the ruling Banking Controllers want is a large American public consensus for a war-like retaliation against Russia from the United States.

Has President Obama been ordered to take even more provocative actions (than he has already) against Russia during his last two weeks in office?

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Former Hollywood producer of live stage shows that featured various movie and TV stars. In Los Angeles for almost a quarter of a century, Jack had a front-row seat in observing the disintegration of the foundations of America society before he retreated to the woods of New Hampshire.

A graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied economics, Jack was also a running back on the Gator scout team, a member of the ATO social fraternity, Cadet Commander of the school’s ROTC unit and president of the military honorary society, Scabbard and Blade.

After serving honorably in the US Army, where Jack earned his paratrooper wings, he began to see the folly and crimes attendant to the unilateral wars of American aggression. It was then that Jack embarked on a spiritual path; one he has walked for over 40 years. 

Content with his sylvan seclusion, Jack began writing of how to spot media propaganda; something he meant to be his legacy to his three grown children.

Today, however, Jack invites all others to read his non-partisan observations of national and international events. 

According to Jack… Those of us stuck deeply into the engineered left-right paradigm have no desire to be objective, and are thus blinded to all truth that does not reinforce biased opinions.

Remedial work in geo-politics will not open the minds of such people, as they are badly in need of spiritual remedies; nevertheless, facts are facts, and some are available to truth-seekers, the subject matter of my writings.”

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  1. Meanwhile, in a hardly notice story, both houses of the U.S. Congress met today and certified Trump the official winner of the election of 2016. Some people complained but when Biden asked if they had a Senator on their side they said no. Biden then said, “Its over”. All that remains now is for Trump to take the oath of office in 14 days to become president of the U.S. for four years. Evidently Hillary got a plurality of the popular votes but Trump still won according to the rules set up by the Founders. If some people do not like the rules then change them legally. Until that day let us all say a prayer of thanks that at least the rules are still followed as provided by our Constitution. The Founders are the real winners today. They set the rules. The rules were followed like them or not, right or wrong.

  2. Could anyone disproof that the emails contend are true ? All other things are just distraction. “Catch that thief”, while stealing your wallet from your pocket.

  3. Great article! The whole story with these emails reminds a situation when a bank-robber, in cahoots with quite a few bank employees, robbed the bank (naturally turning all security cameras off). But some PI or vigilante got it all recorded. And the bank management instead of rewarding the PI for doing their job, viciously attacks him. What does it tell about the management ?!

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