5 Flags of Freedom: Find Relative Freedom in our un-free world now!

Do What Makes Cents and Get Free!

  • Sick of being a wage slave for the rich while you work 2 jobs to break even?
  • Looking for a way out?

by Johnny Punish

Well, in order to be truly free as a sovereign individual, you must not be in the clutches of any one government.

All governments seek to control. It is their nature. Thus you must spread out intelligently and legally limit the exposure so that no one government has control over your person and your freedom of being.

This ideal can easily be achieved by spreading your interests legally over at least five unrelated countries. This is not expensive. Indeed, it is probably cheaper. In your quest for freedom, this should be your ultimate goal.

In fact, in today’s world of the internet, this is more doable then ever. In fact, there are thousands living the 5 Flags all over the world.

1st Flag

You should legally hold one or more passports from small, neutral and respectable nations which do not try to influence or tax their citizens living outside their territory. These passports should ideally allow visa-free access to as many nations as possible. European Union or South American passports are best. Many countries offer passports to those who’s grandparents were citizens. Check into it.

2nd Flag

This is your official residence. It’s a country which regards you as a bona-fide resident. Although you might not actually spend too much time there. It should be a country which does not tax income earned abroad. The effect being that you don’t have to file any personal tax returns anywhere. Tax havens like Andorra & Turks and Caicos are good low-budget candidates. You might consider places like Switzerland or Monaco, if you can afford it. There are always low cost places you can go like Thailand, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, or Mexico . There are many places in the connected world where you can be relatively free in an un-free world.

You can check International Living for more details.

3rd Flag

These are places where you physically choose to spend a lot of time. They depend on your personal taste. You might like major European city life or prefer to get away on a ranch in New Zealand. You have no official status in your playgrounds. You are a tourist “passing through”; your a “PT”.

4th Flag

These are places you actually earn your money. If you own an existing business you may not have much choice in the matter and you may have to bite the bullet and pay some taxes here. If you earn money with your skills or know-how you can choose an offshore haven as your business base. So it’s tax free. Either way, your business will be incorporated so you never have to file any personal tax returns anywhere. And now with the internet and worldwide payment systems and banking, the door is more open then ever.

5th Flag

These countries are where you keep your savings and investments safely away from where the money is actually earned or spent. They should score highly on respect for privacy, communications, professionalism and stability. Your accounts will be controlled by internet or fax.

Now most of you reading this will be skeptical. That’s normal. In fact, most of you will NEVER take this action to be free. Frankly, that’s even more normal. Freedom requires thought and implementation. It’s not for everyone. You must plan to implement your freedom. It takes time to get out of the system legally and into freedom. Frankly, most people are too conditioned to go for it. They are stuck in the system and are convinced it’s the only way. So it’s not for everyone. But for those of you who truly seek freedom and are willing to take on the challenge, it’s 100% possible. Think about it!

Be a PT. And remember, the definition of a PT is what you make of it. You can be a Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, and even a Previous Taxpayer. It’s simply about doing what makes cents!


The legal options for you are limited because the U.S.A. taxes its citizens on their worldwide income and thus, legally, you must report your income to the Internal Revenue Service no matter where you earn it.

More, the USA has MLAT Treaties with most of the worlds major banking centers and thus they can get your information easily by just requesting it. Secrecy for U.S. Citizens was possible many years ago but in today’s world, it is a myth. That does NOT mean that you can’t use some of the flags and get somewhat free. In fact, there are tax breaks for you if you live overseas given to you by the IRS e.g…. the foreign income tax exclusion. You can check the IRS site for more details.

If you seek true 100% freedom from the U.S.A., it will require that you renounce your citizenship. Legally, this is a very long process. It can be done over time but make no mistake, they locked that down too! Nevertheless, while it used to be rare, it’s becoming more and more popular as the U.S.A. continues on its long standing path to lock down its civil liberties and freedom for its citizens in the name of freedom.

So this writer says clearly to you truly, DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!

Instead, check into the current law of the USA and find out more about what you can legally do to get free. Get as much information as possible and then do what makes cents within the law.

About Johnny Punish: Former punk rock lead singer from 90s underground punk band Twisted Nixon (1996-2002), Punish is now pushing his artistic boundaries into the 21st century creating diverse music with a social justice activism that matters.

Friends label Punish a global social justice warrior, eco-activist, socially responsible businessman, and syndicated writer and broadcaster.  He produces the irreverent political music podcast The Johnny Punish Show for VeteransTodayLive.com.  In addition, Punish has penned over 300 articles on freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for VeteransToday.com and other truth telling web sites.

Since 2000, Punish has delivered his global message from his self built eco-earthbag home studio dome on a dirt road with chickens.  He lives relatively free in an unfree world pledging allegiance to the earth and all the human beings.  To share the positive energy, Punish offers his 50 plus song very personal record trilogy The Strange Story of Johnny Punish, Volumes 1,2, and 3. (2000-2016).  It is available now on on Itunes, Amazon.com, bandcamp.com and all digital platforms. 

Punish Resources: ReverbNationMusicJohnny Punish Show – FacebookTwitterJoin Mailing List

2017 copyright – Johnny Punish

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5 Responses to "5 Flags of Freedom: Find Relative Freedom in our un-free world now!"

  1. JohnZ  January 10, 2017 at 5:01 am

    All well and good, however most of us are trapped now within the border and have no recourse except to wait and see what happens next. It takes a great deal of money and effort to pack up and leave and the regime in Washington is making it more and more difficult to do so. America is fast becoming a prison state for the benefit of the 1% which means the jew.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s in our future: tyranny.
    Soon America will resemble the old Soviet Union with a vast wall of fences and mine fields to keep people from escaping. I predict the same will happen as people who are desperate enough to escape will use any means to do so.
    So get out while you still can, if you can and take your family with you. If you can’t then at least send your children out. If you wait too long it will be too late.
    A storm is coming to America. A 2nd American revolution.
    At least we can remain informed thanks to Veterans Today and I also highly recommend going to John Whitehead’s website for the Rutherford Institute. If you want to keep up with the daily abuses and usurpations committed by the state against the American people this is the website to go to.

  2. Trakkath  January 10, 2017 at 1:45 am

    One question to don´t break the law. You know that there are different laws in effect, the common law of the land and the martime law by Washington DC, the maritime law or law of the Holy Sea. Both oppose each other as you know. And in which country you ever go, most are today under maritime law or pirate law.

    • JohnZ  January 10, 2017 at 4:48 am

      Trakkath, Correct. America was taken from Common Law to Maritime Law in 1873 with the Treaty of Delaware. Since then all U.S flags in U.S. courtrooms have the gold fringe which indicates maritime law.
      As for not breaking the law…well since congress continuously creates new laws to be broken and therefore send more Americans into the prison for profit system, soon it will be nearly impossible not to, in fact there is a book called ” Three felonies A Day” written by Harvey Silverglate, describes how most Americans do so without realizing it, from the moment they get out of bed to the time they return.
      America has become a prison state yet its government is one of the most lawless.
      Many laws have been created and passed to benefit only a few. Are these just?
      Drug laws are a scam. The war on drugs, like the war on poverty and the war on terror are scams to create more prisoners and more people dependent on government handouts.

    • Johnny Punish  January 10, 2017 at 5:54 am

      Gentlemen, Mexico voted # 1 place for Americans to “retire”. Main reason is purchasing power of dollar vs. peso. Also 1 million Americans call it “home”. So getting along is super easy.

      So just get in your car and drive over! Cheap! One can simply be a PT. City life? Go to Guadalajara! Prefer beach life? Try Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos.

      Make it easy and practical. Keep your US citizenship. Just remove all assets and do not travel to USA for vacation. In other words, stay out so you never break their laws. That way you stay off the hate list. Have nothing there but your citizenship. They will love you instead!

      As US citizen, you must still file a tax return. And must disclose all “financial accounts”. So what! You’re not breaking their laws so they have no reason to confiscate your freedom. And since you won’t have assets there and don’t visit, their reach on you will be minimal. Be practical. Make it not worth their time and effort.

      Around they world, When any bureau-rat wants a pound of flesh, they go after most vulnerable prey. That’s law of the jungle. In other words, easiest prey are every day citizens that have all flags in one easy to pick-off location. In USA, break their law and they push one button. Boom, assets confiscated including your ass! Something to consider if you truly want relative freedom in our un-free world.

    • JohnZ  January 11, 2017 at 6:08 am

      I would prefer Baja California. Beautiful area….and whale watching.

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