NEO – Happy New Year Donbass, from Killer John McCain and Co.

In June 2014 at the behest of Western oligarchs, this Odessa librarian was strangled with the lamp cord and then her throat send a message of what was in store for Donbass

by Phil Butler,  …with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

We will keep the Russians for the tapes of all the radio shows John did in North Vietnam, after disclosing the bombing routes of his fellow pilots

[ Editor’s Note: Hanoi John McCain continues to be the embarrassment he has long been, with no “coming to Jesus” moment anywhere on the horizon. If ever there was a threat to US national security, it rests between this man’s two ears.

VT readers are no stranger to McCain’s background. We are blessed with historically informed patrons here. They know that Arizona is a mob political state and is going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Never so little has been owed by so many to so few as McCain and Lindsey Graham. If it were not for their immunity, they should be doing long stretches in the slammer, but it seems they will have to wait until pearly gates time to settle up on that.

I thought the Ukies opening fire and breaking the Donbass ceasefire once again was possibly a first time original way to thank a US Congressman for making a speech. I worry about our American political system when people so debased are able to rise up to these high political positions, where they get to enjoy their Attila the Hun fantasies.

But what is becoming worse is this mantra we are hearing, even from the incoming Trump people about spreading “American values”. A country engaged in state-sponsored terrorism, and certainly not the only one, has some gall to toot their horn with that counterfeit slogan. We look around for opposition to confront them in Congress and generally find most all are drinking the Koolaid.

I keep thinking of Trump’s “drain the swamp” grandstanding; how easily he fired up the Tea Party folks with that Pied Piper magic, only to load his administration with NeoCons and banksters, and not a populist to be found among them. And we hear no reports of Tea Party people jumping off of buildings or bridges in shame.

With a NeoCon-controlled House and Senate and a reality TV show President, I fear we are all in a very dangerous position, one that the people of Syria and Donbass could tell us a lot about… American values that isJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  January 04, 2017

Meet the man that makes a bad joke out of representing America

On New Year’s Eve America’s two most famous warmongers, US Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) visited the troops of Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko in Mariupol overlooking the battle lines with self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s.

Then scant minutes after the American dignitary’s departure, the soldiers they promised aid and support to opened fire. Breaking the Minsk imposed truce for the hundredth time, the so-called “UKROPS” began shelling areas of the Donbass.

McCain, some will recall, was the top US cheerleader for the Maidan coup that unseated the standing Ukraine government and started the civil war that led to current west-east tensions. Now, with the Syria asymmetrical strategies thwarted, the Pentagon’s chief evangelist is back in Ukraine proclaiming the intentions of the military industrial complex he and Graham represent.

What is most striking about McCain in Ukraine at this moment, is the clearly desperate nature of his visit. This can be gleaned from watching this video segment of his speech from the square in Mariupol to the Ukraine people and the troops in the trenches. McCain showed the true hand of the players behind this civil war and others in this speech. He said, in part:

“In 2017 we will defeat the invaders and send them back to where they came from.”

The US Senator went on to address Russian President Vladimir Putin directly saying;

“You will never defeat the Ukrainian people and deprive them of their independence and freedom.” He had sworn to provide Poroshenko’s troops whatever is necessary to defeat those in East Ukraine, in his visit to the bunker on the front lines already.

The North Vietnamese saved McCain, where in a strange twist of fate he would end up torturing us with his warped vision of America

The significance of the Arizona senator’s promises cannot be underestimated here, as the Minsk accords call for a strictly peaceful settlement, military victories having no place in the potential accord.

McCain, his colleague Graham, and their constituents in Congress have done everything in their power to not only fun and promote ongoing conflict in the world, but they’ve joined the Obama administration in doing everything humanly possible to tie the hands of the incoming president.

McCain, on behalf of the defense corporations that have supported him and Graham for decades now, is dead set on a war on Russia. This is not a matter for conjecture.

Legislation just signed by outgoing President Barack Obama is the latest, and possibly most damaging bit of “revenge” Obama casts at Putin and anti-hegemony advocates before leaving. S.2943 – the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 sponsored by McCain, contains words and constraints that in essence prohibit Donald Trump from allying with Russia against ISIL or any foe, until the former Ukraine falls into the NATO sphere.

My colleague, geo-policy analyst Holger Eekhof delved into McCain’s efforts early in the drafting processes of this law. What he discovered was a hidden-in-plain-sight agenda that could lead to World War III. S.2943 states specifically:

“(Sec. 1233) Prohibits FY2017 funds from being used for bilateral military-to-military cooperation between the governments of the United States and Russia until DOD certifies to Congress that Russia has: (1) ceased its occupation of Ukrainian territory and its aggressive activities that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; and (2) is abiding by the terms of and taking steps in support of the Minsk Protocols regarding a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Permits a waiver under specified conditions.”

Furthermore, this “McCain-Obama” law approves funding for the continued training, funding and equipping of “Anti-Assad” forces inside war torn Syria. McCain and his colleagues also rubber stamped a plan for the taking and “holding” of the eastern Syria city of Raqqa in the oil rich regions bordering Kurdistan. The significance of the latter bears special scrutiny given that Aleppo and most of western Syria is being retaken by the legitimate government of Assad.

Raqqa, for those unfamiliar, is the key to Syria’s only real wealth of oil. This is the crux of the Syria regime change after all, the fragmentation or destruction of an Israel foe, coinciding with a robbery of still more oil riches from Middle Eastern sovereign peoples. The well is too deep to discuss here, but McCain and Obama have achieved at least part of what I believe the mission was all along.

TASS and other news agencies reported on the Minsk ceasefire breeches after Senator McCain’s visit, and I corroborated with my colleague on the ground in Donetsk who concurred. Minsk-2, signed in Minsk on February 12, 2015, is ceasefire regime between Ukrainian government forces and people’s militias in the self-proclaimed republics in Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) requiring the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of engagement.

The deal is supposedly a roadmap for a lasting settlement in Ukraine, including local elections and constitutional reform to give more autonomy to the war-torn eastern regions. Clearly, John McCain, Barack Obama, and lawmakers like South Carolina’s Graham have no intentions of aiding in any such peaceful negotiations.

The only solution in this world for them, is an Obama-era solution. McCain and Graham are galivanting all around the frontiers of Russia bolstering the NATO message these last days, first in the Baltics, then Ukraine, and most recently in the Republic of Georgia. From my perspective both of them are reprehensible figures in American history, with their unprecedented posturing for war.

McCain, like Barack Obama and the other Washington reprehensibles, hammers a war drum no matter what. Peace and negotiations have no place in the military industrial complex playbook, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see it. Passing laws that propagate war behind he backs of the American people, McCain and these others are almost miraculous examples of what happens when a citizenry falls dead asleep at the wheel.

Just how my countrymen can stand idly by and watch proven profiteer puppets operate for special interests, it boggles the mind. McCain, the man who came to prominence for his POW role in the Vietnam War, has become what many consider the most heartless killer of a generation.

Millions have literally suffered and/or died via the policies of hegemony this man has championed. One can only hope that President Donald Trump can summon the necessary groundswell of support in Washington to ostracize their likes.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

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He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel platforms. Jim's only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon.

Currently he is working to take his extensive historical video archives on line to assist his affiliated organizations with their website multimedia efforts, such as the Military Order of World Wars, Atlanta, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans , Assoc. for Intelligence Officers, the Navy League, Georgia Heritage Council, National Memorial Assoc.of Georgia.

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  1. In addition,to Peter Johnson:In 01/09, 2004, more than 450 schoolchildren were killed in North Ossetian Beslan(Russia) by US-Saudi-backed chechen islamic terrorists.In 08/08/08 ,USA-backed georgian military forces by sudden bombarding at nightly villanious attack of a sleepy ossetian Tschinval, killed tenths of russian peacemakers(lawfully installed there), and 2.500 peacefull citizens.McCain was the one,of Washington “employees” at this time who provided shuttle diplomacy with anti-russian islamistic terrorists in Chechnya through USA-paid Georgian government and its president ,”tie-eater Saaka”… No international condemnation,UN declarations,western MSM reports and articles with abhorrance and… condolescence for victims.In Donbass,US-backed ukro-nazis are doing the same untill now.

  2. I’d like to add a note about Secretary of State John Kerry, who seems to have made valiant efforts in the Donbass and elsewhere. But Victoria Nuland, who theoretically worked for him, told the Ukrainians to ignore John Kerry’s admonitions to adhere to the Minsk Agreement. She kept cutting off Kerry at the knees, and Obama supported her instead of Kerry. The only thing I’m still wondering about, is why Kerry didn’t resign very publicly, or even quietly. Anybody have the answer?

    • JS – frankly i sometimes feel sorry about this old man. From all Obama’s criminal team, John Kerry was the only man, who was not at his place. It was obvious from the beginning that in all negotiations he was obliged to say what he wouldn’t say as human being. His face was always dark and puzzled. The years will pass and maybe he will write a true story about his job, and who controlled him and his speeches. And why it was so strange. Like Syrian negotiations. When our Minister Lavrov said that he saw no use in negotiations on Syria with Kerry anymore – US tricked Russia and never held its word. It became a tradition especially in EU, when politicians on their job say what they are forced to say, and when they leave their jobs – they start to say little but truth.

  3. Jim, good comments on Phil Butler’s article. McCain and Graham are indeed desperate. A lamp post and a rope would be too good for them. Both of them have been fighting Trump every inch of the way and continue to do so, on behalf of their Ukrainian and other friends, but they will lose! One thing you have not mentioned today, is the obvious coziness between the 2 Senators and the outgoing admin. The VP of the United States is also the President of the US Senate, with the power to preside and to break tie votes. The VP is currently Joe Biden. So what’s up with Joe Biden saying to John McCain recently, “Thank God you’re here” referring to McCain’s re-election? Well, guess what? On Jan. 20, the President of the Senate will be VP Mike Pence. And yes, I expect he will help drain that swamp, or there will be hell to pay.

  4. The term “Freedom” as used by McCain means “Fragmentation” — the Scots need Freedom from the Jackboot of British tyrrany. Catalans need to be Free from Spanish and occupation and oppression, The South Sudanese and their oil need to be Free from Sudan, Tibet needs to be Freed from China. Taiwan also needs to be Freed from China. East Timor from Indonesia. Eritrea from Ethiopa, Venice from Italy, Basquia from Spain, and so forth. The Kurds need to be Free from Iraq, as do the Shia and the Sunni. In Syria, The Allawites need to Free the beachhead while the Kurds need to Free a buffer zone with Turkey that can serve as a combination pipeline easement and tank road needed to Free Iranian Kurdistan. Southern Iran needs to be Free`d into Arabistan, Hormozdgan and Baluchistan — all Free as a bird and thanking America for their Freedom and liberty. Free Free Free everywhere! Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro had to be Freed from Yugoslavia, itself Freed from the Austro-Hungarian Empire along with Romania, Czechia, Hungaria, Poland, Italy. Shall I continue or is it unnecessary?

    The trend — unmistakably — in the machinations of the USA over the past century has been to chop up the World into matchbooks and replicate the great success enjoyed by the Free countries of Central America. All the World is to be made up of tiny Baronies with American colonial dictatorial administrations.

    • All this Freedom has given the US military dominance over hundreds of Latvias and Costa Ricas and the Almighty Dollar dominance over hundreds of Quetzals and Bolivars and Paises.

      The obvious answer is to consolidate with like-minded neighbours and form countries with the size and strength to hold their own, as has prevailed thoughout most of recorded history.

      The US seeks to prevent this consolidation by highlighting and emphasising national, ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, economic, social and even sexual preference differences. It confuses populations into thinking they have nothing in common by immigration, race-mixing, secularisation, the “free movement of labour” and any and all tools it can find to ensure that the German-speaking countries, for example, don’t start thinking they have a culture, race, religion, history, language, cuisine, and values in common and would be better off as a huge powerful German country. Or for the Finns to feel homesick for the security of being part of Sweden for 700 years and imagining that things would be better if they combined with Sweden and perhaps the other Nordic countries in one big and strong country.

      That is why McCain is in Ukraine organising the murder of pregnant women. He wants any Nordics, or Germans or Persian, or Turks, or Arabs or Slavs, or Latin Americans, who think it would be possible

    • to combine into a bigger stronger country to remember that Crimea and Donbass paid a high cost for thinking the same thing. Now if any provinceof any country decides they would like to split off and separate into smaller and weaker countries, McCain will be the first one there with guns and money to make it possible.

  5. Edward, You are most likely closer to the truth than you might believe. McCain is suffering from a permanent form of Post traumatic stress disorder, in that he is completely insane. He is neither rational nor emotionally stable. He is incapable of thinking clearly nor is he capable of making objective decisions. John McCain needs to be removed from congress and placed in a mental institution. Quietly sedated and under guard.
    Criminal he may be, he is however insane. Incapable of rational thought or empathy for others, a psychopath.
    Someone, somehow needs to take the first step in removing this creature from all positions of power. The he must be removed from society.

  6. Looking at the photograph of that poor woman, it’s difficult to handle the thought of the wickedness.The far right are and always have been the devil’s own.

    • Paul, there are others who are behind this. It has nothing to do with the far right as much as it has to do with the zionist mafia. People like Victoria Nudelman/Nuland a zionist manipulator and liar is one of the motivators of this massive crime. Please be aware she is married to another zionist swine.

    • She has been murdered to showw Unionists everywhere that there will be a cost associated with consolidating with your neighbour.

  7. Having BETRAYED his comrades to the NVA in Vietnam Hanoi John has spent the last 40-45 years trying to erase this stain from what passes as his soul and prove what a true patriot he is.
    When is he going to learn that he will never erase this stain not if he lives to be a thousand years old .
    Instead of adding to his body count by promoting more wars he should be on his knees begging for forgiveness from the comrades he helped to kill in Vietnam.

  8. John is still PO’d that the Russians blew him out the sky in Nam. I was hoping that his interpreter was speaking Russian but he was speaking Ukrainian. Poor Ukraine has been destroyed by the West twice in 25 years and this time they won’t end up owning any of the land because of the IMF loans. In 2008 the UA and RU were good neighbors and Russia was helping to keep their economy up with millions of jobs , the Greevnia was 4.7 to 1 dollar. Today with the West backing Ukraine the money is 26 to 1 buck. Plus, now the West is expecting the Ukrainian people to die for them in order to keep the Pentagon MIC making billions. The Crimean people were lucky to be Russian and to have the Russian Marines and the Russian ” minute men” seal the borders from the Neo-Nazi’s that were massing for a second Maidan in the capitol of Simferopol. This led to a overwhelmingly positive vote to go back to Mother Russia. Otherwise Crimea would had looked like Donbass. Donbass needs to go back to Russia also – they have paid a heavy price because of the western instigators like McCain and Washington. Oh – and John – the American people are not backing you in Ukraine or any other place you go. — except Hell. – Nam 70-71

  9. Concerning McCain’s presidential pardon: Doesn’t acceptance of a ‘pardon’ in absence of trial-based ‘guilt’ imply self-assessed GUILT ?

  10. the words coming out of McCain’s mouth are turned upon his own head…pure theatrics to conjure war intended for a specific audience, words that do not in truth apply to Vladimir Putin, it will be they who kicked this all off with a gift in one hand and a knife in the other who “will never defeat the Ukrainian people and deprive them of their independence and freedom”…those “Passing laws that propagate war behind he backs of the American people” …and also what happens when a citizenry, hands “the wheel” in fiduciary trust to the untrustworthy and those of the legless slithering McCain kind

    • Why would you want to send John McCain to Siberia and pollute such a place? McCain belongs in a padded cell, sedated and restrained. That should be his retirement. Since their is no precedent for bringing to trial and conviction of any politician in America for war crimes, it is highly unlikely that such an event will take place for John McCain. In America those who commit such crimes for the state are considered heroes and those who commit crimes otherwise are considered criminals. Is there any real difference?

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